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8 Reviews on Esty Customer Services

  1. Steven Britz
    Jan 16, 2023

    I tried to login on the app and got an error message

    There is my own Etsy account. When I purchase items, I receive tracking information delivered to my email address, where I can click. However, it is always prompting me to download the application. This is because I thought it’d be more user-friendly than signing in using the phone’s browser. I tried to log in on the app but received an error message. Retrying, I received the error warning. I had to log out of my Etsy account using my mobile browser, on my laptop, and on every device to be sure. The error message remained one day later. My browser is also up to the latest version. I visited Etsy’s Help page and saw the entire section devoted to “problems signing in.” They would like me to get an email with a link to my email, change my password, and change my browser.

  2. Debbie Alvarez
    Dec 27, 2022

    They were accommodating, welcoming, and patient.

    I must tell you my excitement about Etsy. Shop and the merchandise they sell. There is a range of high-quality merchandise available with speedy delivery. The customer service that I received was exceptional. They were accommodating, welcoming, and patient.

  3. Tamara Fleming
    Dec 27, 2022

    Unrespectful scammer, website and seller!

    I purchased decorations that did not turn out exactly as in the photo. If I ask for a return, the seller wants me to reimburse her shipping costs despite her having offered free shipping on the product. I reached out to customer service, and they wouldn’t even refund me in cash but instead gave me credit on their website to get me to spend more. Unacceptable attitude! Unrespectful scammer, website, and seller!

  4. Brenda Andrus
    Dec 26, 2022

    They offer almost no customer service

    We have had a presence on Etsy for approximately a year and a half. They offer almost no customer service, and even when you have a rep on live chat, they’re worthless! The rating system for stores is a complete waste of time. There are 13 5-star reviews, and only a one-star review can bring your shop to three stars! Even if you record on your platform and have no history of purchases, the platform cannot recannot scam reviews from an opponent! The platform is decent, and the site is excellent, but if you encounter any issues or issues should not be expected any assistance from Etsy! They’re by far the most ineffective platform we’ve utilized. Our sellers sell through Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and Amazon, All with better customer service!

  5. Traci Kane
    Dec 24, 2022

    Their customer service is highly with a high rating

    Their customized vehicle emblems are perfect and complement my F150. Ryan, the owner, was in charge of my order in person from beginning to end! Their customer service is highly rated, so don’t be fooled by the negative feedback that says the contrary.

  6. Heather Pitcher
    Dec 23, 2022

    Customer service is unacceptable

    After purchasing a variety of products on Etsy for many years, I’ve encountered my first issue, and it’s a major one, which is why I gave it two stars, despite my positive experience with the business. I bought custom-made wood shelves that cost me nearly $200. I knew about the lengthy waiting time since they were made to order. As I waited, I noticed that the shop’s name was changed from Closed to the name of the shop being changed from “store permanently closed.” When I did not receive a response from the store, I called Etsy customer service to assist in obtaining an exchange. They would not open a case even to look until the 16th of December (the date when the shipment was to be through). The company even attempted to convince me that the store was operational. I requested that they change the time I could open an account due to the obviapparentt that the store was shut down. The numerous reviews on the store’s website suggested I wasn’t the only person who had my money taken, and I got no response until the store shut down. Customer service told me there was no option to start a case earlier and suggested t contact the store. I have already tried to get them, but no response! I’m not the sole one to be cheated out of lots of money through the store, and Etsy refuses to acknowledge it. Customer service is unacceptable. Please do not spend any dollars here; it’s no risk or inconvenience.

  7. Alan Ellias
    Dec 22, 2022

    poor AI and customer service

    I was banned as a buyer and seller. They suddenly blocked me without reason and told me not to create a new account; I wanted to sell my items and purchase the things I had requested. My last purchase was canceled without an excellent warning site with poor AI and customer service. They are so proud of themselves that they don’t require buyers or sellers

  8. Robert Ardalan
    Dec 21, 2022

    They aren't knowledgeable regarding customer support

    It’s the truth! When you’re scammed or treated as garbage by a salesperson, they don’t do anything! They can even stop the conversation. It’s like they’re hanging over you. I’m always looking to support small businesses, but it’s no wonder they are decreasing in popularity! They aren’t knowledgeable regarding customer support. At the very least, Amazon does try! Etsy does not care! If you must purchase on Etsy, make sure you buy from top sellers. They are genuinely interested, and it is evident! I’m finished with Etsy after my recent two purchases. Amazon is here to stay!

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