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4 Reviews on EMaC Ltd

  1. Jerrett Serwin
    July 18th, 2022

    I needed to get service

    I am on a Ford services plan. A warning light appeared saying I needed to get service. The service provider contacted me and said Emac noted an insufficient amount between the service costs and the payment, but the dealer couldn’t know why. We tried to pay with three different cards three times, but Emac’s systems would not accept payments.

    I was advised to contact directly to them. The phone options aren’t covered in this issue. However, I managed to talk to someone to solve the problem. My (2-year)service was not due until October, so no payment was made.

    One disadvantage of these plans is I have no control over warning lights, and there’s no option to delay service. The call was answered quickly, friendly customer service, and payment was made. I was unsure of the way these types of plans work (and Ford’s primary dealer didn’t, too); however, everything is clear right now.

  2. Maria Cohen
    June 27th, 2022

    answered my question

    I spoke with Charlie about transferring my services plan from the Hendy Group dealership to another. He gave me precise, concise details that answered my question.

  3. Mark Rhoden
    May 12th, 2022

    We are very grateful to the EMAC Team

    Recently, I had to cancel my existing plan to get a new one—excellent, quick, efficient service. Quickly, the new plan was in place, and the old method was refunded.

    It is refreshing to receive such excellent service. Many other companies could benefit from this example. We are grateful to the EMAC team.

  4. Ryan
    April 21st, 2022


    When I purchased a Kia Acorn in Crewe, I signed up for a 3-year service contract. I didn’t receive any documentation regarding the service package. I called Acorn after 15 days to request some paperwork. They informed me that no further paperwork was being sent. I have sold the car. I was initially told my refund was in process. When I asked Acorn when it would be issued, they said that no refunds would be given. I also have 14 days to cancel the payment.

    I had already paid the installments, and I wanted to cancel before making the final payment. After I signed up for the service plan, my story changed to reflect that it was 14 days later. I’m not sure how I will be able to adhere to terms and conditions that have not been shared with me. Emac won’t respond to my emails, so that I will sue them for my money and costs.

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