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4 Reviews on Dip ‘n Dive

  1. Elaine Hernandez
    Jan 24, 2023


    I went into this knowing my physical limits b, believing that a positive outlook w a lot of hard work and sheer determination would help me get through this.

    Remember, I was certified alone and knew precisely what was expected. Oh, I should have mentioned why I wanted to go through this process again in the first place “guidance-professional,” Chri,s states, is what he is there for how; however, in my case, when I when into the shop after my failed opening, water dive.

    Chris’s advice to me included, ” Let’s call a spade a spade.” I was devastated. I realized t was alone in figuring out what was wrong and what I could do to fix it. My last visit to the shop was not favorable; however, Chris attempted to persuade me that he took the time to discuss the issue with me.

    It seems plausible to believe that he was right when he advised me. Despite being aware that I had been working at the pool every day feel the salty water in my mouth with desire, I resisted his advice and decided to make a mistake. I could not find help attaching the snorkel to my mask…asked the instructor for use at the pool-ignored (student helped) and then went to the shop-ignored until a patron eventually came and helped me. Do-till is now not a thing I will honor.

  2. Thomas Beebe
    Sep 22, 2022

    I have been diving for five years at Dip N Dive

    I have been diving for five years at Dip N Dive. The team comprises highly skilled professionals who take care of your security! Divers can choose from a wide range of courses, and dive options are encouraged to help you become more proficient as a diver. They use top-quality equipment and guarantee their product. I’ve dived at other local dive shops, but I always return to Dip N Dive with them!

  3. David Sechter
    May 20, 2022

    The store is a great place to shop

    Staff are so helpful and always willing to help. The store is a great place to shop.

    They are highly knowledgeable about the equipment and will share as much as possible.

    Overall, the best business I have ever been to—anyone who is considering going there, I recommend it.

  4. Mark Eastus
    May 9, 2022

    Ocean Pro Neo Classic 6.5 mm Boots

    The Ocean Pro Neo Classic Classic 6.5mm boots were purchased for scuba diving. The shoes have advanced protection features like a solid mold with nonslip tread, stress-reducing features, and exceptional wear protection.

    These shoes are made for scuba divers. However, the $63 price tag is too high. You can look elsewhere if you don’t care about scuba diving footwear and don’t want extra protection features.

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