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7 Reviews on EmailOctopus

  1. Gary Flatt
    Jan 12, 2023

    Overall, my experience using EmailOctopus was a joy and a privilege

    Overall, my experience using EmailOctopus was a joy and a privilege. The software has helped me solve the business issue of email marketing and revealed the advantages of lead generation and management.

  2. Ziarab Hussain
    Dec 10, 2022

    The most significant benefit of email Octopus is that it's user-friendly for mass emailing

    The most significant benefit of email Octopus is that it’s user-friendly for mass emailing, and we can transfer the email list into it and efficiently manage them. The email marketing campaigns made with the application are simple to create and follow.

  3. Paula Gorman
    Dec 8, 2022

    I'm pleased with their service's reliability.

    Email marketing utilizing Amazon’s SAS service. You can also send emails using one of their IP shared. Their interface is easy to use. I’ve not used their email builder as much. Most of the time, I use my HTML templates or opt for simple text emails. I make use of this service to email my clients. So far, I’m pleased with their service’s reliability.

  4. Mark Radford
    Dec 7, 2022

    We were told we could not send emails using their standard service

    The Customer Service. Email Octopus for three years, we decided to move on from AWS and wanted to use their standard service. We were told we could not send emails using their standard service. It’s easy to imagine how angry we were.

  5. Sharon Fieldsend
    Dec 6, 2022


    Upsetting. I used them for three years and was then informed (when moving to AWS) they did not wish to keep us as an AWS client any longer. I reviewed our statistics from the previous email campaigns we sent out. We had 0% unsubscribes from 37k emails that were sent. It’s easy to imagine how angry we were!

  6. Anthony Bell
    Dec 5, 2022

    Excellent product for email marketing

    Excellent product for email marketing. We frequently use them and appreciate the affordable fees and fast customer service time to respond!

  7. Tony Peguinho
    Dec 1, 2022

    I shouldn't have resigned from Mailchimp

    I shouldn’t have resigned from Mailchimp. It’s missing essential functions. Changing services once you’ve committed is challenging, so you must be cautious when signing up. Up…When I complain to them about the lack of essential services, they inform me that they’ll add them to their development list. This should not be a problem to provide, but they do not offer them. Certain things that an old Mailchimp user might miss:

    1. Imports I cannot see those who didn’t get imported. If I want to import an entire list, the only way to determine which emails were not imported can be to export them, use lookup, import, and then repeat. It’s a shame that this option isn’t available. 2. search: there is no search feature for an individual contact on the site to determine the lists they’re on. If I have a person named Mr.X on one list of audiences with 20 members, I have to visit each audience individually to check whether Mr.X is there too. Mailchimp will do a global search, which is much more user-friendly. 3. batch delivery: doesn’t exist. You can’t send email in one visit to 40k emails…so my site is likely to fail if all users view it at once. This is very basic and vital 4.A/B testing. It isn’t available. Marketers everywhere live by this. I am not sure why this is currently not available. They are an excellent and friendly team. I’d love to help them, but I’m posting this to ensure that future users know the very little functionality. In response to their response. I can currently duplicate their product and add basic functionality by using Gravity Forms/Sendgrid. I would like to see things be integrated since they require essential functions such as batch send.

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