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8 Reviews on Dedication Tattoo

  1. Vince Carabba
    Jan 21, 2023

    Thank you for your time, Aaron!

    I don't have anything negative to review about this place. From the moment we entered the building, everyone at the establishment showed us incredible customer service. They were accommodating and understanding with my friend and me before and after we got our tattoos. Aaron U., an apprentice, completed our tattoos: my friend's first ink and my personal. Aaron was attentive and patient and worked alongside us, he held a steady hand when he got deep, but it was not too painful. Aaron helped me to feel at ease as my place was awkwardly situated. I love the shading and line work. Thank you for your time, Aaron!! Everyone who visited the facility was said to be satisfied and received the same treatment as we were. They deserve their roses; make our Colorado trip memory more memorable.

  2. George Howe
    Dec 16, 2022

    I wasn't a happy experience there

    It wasn't a happy experience there. Sam was unprofessional and had negative behavior throughout his tattoo. Here's an example o the time I paid him, I was owed the sum of 10 bucks in cash. Instead of either rounding the amount from another artist or kekeepinghe 20-dollar bill, he also demanded to retain the money. The whole thing has already cost me more than 1000 dollars. This is a very jerk action. The needle was dug to the point that I now have three tiny scars that never fully healed. I have never returned due to his attitude. My most recent tattoo was from a different studio located on Broadway that gave me a superior tattoo and a more professional manner of service. I'll be reviewing them shortly.

  3. Faye Kukula
    Dec 11, 2022

    I was not happy with the price and service.

    We requested the possibility of a walk-in and had to wait five hours for the tattoo, which took about 10 minutes. The tattoo artists kept telling us they would be next, but they were either going to other clients or taking off. We only were waiting for them to take our money. I was not happy with the price and service.

  4. Ashley Bailey
    Dec 8, 2022

    I would not recommend this tattoo artist.

    I had a reasonably simple bee tattoo here by the artist Ben McQueen. He was rushed through the entire process and completed my tattoo in just 45 minutes. After the healing process, the tattoo appears blurred around the edges, and the color is off. I requested the yellow bee, and he gave me the orange one. I was promised that the ink would change to yellow, but it didn't—horrible experience. My skin was ruined. I would not recommend this tattoo artist.

  5. Mary Kearney
    Dec 6, 2022

    Pricing is out of whack.

    140 Me and my girlfriend got matching tattoos. The cost was 280 minutes for ten letters. Get prices before you decide. It's a shame. I had a more intricate tattoo of my hands. And they charged me only 100—also, a matching tattoo. Make sure you do your homework first. Excellent artists. Good guys. Pricing is out of whack.

  6. Laura HInes
    Sep 27, 2022

    This place is a total fake!

    This place is a total fake! The cost is too expensive compared to the high-quality work carried out. They said they would charge me around 250 for a small and basic line work(flames around 2 inches in height) on my ankle and approximately 350 for a small scorpion with no shading on my lady!! I ended up going to another place and paying $100 for additional work that was of higher quality! Even though I paid little for more and more work on both arms, which had more detail and more intricate work... it's pretty clear the reason this place was not working!

  7. Douglas Smith
    Jul 13, 2022

    Gabe has created a wonderful experience

    Gabe has created a wonderful experience for three family members and endured every one of us with a unique personality. He even hid a smiley face inside my sunflower that always kept me smiling. Everyone was courteous and professional. I highly recommend the dedication of everyone and even Gabe.

  8. Jasmin Ferrari
    Jun 4, 2022

    The staff was amazing

    Our wife and me were visiting town for a show and decided to stop by Dedication and get tattooed. We arrived just after they opened, and the staff was amazing.

    The lady who was in charge of the front desk was extremely accommodating not only with us, but very patient when working with the other customers who came into the shop during our visit that didn't have an idea of what they were looking for.

    The artists were extremely friendly to everyone and it was an enjoyable experience in a field which isn't always accommodating and welcoming.

    The artist we had was amazing and had us both into and out in two hours.

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About Dedication Tattoo

Dedication Tattoo was established in 2013 as a world-renowned fully-custom tattoo shop at South Broadway Street in Denver, Colorado. We are experts in tattoos such as bold, traditional, Japanese solid clean grey and black, elegant colors, script, etc.

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1905 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, USA
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