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4 Reviews on Consumers Plumbing

  1. Marty Caron
    July 30th, 2022

    I was extremely pleased

    I was extremely pleased with the ease at the way I could purchase the replacement faucet head and with the affordable price also. It was a breeze to install after it arrived, as the person I spoke with clarified exactly what I had to do.

  2. Stephanie Koss
    July 6th, 2022

    The order went well

    I waited three weeks for the terminal to contact me with a delivery time. The order went well, and Tammy did an excellent job, but the delivery process was a disaster. I kept hearing that they’d be back to me the next day. I suppose tomorrow doesn’t come. Ultimately, we live in difficult times, and I can understand. Others have more to be concerned about.

  3. Donna Plunske
    May 18th, 2022

    The Delivery Service Was Terrible

    Although the ordering process was smooth and Tammy did an excellent job, the delivery service was terrible. Waiting for the terminal call to give me a delivery date took three weeks.

    They kept promising me a reply tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, I guess. We are living in difficult times, and I can understand why. Others have worse things to be concerned about.

  4. Edward Harrell
    April 26th, 2022

    Great solution for Bathrooms

    My home was built a few months ago. I’m now looking for furniture to decorate it. I was close to finishing the living room and primary bedroom. Now it’s time for the bathroom. I was having severe problems with my toilets. It isn’t easy to find bathroom equipment these days.

    I found this company online and was able to get all the information I needed about sinks, taps, and bathrooms. The customer support team works hard at this place. This was my best buy.

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