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1 Review on Corbevax Vaccine

  1. Anonymous
    Jun 12, 2022

    Corbevax is an RBD-protein subunit vaccine.

    Corbevax is a vaccine that is the recombinant proteins platform that targets spike proteins on the virus. It injects several spike proteins that have been cloned in place of telling cells how to reproduce it. It decreases the ability of the virus to cause serious illnesses.

    Children are given two doses for 28 days, four weeks following the first dose. The vaccine is stored at temperatures of 2 -8 degrees Celsius. The authorities have stated that the vaccine has passed rigorous tests of effectiveness and safety. "This has been verified and tested. In any case, it has been given a EUA.

    Without testing the safety, EFFICIENCY, the vaccine would not have been released," Dr. Anil Arora, senior consultant institute of gastroenterology, Sir Ganga Ram hospital, informed Hindustan Times. He said, "What the mandate is that anybody given the vaccine needs to be tracked for adverse side effects. This data has to be submitted by vaccine manufacturers.

    So, it has been thoroughly tried and tested and safe." He also said that hesitancy should not be a problem and encouraged children to get their vaccines. The price of vaccine Corbevax costs Rs990 for each treatment in privately-owned hospitals, and the cost is Rs145 in government facilities.

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