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23 Reviews

23 Reviews on DuGood Credit Union

  1. Tina Brown
    August 13th, 2022

    The experience was excellent

    The experience was excellent. I had to get a cash-out refi on my mortgage and did everything on the internet. Susan was very accommodating and responded to all my queries promptly and speedily. We will be using her again should there is a need.

  2. Rocky Culpepper
    August 11th, 2022

    very helpful

    I was able to open and verify my account over the phone. It was fast and straightforward. I had a conversation with Audrey from DuGood, which was very helpful. I’m looking forward to using my account with good!

  3. Michael Fowler
    August 9th, 2022

    The person I spoke to was friendly and professional

    The person I spoke to was friendly and professional. The issue I’m having is in logging into my account. I am getting errors regarding my ID, password, and being able to recognize my device when accessing my account. I need to perform more maintenance than necessary to be in a position to. log in. I typed the correct I’d into the system, telling me it doesn’t recognize it. I try typing the exact issue, and it works.

  4. Kathryn Drisko
    August 6th, 2022

    I was pretty disappointed

    There were a few occasions when I visited the Major drive branch, and they were not accommodating to my needs. The manager was not interested in my concerns. The credit union was more welcoming to members. I was pretty disappointed by the current state of affairs.

  5. Mark Norquist
    August 5th, 2022

    The staff is friendly and welcoming

    The staff is friendly and welcoming if I go to deposit money or pay a bill. However, when you visit to make a payment on a charge, I generally feel that I’m annoying them, and usually, they have to contact someone to arrange the payment. I wish that some Tellers were more trained and were more friendly to bank customers.

  6. Danilo Vicente
    August 4th, 2022

    everything is excellent

    It would be beneficial to call an information line to check our account for any pending or balanced deposits, as well as other questions throughout the process. The app doesn’t work for me and will not let me log in. The rest of the time, everything is excellent.

  7. Frank Johnston
    August 4th, 2022

    In a position to not finance auto loans outside of the state

    In a position to not finance auto loans outside of the state. Louisiana was the only state I could fund through another Institute before returning and waiting for refinancing my car through Duguid. I’m moving to another state, but I will be concerned if I join somewhere else since this federal CU appears to be only a state-specific CU. I’m also having trouble with ATMs from other national CU’s.

  8. Alan Schuman
    August 2nd, 2022

    Excellent interest rates

    Excellent interest rates. However, an outdated app and a method of repaying loans. It is not possible to repay loans with an external bank account. You’ll have to appear at the branch to complete the payment. This is an inconvenience for anyone who is constantly on the move and doesn’t have the time to visit the branch anytime.

  9. John Capps
    July 30th, 2022

    The staff is very accommodating and welcoming

    I have been with this bank for a long time. The staff is very accommodating and welcoming. But the one issue I have is the NSF charges. I am aware of the courtesy pay; however, charging anyone $30.00 NSF off of .59 cents, yes .59 cents, is absurd. I’m not sure why banks charge NFS fees.

  10. Robert Reincke
    July 30th, 2022

    I'm still waiting for four days

    We’ve tried for three weeks to contact Sandy F., Our loan officer. I left a message and requested an email from the bank. Then I called and asked anyone to call back but was informed that they were all attending meetings. I’m still waiting for four days. I would like to see a quicker response, Please. We would appreciate any comments.

  11. Jim Kaiser
    July 28th, 2022

    Everything went smoothly and quickly

    Mrs. Karen made my experience in getting my loan effortless! Everything went smoothly and quickly, and I was incredibly impressed with how she broke it into pieces for me and then explained everything in a manner that I could comprehend!

    She was extremely friendly and helped me calm my nerves since I arrived at the airport, as the process of getting loans is a huge deal for me. The overall experience was enjoyable, and I am delighted that she was able to assist me in getting the money I required!!

  12. Charles Bumgarner
    July 25th, 2022

    Good credit union terrible bill pay provider

    I was impressed by the majority of things about this Credit Union; however, they have a third billing system, which is fraudulent. I was able to double pay an invoice through bill pay but did not have enough cash to cover the second installment. I didn’t realize it until after I received notice the bill payment account had been suspended.

    I contacted Dugood to request money transferred to my account to pay off the balance that was due. Still, the bill pay company redirected the report over to collection without ever talking to me about any aspect of it. I’m closing every account I have with Dugood and transferring my funds to a different credit union.

  13. Kevin Finnegan
    July 17th, 2022

    They ruined my account

    They ruined my account. I told him not to pay someone, but they made a payment, but I got only 385 dollars in the report. And they let someone steal nearly $500 from my account. I consider it ridiculous now that I’m in an unfavorable position and unable to pay anyone on my account. I truly wanted to be fair to myself. I’m sure that nobody is concerned because I’ve been searching for an interminable time, so I gave up, and that’s why my account is in the negative. So how do you pay for a bill that is more than the amount I received? I don’t have their service, and I informed the person that. They’ll still pay, which is why the numbers appear like this, and I’m not concerned because I’m angry.

  14. Stephen Costello
    July 13th, 2022

    My car loan was canceled

    My car loan was canceled as I could not receive my pay from work due to the flooding. No one at the bank was willing to delay the payment in the event of a national catastrophe. They didn’t return my phone when I tried to talk with them about it.

  15. Roger Thompson
    July 7th, 2022

    The customer service I've received from the location is typically not the best either

    My experiences my experience at the Port Neches location are usually negative. When I pass through the drive-through and make a withdrawal, I’m never asked how I would like my cash to be returned to me. There are a few instances where the employee gave me the wrong amount. The customer service I’ve received from the location is typically not the best either.

  16. Richard Hinkle
    July 6th, 2022

    no customer fraud protection

    I hope you never lose your debit card. I lost mine, and every time I saw someone using my card, the credit union billed me $25 to look into the matter. In my instance, it was eight places! This is the amount I lost to thieves and an additional 200 at the Credit Union. It took me nearly 90 days for me to get my cash back! I had filed a police complaint and everything else, but it didn’t help speed up the process.

    I’m now with Mobil Oil Federal Credit Union, experienced the same thing, and received my money within two days. The answer that the bank provided wasn’t true. It was far more than three days before they returned my money. What a blow to the face! Credit Union trying to save face

  17. Reginald Lyons
    July 3rd, 2022

    ATM never works!

    ATM never works! The app updates my account at a plodding speed. I could walk right into the teller without having to present any ID and take funds from my understanding, as you know my name. Try to be proactive rather than reacting. I’m likely to be shifting banks unless there is a change shortly.

  18. Gerald Hannum
    July 1st, 2022

    Not satisfied about DuGood Credit Union

    Although my ex and I divorced, the latter was the driver for one of his vehicles, and I was the one responsible for the third. And…since the credit union has not been able to pay for his car promptly, my credit score has fallen by 200 points! Credit Union personnel would not let me remove myself from the vehicle.

  19. Antonio Prado
    June 30th, 2022

    Do your research before you sign a loan for your car using DuGood

    You must think twice if you’re thinking of an auto loan through DuGood Lumberton, TX. Getting them to endorse an insurance check is a challenge at most. We paid for repairs out of our pocket. We took the insurance check to them and asked for an official receipt before they could endorse it. Then they returned with tickets, and they now want all of us to sign before they support us. Why didn’t they inform me of this on my first visit? Now I have to travel for one hour for a 3rd visit. Now I feel they’re holding the insurance money in prison.

  20. Clyde Myers
    June 28th, 2022

    fantastic Bank

    DuGood is a fantastic Bank! Recommend this place! I was in and out in 15 minutes after having an account opened by DuGood. The staff was accommodating.

  21. Alex Marcano
    June 24th, 2022

    This is absurd

    I put in more than $8,000 and am told that I will have to wait nine days before using it. What’s the point in spending money but not being able to utilize it? The money was issued as a Certified Check to my bank. This is absurd. It’s not that difficult to confirm that my account is, in fact, mine.

  22. Rhonda Bellamy
    May 14th, 2022

    wonderful and straightforward experience

    It was a wonderful and straightforward experience. Everything was done over the telephone when I applied for a loan car. My loan specialist Stephanie Salas assisted me in purchasing the car in Houston. She also coordinated my loan with the salesman. I continued to work while Stephanie Salas completed my loan.

    I did not have to go to the Credit Union or drive to Houston to pick up my vehicle. Sound Credit Union has been the best credit union I have ever worked with. Stephanie was efficient and professional. Sound Credit Union is a great credit union that I would recommend.

  23. Anonymous
    April 18th, 2022

    Clear online banking takes too long

    It took too long to clear the check before I was able to set up my online banking. I needed to transfer money from MN credit union, but it took nine days and two days to set up my account. Everything that I did took at least a day to get approved.

    Suggestion: I would like to set up online banking right away – but only allow withdrawals for the next nine days. This would have made moving money into the account much more accessible and getting everything in order faster.

    I hope I won’t have to go back to waiting when I set up Bill Pay or other features.

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