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3 Reviews on Freightera Logistics Inc

  1. Chloe Perrett
    September 29th, 2022


    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! We’ve used them five times, and of those, they charged us for “extras.” The first was for a tailgate, which was a total flimsy because of we’re dock-height. Who employs an open tailgate ( at sub-zero temperatures, not even!) to load a shipment and then let their workers bomb it by hand on the dock? Now, they want to convince me that the FSC wasn’t correct (an additional 35 dollars) and they’re not respecting the quote I paid for, and the driver was detained at the time of picking up my shipment! How do I verify how long the driver was on the premises? In 8 years of the industry, we have encountered this kind of rip-off in the shipping field. I wouldn’t recommend this company in any way! They are trying to squeeze more money out of people after the fact.

  2. Albert Ferrantelli
    July 18th, 2022

    I am awaiting confirmation from

    Freightera received my reservation and payment, then went to pick up the load and informed me that a different shipping company had collected it.

    I only called Freightera about the shipment, but I’m now having to pay for the truck I ordered and never used, though none of my faults, and I am awaiting confirmation by the Freightera team on how to process my refund.

  3. Maya Kolevska
    June 8th, 2022

    Freightera Logistics CS is very friendly and helpful

    The step-deck was booked for a trip to IN into NY by one of the great employees. The name of the employee is Jesse Walter. Very friendly and helpful broker I have had the pleasure of working with.

    The load was booked at an excellent price. If the customer wanted to decide on canceling the order, Jesse assisted in determining the best way to keep us from the load until we needed the bag.

    I appreciate your help. Trinity, for such a kind of job!

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