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14 Reviews

Cross Country Movers Group

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Is Cross Country Movers Group legit?

Cross Country Movers Group has 14 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Cross Country Movers Group customer care?

You can contact Cross Country Movers Group customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 877 332 3999

Where is Cross Country Movers Group located?

Cross Country Movers Group is located at address United States.

14 Reviews on Cross Country Movers Group

  1. Bettina Rubinto
    1 rating

    Very stressful Didn’t Deliver My Move

    Jan 21, 2024

    It's been over a week, and my moving day is yet to be delivered. The company claims that they do not assure delivery however, the contract explicitly declares it will be delivered on the 19th of January 2024. Additionally, they. added an additional 30% money when they collected. There is no one to answer phone messages, text or emails. I started a new job this morning and needed to buy workplace clothes (suits and dress shits belts, tie-ups and shoes) in order to begin my new job. What are my possessions What's my belongings? It's very stressful.

  2. Peter A.
    3 rating

    Journey with Grace and Expert Movers

    Dec 19, 2023

    We made the move to SF in Maryland. Grace was our initial source of information. She was helpful with every concern and question and explained everything to us. Movers arrived on at the right time to take our items into the warehouse, in which it was sat for some time before it was taken to a truck which was to transport it Maryland. The window was 7-21 days to deliver and met the 21 days of delay precisely. Delivery was smooth and quick. The delivery team reassembled furniture which was removed during the shipping process. They're experts... completed the task without a lot of assistance. No damage to furniture. There are only small spills from dry food items contained in the boxes.

  3. Jorge Sierra
    1 rating

    The Moving Day Surprise No One Wants

    Nov 19, 2023

    I was very disappointed with my recent experience using Cross Country Movers Group. After reviewing every item and box with them on the phone, they gave me a price, and I paid a deposit. But on a moving day, the truck driver said the 26-foot truck they sent was only half for me, even though I have a two-story house with multiple rooms and around 62-65 packed boxes.

    I felt blindsided when they asked for an additional $2600 on top of the $2200 deposit I had already paid. Dealing with stress and upset was highly stressful and problematic; I wish there had been better communication upfront about how much space I needed and the final costs. When using this company, I would caution others to be very clear about details and get any pricing agreements in writing. This is just my personal experience, but I wanted to share it in case it's helpful for others choosing movers.

  4. Adelaida Galarza
    5 rating

    The movers were professional and efficient

    Jan 12, 2023

    My move was cheaper than the estimate The movers were professional and efficient. I also had a few extra wooden shelves that they moved for free.

  5. Michael Jacob
    5 rating

    We were lucky to stumble upon the property

    Aug 27, 2022

    We were lucky to stumble upon the property. When I first spoke to Cross Country, I went over most of the items that required to be moved and that we also had some things that we were trying to decide if we would like to move or sell. I was informed later that we could use their storage facility free of charge for a month should we need to. Ummm... Yup! We certainly took advantage of this. We placed a coffee table, bar stool, and a few shelves in our free storage space and left them for a few weeks until we moved completed. The extra time we had to dispose of the items we didn't use anymore was just what we needed. Also, it saved us money without having to ship other things.

  6. Jim Kennish
    5 rating

    The high-quality of the movers were top-of-the-line

    Aug 23, 2022

    It was a stressful time for me how to manage this transition. I went through several firms until I came across CCM. CCM provided everything I required. Unpacking and packing. All the lifting. There was a lot of organization. The primary purpose was a stress relief. Their prices were in the middle. The prices were not outrageous, but they weren't expensive at all. The high quality of the movers was top-of-the-line. They arrived on time and took care of the furniture perfectly. They wrapped everything in blue blankets so they wouldn't scratch anyway. They met me at my new residence in New York. They estimated their arrival time reasonably accurately. Everything was planned. It was evident that they'd been through this before.

  7. Richard Beck
    5 rating

    The experience I had with this business proved me right.

    Aug 20, 2022

    Overall, excellent service and hospitality. The price was the cost. We all know the game that moving companies use to get you through the door. They were offering the world but delivering much less. They relocated Chicago from Chicago to Mooresville, which was very easy. They took care of both liftings as well as packing. The cost was fair considering the distance it was. I made sure the price wasn't off by calling two other locations. The other one was higher, but it had some positive and down reviews, so I chose CCMG. It's unnecessary to be complicated and stressful transitioning to a different state. The experience I had with this business proved me correct.

  8. Jeanette Wilson
    5 rating

    Cost that was affordable

    Aug 12, 2022

    So I booked a massive Uhaul and didn't require help in my actual move, but my friend and I were working additional shifts to cover the cost of paying an apartment down. We needed help packing and getting stuff into the Uhaul. It was frustrating that most companies don't offer to carry and load. They require you to make the entire move or else nothing. It was becoming very irritating. After we finally called some more locations across the border, they said it was acceptable and provided us with an individual cost that was affordable. After having been snubbed by a variety of traditional moving companies, finding an organization that was confident about doing things precisely how we wanted them done was refreshing. Instead of having us follow their rules.

  9. Matthew Citino
    5 rating

    All around really good service

    Aug 9, 2022

    All around, excellent service and hospitality. The price was the price. I think we all know the game that movers play, trying to get you in the door, promising the world, and delivering far less. They moved from Chicago to Mooresville, and it was easy. They did both the lifting and the packing. The pricing was fair for how far away it was. I checked to make sure it wasn't out of whack, calling two other places. One place was lower but had some up-and-down reviews, so I went with CCMG. Moving to a new state doesn't need to be stressful and complex. This business proved to me that.

  10. Anthony Trentalange
    5 rating

    I highly recommend it

    Aug 6, 2022

    Cross Country Movers Group has completely changed my thoughts regarding moving with a mover. Because of some negative experiences, I was hesitant to work with any moving company, but their stellar reviews convinced me to choose their services. They were by far the best moving company I've dealt with. They completed everything promptly and efficiently transported every item to my brand-new home. I highly recommend it.

  11. Susan Miller
    5 rating

    The outstanding service

    Jul 15, 2022

    We employed CCMG to assist us in moving out of our old townhouse and into our brand new residence in Orange County. The entire process was organized through email, with only two phone calls to get the additional information and give CC details. I was worried that this would be much more challenging than a move locally, but they made everything user-friendly.

    Our move took two days, exactly as they planned. The truck arrived an hour ahead of schedule. The first time that I've ever seen my move complete sooner than I had planned. This was fantastic. The prices were very affordable considering the outstanding service you get.

  12. Daniel Aweda
    5 rating

    High-quality company

    Jul 7, 2022

    I just completed a move for my office by Cross Country Movers. It was my first experience transporting many things outside the state. This company was suggested for me by my Realtor who is the only one who utilizes them. I've had negative encounters with other local removalists which is why it was refreshing see that every person I dealt with was polite and professional. The crew arrived promptly and carried everything out and in without any issues, and not a single thing was damaged when it arrived. The price of the move was quite reasonable considering the way the move was executed. Local movers I've worked with in the past, items could have been damaged because they were loaded into the truck without a harness. They had safety belt similar to the ones inside the truck which ensured that nothing was lost in the process of moving. It's the small things that make this business unique. It was a pleasure to be part of such a high-quality company.

  13. Ligia Varguez
    5 rating

    They did an excellent job

    Jun 24, 2022

    Our of-state move required moving out of our loft apartment and moving everything out of our storage unit a half-mile away. So the movers had to make two stops. Even with the additional location, we were still charged as one move. They just combined our inventory from both sites into one. We surfed a lot of online reviews and settled with these guys. They did an excellent job taking care of our things and being careful with furniture that was a little more fragile than other items. The moving team and customer service were very outgoing and easy to talk to. Working with people you get along with makes a world of difference. It was about the only move I've ever done where I can say I didn't feel too stressed out at all.

  14. Brooke Quinn
    5 rating

    Excellent movers, great business

    Jun 10, 2022

    The experience was better than I had hoped for. There was no nagging hourly rate or set price to take advantage of.

    The move we had was an all-inclusive price based on the distance we traveled and the amount of our activity.

    Our moving company arrived early. They provide me with a 2-hour time frame. I've never seen anything like this before.

    They called an hour prior to inform me they'd be arriving early.

    Therefore, I started my day earlier than usual. The removal was easy, but the move-in was a little rough.

    The furniture I had couldn't go on the stairs that wind up to my new residence.

    They needed to think about how to move it and place it correctly.

    Within 10 minutes, they came up with a way to angle our sofa just right to allow it to go to the next level.

    That's quite the commitment to finish the task.

    The installation took around two hours. Even with the additional effort, there was no charge for the extra labor.

    If a wrench was added to the plans, they made quite an effort to get things to work. Excellent movers, great business.

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