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Is FragranceX legit?

FragranceX has 48 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach FragranceX customer care?

You can contact FragranceX customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 718 482 6970

Where is FragranceX located?

FragranceX is located at address 5 Plant Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA.

48 Reviews on FragranceX

  1. Tayo Jegede
    1 rating

    Stop Purchasing!!! Don't Return the Money

    Jan 4, 2024

    Everyone should stop purchasing fragrances from X. I purchased Nishane Hacivat along with Hundred Silent ways. I decided to go to self-ridges to try the exact same perfume to test the smell, however they both do not smell the same and i was taken off by £400. I could've bought it Self-Ridges for two dollars and.. The bottom line is that I was scammed by a normal alcohol spray and was told that the return procedure takes a long time and they don't return the money.. Please beware that of the fact that they are selling fakes and keep away from.

  2. Ramon Fuentes
    1 rating

    Payment Taken, Order Missing

    Dec 15, 2023

    I made payment for the order three weeks ago and took the money out of my account. I did not receive anything from them. Please be cautious. Whoever you are, please trace my order and return the item to me. I do not believe they got any order number or other information.

  3. Dusty Schreckenbach
    1 rating

    Terrible Fragrance, Lengthy Refund

    Nov 5, 2023

    I can't believe how terrible FragranceX is! I ordered a product, and sure, it arrived relatively quickly, but it's a complete rip-off. I've used this perfume many times, and it's always lasted for hours. But this one? You can barely smell it after just an hour. It's beyond disappointing. But that's not even the worst part.

    I returned the perfume on August 7th, and I reached out to DPD to confirm the delivery on August 9th. So, it's been a staggering three months since I sent it back. I've sent countless emails to Fragracex, pleading for a refund, but they keep giving me the runaround, claiming they haven't received the parcel at their other location. They transfer items between locations in bulk, but honestly, who cares about their internal processes when you're left waiting for your hard-earned money for months on end?

    A slight delay of a few weeks would be understandable, but expecting customers to wait months for a refund is simply unacceptable. I've had enough, and I'm taking legal action and reaching out to consumer protection agencies. It's not just about the money anymore; it's about holding this company accountable and demanding respect for its customers!

  4. Teresa Dang
    1 rating

    A shocking company

    May 16, 2023

    A shocking company. I returned a perfume because I had ordered the wrong scent. They've refused to refund me for a month. I've emailed an email with the DPD tracking number that the package was returned by ( by using their label!). They gave me a small refund, but I refused, but they're now refusing to provide me with a refund. This goes against the standards of trade and shouldn't be permitted. I've been battling this for several months. It's a rip-off firm to be dealt with. Avoid purchasing through this site.

  5. Tony Moore
    1 rating

    Extremely inadequate

    May 15, 2023

    In a constant wait for delivery, I contacted my courier, but FragranceX didn't provide the proper paperwork for customs, so my package was going to me. I got FragranceX Support and received nothing. Extremely inadequate.

  6. Laura Robertson
    1 rating

    Service is not excellent

    May 12, 2023

    I was very disappointed in giving the company a poor review since I've received excellent service. My initial issue was that one of the bottles I ordered came in an unclean condition. The second bottle arrived exactly as they advertised. However, one was okay. The company was able to resolve the issue, but I continued to buy from the company. I had an order placed towards the end of March delivered on an image that was blurry and not in my home. I've spoken with DPD numerous times, and they acknowledged that they were to blame and advised me to contact the company to obtain an exchange. FrangranceX did nothing except claim they are looking into the issue. What I've discovered today isn't the case, according to the information DPD tells me. After about a month of contacting the company via email without a solution, I filed a claim via the bank because I was no longer patient. Prices are reasonable, but there's a reason for that, as their service is not excellent!

  7. Jeffrey Kubitz
    2 rating

    A negative impression

    May 10, 2023

    I purchased two bottles of Trish McEvoy, which were sold in a box. I didn't realize the bottles had no caps to cover the spray nozzles. Some leakage was evident. I contacted customer support and was greeted by the rudest customer service representative, who informed me that the photo on their website displays it with no caps. When I ordered it via my mobile, I didn't know that the word "unboxed" meant there were no caps. The lady was highly indifferent and didn't care about my dissatisfaction. She even said I must have purchased boxes and returned the fragrance. I am not unhappy with the scent, only the caps not being there and the terrible experience I had with your Customer Service Representative. It should be a sign that clearly states that an unboxed item is not capped! I've bought at Fragrance X before and have been very satisfied with the products I purchased. However, this has caused a negative impression!

  8. Daryl Dasher
    2 rating

    It isn't easy to contact

    May 7, 2023

    After months of waiting, I finally got a PS65 refund. The perfume didn't smell like the original. It isn't easy to contact anybody via email, and the website doesn't have a live chat option. I called the UK from my phone, and we shared an hour's difference, but I couldn't connect with anyone. As a result, I'm working full-time.

  9. Cami Cravings
    1 rating

    Customer service is lacking

    Apr 7, 2023

    I ordered 4 Aramis aftershave balms. The smell was horrible. I've used the same product for several years. Complete rip-off. Fake or defective product. Customer service is lacking. If I send them an email with my complaint, they don't respond—the masters of fake reviews. Could you make use of it at your own risk?

  10. Allen Abrao
    2 rating

    I purchased two scents

    Mar 15, 2023

    I purchased two scents. Femme Rochas and Elizabeth Arden red door. I know that Femme Rochas was a vintage scent and is not being produced anymore. The order was delivered quickly, and I was thrilled with it. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Arden didn't smell the identical. It was old-fashioned and didn't hang as long as the first. For Femme Rochas, it was terrible. It smelled old and had an intense smell of pepper. That is the actual spice called cumin which is one of the notes. There's no way to wear stinks awful! It's not even an air freshener. You could make use of it. When it drys on your skin, it is like a dirty derriere. It could be genuine; however, the issue is that you're old. That's the reason they're less expensive than purchasing them from stores. Sorry, I'm not going to buy or use it, and if I do,t is to get the bovintage bottle

  11. Philip Bedry
    2 rating

    I placed an order, and it was rejected three or four times

    Mar 14, 2023

    I placed an order, and it was rejected three or four times. The reason was that I did not provide a Bank verification code. They do not know what I am referring to when I inform them. Next thing you know, the order was canceled. Customer support isn't beneficial since I'll only receive a response when the system has canceled my order. There is no live chat support to help in solving the issue. Why is it necessary to make a purchase online such a hassle? I'm not sure why. Come on; it's 2023!

  12. Sheakh Sahib
    2 rating

    Please dO NOT believe that I'll be buying on this site again

    Mar 11, 2023

    My first experience with this site and I'm disappointed that I ordered three perfumes from the site: Issey Miyake Nectar, Jimmy Choo Fever, and Via la juicy gold couture perfumes smell 90 90% alcohol with 10% scent. However, the worst was the Viva La Juicy gold couture, pure alcohol. I want to get a full refund on the return of these items. Please dO NOT believe that I'll be buying on this site again.

  13. Richard Stump
    1 rating

    I bought a perfume from FragranceX. It never arrived

    Mar 10, 2023

    I bought perfume from FragranceX. It never arrived. However, they kept some of my money, claiming it was tax deductible. They stole my money. A simple way for a business to earn money doing nothing at all by retaining tax on all undeliverable orders! Beware of these.

  14. Scott Moore
    1 rating

    Avoid at ALL costs.

    Mar 9, 2023

    I purchased a Hermes fragrance for PS140 for my wife. When it arrived, the fragrance did not smell like the perfume and faded within a few seconds instead of hours. I asked FragranceX for a refund but was informed it would cost $35-35. Then I reluctantly accepted the charge because I was irritated. A refund that subtracts 15 to 20 percent of my price is not the same as a refund; it's something different. If I could get a score less than 10, I'd. What is the reason this company has earned four stars... Avoid at ALL costs.

  15. Paul Barkey
    1 rating

    Do not believe this business. Scammed me.

    Mar 8, 2023

    The perfume was not delivered until FragranceX retained some of my money, claiming it was tax deductible. FragranceX, when I left an online review, asked me to provide them with my order number so they could determine if they could solve the issue. I gave them the number, and they repeated their initial statement that they wouldn't return the tax! An excellent way for a business to earn money is simply by paying taxes but not providing goods. Do not believe this business. They scammed me.

  16. Jeffrey Rose
    1 rating

    This is my first experience using this website

    Mar 6, 2023

    This is my first experience using this website. TI was at home the entire day, but my package didn't arrive at my house. I went through the tracking and was shocked to find that the driver had marked my address as invalid even though it was stated on the mailbox located by the road. There was no attempt to contact me, and I can see that my purchase has been returned to the shipping company. They should start using a different logistics firm to ship their products to Canada. It's a pain since it was present to be taken on a flight the next day. It's now useless since I'm not able to send it again. I'll have to wait for another 5-7 days to have them reship it. I'm not sure they'll inform me that my address is invalid. I believe they should be more proactive than this.

  17. Karl Hirschauer
    1 rating

    I'm unsure that the cologne I purchased is an authentic Armani fragrance

    Mar 5, 2023

    I'm unsure that the cologne I purchased is an authentic Armani fragrance. I believe it's an imitation. I've been wearing this scent for many years, and the smell of this one does not last longer than previous products I purchased bought from a retail store or on those on the Armani website. I'll be buying directly via Armani shortly.

  18. Vincent Valdemira
    1 rating

    Extremely disappointed.

    Mar 3, 2023

    The website doesn't mention that an additional fee could be incurred. I believed I had paid the total amount, which included the shipping and handling, only to receive a massive bill from DHL. After contacting DHL, I was informed they are not in control of the charges added and, if I do not accept the item, no refund would be given. I've requested an amount of a partial refund to assist me in settling the additional charges. However, I have received no response. Extremely disappointed.

  19. Jordan Collier
    5 rating

    They eventually became rude

    Jan 26, 2023

    Then they kept saying that they required inexistent 6-digit numbers from the B of A to verify my identity for fraud reasons. B of A claimed they did not have a number. They advised calling Apple Pay for it. They told me the same thing. They eventually became rude when I asked for an administrator and then hung up n me. They reimbursed my money, however. The word stupid is a slang term. ....

  20. Sherri Wilson
    5 rating

    Excellent price

    Jan 25, 2023

    Excellent price. I love how I can keep track of my order and know exactly where it is and when it will arrive. It is in your best interest to look into FragranceX before you purchase retail because, most of the time, you'll get the best price.

  21. Mike Speakman
    5 rating

    Thank you for being an excellent discount site!

    Jan 23, 2023

    Thank you for being an excellent discount site! I have never had any problems. Everyone always advises me to use fragrance net, but I would instead use frags. The one thing that frustrates me sometimes is the inability to have some items in stock. This was before Corona, but I can understand the situation today.

  22. Joyce Hughes
    5 rating

    Please ship as soon as possible

    Jan 22, 2023

    Please ship as soon as possible. I love this scent! It is only available through the internet. I also wanted to know whether you have samples of other Michael Kors products I might like to test. If yes, provide me with examples, and you'll have a client for eternity. Have a Great Day, and God Bless! Carole Whiting

  23. Jacqueline Green
    5 rating

    This site is fantastic

    Jan 21, 2023

    The most powerful way to remember is through smell. I came across a scent I hadn't seen on any other site or Google. This site is fantastic. I'm eager to revisit some of my memories.

  24. Christopher Anderson
    5 rating

    Fragrance X is a very user-friendly website

    Jan 19, 2023

    Fragrance X is a very user-friendly website... rapid data presentation with minimal jumps... extremely professional. It is greatly appreciated, especially since I am 80 and suffering from this Pandemic and conducting everything online. Thank you.

  25. Deborah Mika
    4 rating

    I've always been happy with the items they've sold me

    Jan 17, 2023

    It's one of the initial websites I look at when purchasing a cologne—excellent prices, without discount games that other sites offer. I've always been happy with the items they've sold me.

  26. Bruce Blanchard
    5 rating

    I was so happy to see this offered for sale!

    Jan 15, 2023

    I was so happy to see this offered for sale! It's like a scent I cannot get anymore--Fendi, the original Fendi from Fendi. Youth Dew (I wish they'd modify the title!) offers some of Fendi's sophistication and alluring power and doesn't use any sweet or cloying infusions to make it a drink to be served at coffee klatsch receptions.

  27. Michael Wilson
    5 rating

    First purchase

    Jan 14, 2023

    First purchase. There was a problem with the card for a short time there. It took a while before it cleared. Apart from that, it was easy and speedy. A review of the product will be posted after I get the items.

  28. Janet Taylor
    5 rating

    I'm a loyal CK customer

    Jan 13, 2023

    Please press Calvin Klein to reintroduce their body sprays in the Obsession Black/Dark Obsession/Obsessed/and Obsessed Intense line. I'm now purchasing other brands of body and deodorant sprays because I'm sweet as a real man. And I'm a loyal CK customer. I recently purchased USD 50 of their underwear as well as CK socks that are branded that I gifted to my ex too.

  29. Steven Collins
    5 rating

    Check-out and selection were simple

    Jan 12, 2023

    Check-out and selection were simple. A wide selection of items includes recently released men's scents that aren't available in department stores such as Dillard's, Macy's, or Nordstrom. It was fun and easy to go through the items.

  30. Vivian Ocampo
    5 rating

    They also always have my top choices

    Jan 9, 2023

    Super fun shopping. Everything I searched for, I was able to find by typing it. I even had the option to be placed on a waitlist for items that were out of stock. Additionally, a variety of coupons were offered for me to select from. I was able to save a significant amount. Every perfume I wanted to try was accompanied by stars, which made the selection simpler. The best part is that the prices are reasonable, and I can test new scents when I feel like it. They also always have my top choices. I enjoy browsing for the best selections here more frequently than anywhere else.

  31. William Berube
    2 rating

    I am unhappy that you didn't get my email

    Jan 9, 2023

    I joined the online chat to find out the procedure to avail of the discount. When I first visited this site, it offered me a deal if I provided the email address I used to register. I declined the offer and went to chat to discover how to retrieve it. They told me they would contact me if I left my email and message. After 24 hours, they haven't reached me. I did purchase the leather from England in the end, and you got my email address, and I didn't get the discount. Therefore I am unhappy that you didn't get my email.

  32. Steve Leech
    5 rating

    The shipping was speedy

    Jan 8, 2023

    A vast selection of designer perfumes with incredible prices! I bought a test bottle of Dolce and Gabbana Garden. I expected to receive a sample bottle similar to what you would see at a counter selling perfume (you know, half filled and without a cap), But to my delight and delight, I received the whole bottle with the complete box. The shipping was speedy! I will never shop anywhere other than here for perfume!

  33. Christie Janis
    5 rating

    I'm unable to wear the toilette scents.

    Jan 7, 2023

    I'd like to know how to obtain sample bottles of other Cool Water by Davidoff perfumes... I'm unable to wear the toilette scents. One of my friends has worn Cool Water (for 30 years! ). I got the smell, and it was amazing! This is the scent I'm looking for; however, I could not locate it in the list on this page... I hope that you can assist and help me and give me some direction. I appreciate your help!

  34. Tommy Long
    5 rating

    This is my fourth or third order through FragranceX

    Jan 7, 2023

    This is my fourth or third order through FragranceX, and I am thrilled with the company... It's easy to place an order, and I love the fast delivery times... You've got an ongoing customer who will be with you for the rest of my life 100%

  35. Veronica Hernandez
    5 rating

    Jeremy Fragrance recommended your site

    Jan 6, 2023

    Jeremy Fragrance recommended your site. I've always bought from FragranceNet. However, his YouTube channel was an overview of Your distribution facility. I was impressed that your prices were lower than FragranceNet. Also, it is essential to note that you have a larger sample size and mini-sized offerings that I like for various reasons.

  36. Brenda Love
    5 rating

    I purchased fragrance for my wife from here.

    Jan 5, 2023

    I purchased fragrance for my wife from here. In truth, I bought it randomly, and my wife loved the scent so that for all of the following three years, I purchased only this scent. My mom also enjoyed the smell, and I now have two similar women. Purchase and delivery, as well as service - everything is excellent! I highly recommend it to all!

  37. Debbie Schiraldi
    1 rating


    Jan 5, 2023

    The site looks attractive and legitimate; however, after placing an order, I received two different tracking numbers from them. I haven't received the product for four weeks. On their website, the tracking indicates that the product was sent in just two days, delivered to the Customs clearing level in Malaysia, and remained there. The actual webpage tracking Janio shows that the product is not even taken care of after four weeks. I am convinced that their tracking system internal to them is created to show how the order was processed before it was sent out; however, nothing was delivered. After four weeks of my order, I still haven't received my items; their CS can't tell me what the package's location is, other than the standard response," product is being shipped to you." They know that it is tough for customers from other countries to file a claim or request refunds and all I can do is say that it's a HUGE SCAM!

  38. Donna Colucci
    5 rating

    My experience with it fairly and professionally.

    Jan 4, 2023

    I loved exploring the numerous items in the men's cologne category and hoped to get the most out of my first purchase. If it meets the high standards and quality requirements of my values, I'll give my honest assessment of the product and my experience with it fairly and professionally. Thank you for giving me a chance to review my shopping experience on your website, I appreciate feedback and realize its importance of it.

  39. Michael Towler
    5 rating

    Almost all the perfume bottles

    Jan 3, 2023

    Experience in dealing with FrangranceX has been significant in receiving my perfume orders over the years. Almost all the perfume bottles I receive from the company seem to leak! I've received many bottles of several different scents, and they always inform!

  40. Aimee Ardales
    5 rating

    I'm eager to receive these fragrances

    Jan 2, 2023

    I was a bit shaky at first when I tried to complete the process of making a purchase, however I realized that, eventually, it was my fault and that I needed to complete the bill-to/ship-to section to ensure that my credit card would take the payment. I'm eager to receive these fragrances that I bought, and I'm sure it will feel as a reunion with old friends. Thank FragranceX for providing a fantastic collection of designer fragrances at very reasonable prices. I appreciate your quality of service and your efforts in the past Bravo!

  41. Scott Johnson
    5 rating

    I thought that this fragrance line was gone for years

    Jan 2, 2023

    I thought that this fragrance line was gone for years. I searched for it and saw this as one of the results. Thank you for all that you have accomplished! I'm still stunned that I'm about to receive the entire TESTER-size bottle of my most loved perfume from high school.

  42. Nicole Bennett
    5 rating

    A great selection of various fragrances

    Jan 1, 2023

    A great selection of various fragrances... and not forgetting the affordable prices. Excellent descriptions of each product, as well as reviews from enthusiastic and enthusiastic customers. Pleased to be a part of the club and am waiting with great expectation for the scents I have that I have purchased. So far, great, and will weigh with the speed of delivery as well as quality and authenticity when the items are delivered.

  43. Anna Marinov
    5 rating

    FrsngrsnceX is an excellent

    Jan 1, 2023

    FrsngrsnceX is an excellent resource for a vast selection of products, and the site's quality is that you can navigate and have fun doing the options you are searching for. I'm delighted. The prices are also better than in a lot of other places.

  44. Julie Jones
    3 rating

    I was very disappointed by the false marketing.

    Dec 29, 2022

    It was an email sent by FragranceX with the subject line "60% off: Redeem coupon here". When I clicked "Redeem coupon here"-it took me to a website with no coupon of 60% available. I was very disappointed by the false marketing.

  45. Joseph Dunleavy
    2 rating

    The Help link didn't respond

    Dec 29, 2022

    The item was not delivered on the original or revised delivery dates. I was unable to reach the company via telephone. I was on hold for an extended period, and there was no representative from customer service available on numerous occasions. I sent an email via the company website Help link. The Help link didn't respond, but the delivery information was changed or revised. The item finally arrived around ten days after it was ordered.

  46. Louis Sansevero
    5 rating

    I am going to purchase more.

    Dec 28, 2022

    I bought three perfumes, and they arrived even quicker than expected. Be aware that I reside in Europe, and the perfume was sent via the USA. It took me 3-4 days, which is impressive speed from a European standpoint. The bouquets were brand new undamaged, in perfect condition, and sealed. Super satisfied with my purchase. I am going to purchase more.

  47. Judy Weinreich
    3 rating

    This isn't very pleasant!

    Dec 27, 2022

    Stop showing the price as reduced before the customer adds it to their cart! This isn't very pleasant! Twenty percent off should be offered to people who buy from the ladies. Similar to the coupons we provide on our products, our items should offer 20 percent off(at least for any other purchases). Don't waste paper. A discount of 15% is available to all!

  48. Tina Capps
    5 rating

    FragranceX is a good option.

    Dec 25, 2022

    Simple, fast, secure. I typically buy from this site, and I'm going to admit the delivery time was seven days after I placed my order, so don't count on Amazon's speedy delivery. However, the amount you can save by ordering from FragranceX can disappear the hassle of Standard shipping. If you're looking to find great deals, don't get eager, and would be satisfied with a few additional nickels, FragranceX is a good option.

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