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  1. Kevin Nikolai
    July 25th, 2022

    It's total censorship at this website, and it's incorrect!

    After the website banned me because of my opinion, I began to notice a pattern in fanpop. If users disagree with a user, they’re deleted within a moment. It’s total censorship at this website, and it’s incorrect!

  2. Osvaldo Alvarado
    May 26th, 2022

    This website is a joke

    They ban people for any reason. I joined one day and was immediately banned.

    I tried to share fandom but was automatically excluded.

    If you create an account, you can be suspended for uploading fandom to their website.

    They allow people to upload REAL copyrighted material, and they don’t seem to ban those people.

    This website is a joke. I guarantee that one in ten people who join will be expelled.

    Fanpop is lying if they try to defend themselves. You know damn well that I did nothing wrong.

    Your website must be deleted. Your website will disappear once the DMCA laws are in place.

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