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12 Reviews on GAME

  1. Richard Howell
    Jan 9, 2023

    Avoid! The CEO and his company are a waste of time and space.

    I placed an order on the 10th of December. I then emailed to cancel the order on the 22nd because of no communication and was informed that it was headed my way. The item was returned on the 31st of December. It took over a month to refund. Despite numerous emails, I received only a few replies. I never sent an email to the CEO (twice)(Martyn Gibbs, aka Mickey Mobutu, I responded. Avoid! The CEO and his company are a waste of time and space.

  2. Joshlyn Chester
    Dec 20, 2022

    I was charged for next-day delivery at the top of the line

    I received everything I ordered in good condition; however, I was charged for next-day delivery at the top of the line, which was not delivered for some days. I tried reaching out to someone about this but didn’t get a reply or even a contact number since when I logged on to the chatline, they seemed busy and unable to talk with anyone.

  3. Ron Washington
    Dec 15, 2022

    I did not receive an email with a dispatch message until 11:26 the next day

    I did not receive an email with a dispatch message until 11:26 the next day. The letter stated that Delivery was scheduled between 11:10-12:10. Delivery was made 10 minutes after receiving the email, which gave me no time to make it home. My Delivery was later delivered to a pickup location I could notch, and I was left with no choice but to change the delivery date.

  4. Kari Clements
    Dec 12, 2022

    It was shocking

    It was shocking; I handed over a controller and told them I would redeem my points. The rest was paid on my credit card. Then I was told that the issues wouldn’t be removed. Are you able to pay the remainder in cash? I told them no, I was not going to do that; therefore, they had to stop the transaction and then refund me, saying it would take up to a week to get my funds reimbursed.

  5. Amanda Ernster
    Dec 11, 2022


    APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE! My order was delayed unexpectedly for several days by the courier. When I got my package scheduled for the next day, it was not complete, and the security seal was tampered with. I contacted customer support and am still more than an entire week later and still having no answers about my order’s status, such as an update or refund. Creating tickets is unproductive since the customer service I got from Louise is incompetent, non-responsive, and ultimately ineffective.

  6. Sara Gorchoff
    Dec 9, 2022

    Lack of information

    After spending PS460 playing, I had a few concerns regarding the Xbox series X. Xbox series X, and firstly, I wasn’t fully informed of the new rates concerning Xbox live gold which is now tripled in cost, as well as the fact that I wasn’t equipped with bags, so I had to shell out PS2 for a bag that could take PS460 worth of the equipment I had just bought.

  7. Dryer Family
    Dec 8, 2022

    the item was defective

    I was advised to purchase an item. If the item was defective, the item could be exchanged. I was not informed that I was not eligible for an exchange or refund. After returning the product, I was shocked to receive an item as a voucher. I would never have bought this item if I had known. This is highly unfair given the current financial situation, and my financial crisis has been impacted.

  8. Jessica Bucy
    Dec 6, 2022

    Friendly staff, and efficient service

    Friendly staff, and efficient service, unlike the other stores in Lincoln, are insulting. I, a customer, felt cold and been outside for a while. I’d be happy to say they didn’t have heating and were out wearing coats, hats, and coats. It was -5 the day they were there, a poor performance from the Frasers; it’s a primary obligation, so why would I be working in such conditions?

  9. Teresa Martin
    Dec 4, 2022

    I won't recommend or use the Game in the future

    Purchased my console successfully on Amazon. The company asked me to review my purchase after I made an order for the console that was said to be available; I received an email the next day in an attempt to sell me more things to go along with the console. Then they emailed another night to inform me that the console was not in stock and could not fulfill my purchase! Naturally, I won’t recommend or use the Game in the future.

  10. Recameline Francois
    Dec 2, 2022

    An awful experience from start to end

    I bought the game and was told that I would be able to get it the day it was released (the next day). When I visited the store, they told me I could not get it and was waiting for it to be delivered, even though there were copies of the game. I ended up purchasing it in the store again and then having to request a refund for the purchase I made online—receiving PS10 gaming credits in compensation—an awful experience from start to end.

  11. Gail Kelley
    Jul 7, 2022

    I will never purchase from these scammers

    Over the years, I bought a lot of equipment and games from games. However, I purchased a brand new Xbox console a few weeks later. The first controller was a complete wreck they couldn’t repair it, so phoned the head office, who rang shop to make replacement. The controller was playing with friends, it began with the jack being too large, and the headset would not work. The workshop said nothing was wrong, but they’d have to use the defective controller, so now they aren’t available at the head office. They can’t be reached by phone, and I will never purchase from these scammers.

  12. Douglas Thornton
    May 31, 2022

    great selection of videogames

    Although they have a great selection of videogames to choose from, the best part about this shop is the board game and deal selection.

    Their board game collection includes d&d campaigns is the best I’ve seen.

    You will always find something on sale, even though they only sell console games.

    The bottom line is that they have a great selection of products at very affordable prices.

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