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25 Reviews on DHgate

  1. Laura Wilmot
    May 30, 2023

    The seller is not available upon request

    After I have paid, they inform me they do not have the item. When I try to get a reimbursement, they fight. Very terrifying and frustrating. The other things I purchased are still not delivered. Let's wait and see. I don't have a feeling of security. However, I could be more cautious about ordering from a place with poor reviews. The seller is not available upon request.

  2. Leon Fitzpatrick
    May 30, 2023

    People send empty parcels

    Make a chargeback on your bank account in case you are fraudulently scammed. I've recently initiated one since they let people send empty parcels. You should have accurate scales and purchase them quickly because you only have two days to weigh the vacant parcel.

  3. Katherine mccarthy
    May 30, 2023

    The thing stopped working altogether

    Everything went well, even the delivery and all that. The item I ordered functioned perfectly for two days before I needed to recharge the thing. I charged it thoroughly, and the thing stopped working altogether. DHgate will not let me sign into their system to request an order for a refund or to do anything else.

  4. David McNeeley
    May 1, 2023


    Unprofessional. I purchased an item, then claimed the return of the item because the thing was not what I expected. I was told that delivery would be made at the seller's expense and then refunded after receiving the return. I've received a refund for the items, but not for the shipping cost. (Shipping is more expensive than half of the price of the article!) I've written numerous emails to the handler of my case about my refund for shipping, and I am just getting neglected. I have provided every document requested, including postage receipts (as asked for).

  5. Amanda Charr
    Apr 30, 2023

    Complete scam

    Complete scam. I purchased a coat back in November. It took four months to deliver, but the skin never came. I requested the refund (which took a long time to receive); DHGate said they had issued the refund; however, no refund was credited to my account. The customer service on the internet is horrible. They claim it's 24 hours a day. However, it's just an automated system that claims it will get back to you within 24 hours. No one ever does. I'm sure that you have stolen my cash! 100% scam, do NOT use it.

  6. Nick Hanset
    Apr 29, 2023

    It is impossible to open

    I scammed the purchased bag, and just one chain was delivered. It is impossible to open a dispute since it requires me to confirm receipt of the item. If I attempt to verify this, it tells me that if I can confirm the item was received, I cannot open an open dispute! Do I go about it after that? Contact customer support, but it doesn't work. It says I need to respond to the email address, but where? No error message appears; it's your conditions and terms! Where do I forward the images?

  7. Michael Diaz
    Apr 27, 2023

    The dangerous category

    They ordered items about three months and a half back and haven't received them and likely won't. A lot of times, it is impossible to click anything on their website to buy something. I've received items I was able to purchase before; however, just getting half the items you ordered does not make it a good enough reason to consider the site a legitimate website. They're in the dangerous category. The products they sell are highly prohibited in this country; however, no one cares about the laws when you have been in the White House. If you choose to try and place an order through the company, you stand a one out of 10 chance of getting a charge and can only count on half of your order to show up. They'll happily take the money, but they will not accept it. There's nothing to worry about.

  8. Johan Duis
    Apr 26, 2023

    A total falsehood

    Ref 3539074500. Hi, dhgate, Please resolve this issue and stop claiming that it was a close dispute since there was no evidence or evidence provided, which is a total falsehood, as on your site you, will see the entire correspondence between me and caijiamin. However, I did submit evidence, and they responded ok, however, the matter should be considered closed. caijiamin has not responded in any manner, so it is impossible to reach a rresolveintervene to sort this out and stop claiming that it's over. Thank you

  9. River Dark
    Apr 12, 2023

    Haven't received any assistance.

    I've purchased it; however, my account has been shut down because of security concerns. I must track my purchase, and I have sent two emails to addresses but haven't received any assistance. The website sends you around, and the funds are taken from my account! I need help to solve this!!

  10. Nick Mckinley
    Jan 24, 2023


    This website is a fraud. The items are of poor quality, and if you attempt to return the item, they will do all to make it impossible, and at the end of the day, you'll be left with a mess and lose your money. Please do not trust TikTok since they are paid and provide free products to purchase! STAY AWAY! I've been there once..and not ever again.

  11. David Fuller
    Dec 29, 2022

    I bought a giant game board and was given lipstick

    I bought a giant game board and was given lipstick. I would give it one star if that were an alternative. I contacted seller, no response. I tried to file a claim, but bbutthethe the the website sent me an error message each time. I could finally talk to someone on the internet to explain the issue and offer proof. They stated they would start an account on my behalf, but it never happened! Avoid this site and save yourself some cash and time.

  12. LouAnn Ariante
    Dec 27, 2022

    Lots of great items are priced reasonably

    Lots of great items are priced reasonably. My experience is good, except for clothing with an S M L XL scale that appears to use a children's scale (or the Asian scale) and are three sizes too small. A handful of items have not been delivered in more than one month, so risk it. Shoes are the only exception to the size issue because they are sized in specific ways. The majority of products are in original boxes with tags. I've bought several products, and none of them were poor. I am thrilled with what I bought, other than the clothing.

  13. James Nuthall
    Dec 26, 2022

    I would not endorse DH Gate for anything

    Wow, it's been three months, and I haven't received my order. I have been following it for a few weeks. My order looked like it was being delivered across the country. It was as if the tracking number had vanished from the planet, And then they told me that the tracking number couldn't be found. DHgate isn't trustworthy, so you must be cautious when purchasing any item from China. I would not endorse HD Gate for anything

  14. Gilbert epstein
    Dec 25, 2022

    The belts are gorgeous and well-made

    I'm happy with each purchase I've made from DHgate.com. Bags and wallets priced higher seem to be more durable. The belts are gorgeous and well-made. The shoes are super cute! It's hard to compare the cost—every purchase I've placed within two weeks.

  15. Paul Burnett
    Dec 24, 2022

    They will take your money and don't send your purchase.

    They are scammers. They took my money, and it's been around four months, and they haven't even given me my dress. They will take your money and don't send your purchase. I suggest you don't purchase from DHgate as they are frauds. The customer service is terrible. They deliver the same message repeatedly and advise you to contact the seller. When you reach the seller, they tell you they are unavailable and never reply to your emails. Don't BUY ON DHGATE

  16. Bob Dupuis
    Dec 22, 2022

    Do not purchase anything from this site

    They have removed the "cancel my order" option and replaced it with the "open dispute" option. I wrote to the seller and the company to cancel my purchase right after it was put in (and could not be) after they said it stood "awaiting payment." They ."d not respond to my request. It then showed the item was shipped. I contacted them once more and got there was no response. I even began an online chat and then emailed Management. There was no help whatsoever. Terrible service, awful. Do not purchase anything from this site!

  17. Tom Biester
    Dec 18, 2022

    I suggest purchasing their replica soccer jerseys

    I suggest purchasing their replica soccer jerseys. They sell AAA high-quality shirts (modern and retro). They also have a vast range of baseball shirts, basketball, rugby, and many more. And the best part is that they can print your name onto the shirt. The prices are unbeatable for inst. Some soccer websites selling AAA replicas charge up to double and sometimes more DHgate. Shipping costs are usually meager, sometimes even wholly free; however, you'll need to wait for one month to get it.

  18. Michelle Hanna
    Dec 16, 2022

    It's a bit confusing due to the constant messages between me and me.

    I ordered a couple of items, and one was canceled, but I have not received a refund request. I provide ided them with proof of purchase but no response until this day. It's almost $300 spent. I also bought a mysterious box that never arrived, fought, or fought till I could contest it as it was insulting to the vendor. Be careful not to purchase anything from this website. There is a possibility of adding photos. However, it's a bit confusing due to the constant messages between me and me.

  19. Daniel Standley
    Dec 11, 2022

    The seller refused to accept the claim

    I purchased shoes for my son, who isn't the correct size 11. The seller contacted me about sending them back and asked me to be responsible for shipping costs. The seller refused to accept the claim. I got Dhgate and was given the runaround. Beware of this site, as they do never accept refunds. The shoe shown is black. I purchased a shoe locker size 11, which is more significant than their size.

  20. Kerri Rush
    Dec 8, 2022

    I was completely scammed out of a significant amount of money.

    I was completely scammed out of a significant amount of money. I placed an order in October, then one month later, when I tried to contact the seller numerous times since there was no tracking info, the site said this seller's "store does not exist." I wrote Dhgate to ask for a refund, and they tried to convince me that my order was delivered; however, it had been given but was not. I was scammed with more than $600.

  21. Sue Mcbee
    Dec 6, 2022

    I made an order it's not yet come in

    I made an order it's not yet come in. They gave me a fake tracking number; they never thought it was. Sent me messages to "see how I like my purchase," which never came. I've tried numerous times to contact them via email, phone, and eir website, but there has been no response. Do you know how to get them? It's not a tremendous amount of money; I fear being scammed! I've attached my latest email from them stating that the time expired. But they haven't yet responded to me!?

  22. Charles Veranis
    Sep 22, 2022


    I purchased a player Barcelona jersey and received it damaged. I complained to the dhgate immediately, and they haven't made any contact with the seller yet. Seller Wo99 would not refund the purchase and suggested that I cut the jersey and then send me a video showing me cutting it to allow me to pay back. This is a disparaging act.

  23. John Pitcock
    Jul 22, 2022

    I'm delighted with each purchase

    I'm delighted with each purchase made through DHgate.com. The wallets and bags priced a bit higher appear to be higher quality. They are beautiful and well-made. The shoes are super cute! It's hard to match the value. The company has delivered every purchase I've placed in two weeks.

  24. Rodney Tucker
    Jul 11, 2022

    The company will not refund the postage money..be cautious if you return the item

    I've sent an item to the vendor and received a confirmation that I will receive a refund for the postage. After waiting for nearly a month, I was informed by the customer service representative at dhgate that the seller does not have the money in his account, so they aren't able to refund me.

    In addition, I must send a message to the seller asking him to transfer the funds into his account so that dhgate can return my shipping money. I find it extremely odd that I have to ask the seller to deposit the funds into his performance while the company isn't able to help? In addition, I've been informed to tell the seller that when he does not have funds, they won't be able to take action, and have also been said that the seller is working with them.

  25. Jonathan Cabana
    Jun 2, 2022

    DHgate is a fraud!

    If you consider placing an order on this website, don't take it off. It's a fraud. They have robbed me of my money. I purchased items from them in June.

    It's almost 2 months later and I'm still waiting yet received anything. Tracking numbers for the package are incorrect, and they provide false information.

    The suppliers don't clearly explain how long the shipment will take to arrive. They are thieves, and they are yet to provide me with the money I paid back.

    This was a terrible experience that completely destroyed my wedding. I was promised that my wedding would be a lot sooner.

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