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2 Reviews on D2chest

  1. William Clements
    July 7th, 2022

    I didn't experience this problem

    It took me a while, and after I received my items, I went to the dark woods and took out things. They were transferred to my account, and then suddenly, I could not access my account for 30 minutes. I ended up losing several of my items. There are other websites available. But I didn’t experience this problem.

  2. Mike Payne
    June 1st, 2022

    Excellent site

    Excellent site. It provides options that other sites might not offer. You also get the benefit of running a free rune that you were likely to purchase with no bonus.

    Although the costs are more expensive than other websites there is no more efficient customer service.

    I’ve been on this site often. For those who have too much going on in their life to work on gear, they’re an ideal option for when you can find time, you can take advantage of it instead of feeling miserable stuck.

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