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38 Reviews on Coinbase

  1. Yvonne Sanchez
    1 rating
    Jun 3, 2023

    The most unprofessional businesses

    One of the most unprofessional businesses I've encountered throughout my career. The customer service they provide is essentially absent. What they do most effectively provide is URLs to the FAQ pages of their site. They'll not answer any questions that do not fall within the guidelines of the FAQ: unknown account modifications, website problems, glitches in verification, and more. Beware if you wish for your funds to be secure. It's disgusting.

  2. Robert Bender
    1 rating
    May 8, 2023

    An alternative exchange

    I purchased their platform to participate in the Otherdeeds sale. The company transferred my 12000 dollars to the address of my contract, and I'm out of the amount. I contacted them, and they informed me that I had entered the discourse. It wasn't, I added the address on an alternative exchange to offer the cryptocurrency via spot exchange, but they stopped the sale somehow. In the end, I was required to file a report of fraud in the crypto market to the SEC and local authorities, naming Coinbase as the culprit.

  3. Jessica McCrory
    1 rating
    May 7, 2023

    Customer support.

    I had been shut out of my Coinbase account and had a vast amount of money. I was extremely angry with Coinbase's customer service. They kept telling me story after story while browsing reviews I read; when I recommended "Edgetophub. digital," they helped me unlock my wallet with customer support. I was able to get all my money returned through Coinbase. For anyone experiencing the same issue as me, it is possible to check out Edgetophub—Digital, which prprovidesop-quality the service.

  4. David McGraw
    3 rating
    May 6, 2023

    Very reliable

    Coinbase is very reliable. You can count on them to offer services. However, they have a few issues that require the services of a reputable consulting firm to assist you in obtaining a better experience. Since I started reading this blog, ccconsultingfirm009gmail, and talking to them about getting my money back. Since I'm honest, I used to request my money back whenever I needed to resolve any issue.

  5. Jeremy Noonan
    1 rating
    May 5, 2023

    I transferred

    I bought $250 worth of Bitcoin, which I transferred for other purposes. I typed in the address/contact and clicked to send it, but they refused to let me send the transfer. I went through every identification/verification/information that was required, talked to about ten different agents who transferred me to invalid links, put me on hold, and then they'd leave the chat. My bank was able to intervene and reimbursed the money and advised me not to make use of them in the future. This would be more precise for this company if the stars were negative.

  6. Kristy Costello
    1 rating
    Apr 14, 2023

    Not appreciate this app

    Absolute nonsense! My personal experience is that I do not appreciate this app, and I would not suggest this app to anyone. I had a friend try to send me Bitcoin using Coinable, but it was charged a hefty transaction fee, and then the transaction was later returned. My account is restricted, and I cannot open a bank account. Do not worry about it, and try something else.

  7. Shelby King
    1 rating
    Apr 6, 2023

    Money was taken out of my account and visible

    I attempted three times to purchase Bitcoin using my bank account. However, each time, I was not able. Money was taken out of my account and visible. However, bitcoin was not displayed on the Coinbase website or mobile application. Three attempts to Coinbase did not work, but I was assured they would get back to me. I haven't been contacted. My account is closed and shifting forward. I'll continue to work with F[O]rtune Grup as they have been highly beneficial in my efforts to accumulate wealth. They consistently generate income daily for me and allow me to access my funds anytime, without trouble.

  8. Kay Caravaggio
    2 rating
    Apr 5, 2023

    I was very angry with this

    It's so frustrating that Coinbase is so incompetent. At first, I put down EUR3500 in XRP, and then after two weeks, I put in another EUR6,800. I attempted to withdraw the money after they had verified the transaction, and after three days, they stopped me from receiving their newsletter, and I was very angry with this. I tried calling customer service but did not hear from them. My friend recommended Qek Recoup—Com., which will assist me in getting back my investments.

  9. Griffith Guts
    1 rating
    Apr 4, 2023

    I could never recover all of it

    I invested in the company, but they took my money, and I could never recover all of it. They also were unable to give me a reason for the reason they did not transfer my money. I lost $300 to this company, which I'll never see again.

  10. Sani esson
    1 rating
    Apr 1, 2023

    I'm unsure

    How can people make deposits on the site which doesn't allow any credit cards from banks? They don't accept payment methods. It should have at least two payment options, one of which is the BANK TRANSFER'S. I'm unsure why a cryptocurrency platform would only have one payment method. BS!

  11. Chelsea Duffey
    1 rating
    Mar 31, 2023

    It's impossible to take my money

    My account was closed for no reason. It has been in use for two years. It's impossible to take my money, and support doesn't know why my account was shut down. Still, today I was notified via email that I had been apparently "engaging in prohibited use in violation" of their conditions of service.

  12. Lori Moldovan
    2 rating
    Mar 30, 2023

    Tech helped me get my money back

    If what they're declaring about Coinbase is true, I'm so sorry for the people who have lost their money as I was considering investing but not considering all the reviews I'm reading. What is the reason that investment companies never do anything from our cash? Recovery hub. Tech helped me get my money back from Wirex. I'm sure they can help you as well. Goodluck

  13. Theresa Sammon
    1 rating
    Mar 28, 2023

    I cannot use the mobile app

    Mobile App does not work! Since the beginning of last year, and after many changes, it's still not functioning! Incredible!. Support is not available, and they have only bots that send important messages. I'm not even able to get an upgrade because I cannot use the mobile app (on, there's no section for cards).

  14. Nikki Timberlake
    1 rating
    Mar 26, 2023

    They shut down my account for no reason

    They shut down my account for no reason. I am convinced that they are using numerous false ads regarding crypto security since I paid a lot of fees to buy crypto. And when I inquired why they had closed my account, they didn't give me any reason. We believe you've violated your account's terms and conditions, as I was informed. I'm not sure why they'd seek to steal my money. They just shut down my account without apparent reason, and there's no reason to believe I've violated the conditions. In contrast to this exchange, I'm a lot of money daily for *for***tune"**g**" up, and my cash can be transferred to my personal bank account in minutes.

  15. Denise Babcock
    1 rating
    Mar 25, 2023

    This may be the worst experience

    Coinbase has taken my money. If I could rate them ZERO stars, I would. Be very cautious. I've called them almost every day for three weeks, and they have been unable to assist me. This may be the worst experience I've ever faced when dealing with a business. BEWARE

  16. Tim Gladieux
    1 rating
    Mar 23, 2023

    I could not withdraw or deposit funds

    I recently created an account at coinbase and deposited to test the service. But, within the next few days, my account was shut down for "security" reasons, and I could not withdraw or deposit funds for five days. When I called the customer support department, they advised me that my account was the risk of coinbase and demanded the evidence without further explanation. This proved to be a disappointing experience for me. However, I decided to contact an attorney specializing in cybersecurity to assist me in regaining my money from Coinbase. After investigating my issue, Coinbase gave me a two-week window to withdraw funds from my bank account before the account was deactivated. I was able to get my money back. However, the entire experience left me feeling disappointed. I know that security measures are essential to any crypto exchange. However, Coinbase's handling of my issue lacked openness and transparency. I would like to see them enhance their security and support shortly to prevent similar incidents from occurring for others.

  17. Natasha Podratz
    1 rating
    Mar 22, 2023

    I highly recommend contacting hackers

    Let's say that you require assistance in recovering your funds after being an innocent victim of a Coinbase scam. I was deceived and manipulated and was convinced that I was cheated of a lot of money. I began to search the web after discovering I was duped into looking up the actions of others. Some people claimed that there was no way to retrieve the money back. Others suggested doing it, but be aware of whom you select since scammers are involved. I highly recommend contacting hackers and crypto crime detective " Royalbladeworks " on Instagram and Telegram. Although many whitehats claim to be blockchain experts, you can put your trust in Royalbladeworks since he's genuine and devoted to fighting cybercrimes.

  18. Jan Doolin
    1 rating
    Mar 21, 2023

    It's a pain

    I'm not sure what's going on with Coinbase. My account is reviewed constantly without explanation. Every time! My understanding is reviewed and confirmed; after a couple of hours, it goes reviewed repeatedly! It's a pain! My account has been under review for more than two months now! What's wrong with the system? It's only happening with coinbase and not other wallets.

  19. Jan Swan
    1 rating
    Mar 20, 2023

    I lost a lot of money.

    Beware of this scam!! My account was wiped out because I was considered underage, although I had checked my age. I lost a lot of money. If I attempt to contact them, I get an automated reply but no assistance.

  20. Judy Bishop
    1 rating
    Mar 17, 2023

    I am extraordinarily dissatisfied

    I am extraordinarily dissatisfied with Coinbase. I purchased ATOM to transfer it to KEPLR. KEPLR wallet. Seven days after clearing my money, I got an email telling me that ATOM would not be available for withdrawal between 3/24 and 3/28. They have staked the account of my ATOM without my consent, so now I must wait for another 23 days before I can take out my money.

  21. Rebecca Forrest
    1 rating
    Mar 16, 2023

    It's the worst cryptocurrency platform

    I have lost access to my account on the app because new phone because my previous one was broken. I cannot retrieve the version since their website does not function properly. It's the worst cryptocurrency platform I've ever had to use.

  22. Kendra Sundermeyer
    1 rating
    Mar 15, 2023

    My account couldn't be accessed

    Their customer service is horrible. They did not respond to me with service requests. I submitted one request and waited for two months without a response. Then I contacted the number and inquired about the issue, after which the answer was that they "opened a new request" that they never came back to. I emailed the thread about this request, and they responded, "Our technical team is looking at it," but I did not hear back. After that, I called them back after about a month and got the same response. My account couldn't be accessed, and they refused to inform me of the reason or update me on my status.

  23. Sandra Chmiel
    1 rating
    Mar 14, 2023

    It has been a platform

    I am utterly disappointed with how Coinbase has dealt with me. It has been a platform I have used for more than three years without issue. However, suddenly, they closed my account, which is worth 128k dollars worth of BCT. I complained and sent a letter to their customer support, but there was no response. A week ago, I reported my experiences and problems to Rapidhounds. I've received my money of $81k plus more to come by the closing date.

  24. Steve Cooper
    1 rating
    Mar 13, 2023

    It suggested I check back in the future.

    Coinbase blocks the account (unless I decide to add more money in, of course) because I've signed in to a different web browser. It's very "suspicious" that. Constant "connection errors" and other nebulous "bugs" are being addressed, and it suggested I check back in the future. Making purchases of more crypto or placing funds into Coinbase will work instantly with no failing and without fail every time. Transferring funds from Coinbase, I'm met with a barrage of mistakes and authentications, random sign-outs, and other mishaps. Coinbase is a platform designed to make it difficult to withdraw money. Unacceptable, and if permitted - once my account is not blocked for suspicious logins (with three authentication factors accepted..) Then I'll remove all money from CB.

  25. Holly Huber
    1 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    The group aims to assist in reducing fraud

    There have been many new developments for Coinbase over the last couple of months. The new Scam Victim Recovery support telegram team dedicated to fraud/scam and hack victims is among these and proved extremely useful in the case of my colleague. The group aims to assist in reducing fraud, dispel the myths surrounding counterparty risk, and identify AML risks using high-tech risk ratings and warnings. It is great to see this hacktivist team working to help coinbase and other victims. It's good news for victims of COINBASE hacks. A colleague retrieved an asset worth $17,700 stolen from this support group's hacking with an independent white hat hacker, " ROYALBLADEWORKS," at DUCK. Go to or type in " Royalbladeworks "on Telegram or Instagram.

  26. Steve Cosentino
    1 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    I cannot complete the transaction

    I set up an account with coinbase to complete an international transaction. I met every verification of my budget (photo ID, etc.) and was told that my bank account had been verified. I transferred money to coinbase just seven days ago. The money was taken via coinbase out of my account five days ago. I cannot complete the transaction, and coinbase states I've got 0 BTC bought when I attempt the transaction. However, it shows hundreds of dollars in BTC on my coinbase account. They're holding my cash hostage. We are getting ready to bring a federal lawsuit against them. DO NOT USE COINBASE.

  27. June Faison
    1 rating
    Mar 10, 2023

    Your customer service is poor at top quality.

    Five days later, after having locked my account without reason, they were not responding. They say they will contact you shortly. This is a common scenario in which people are leaving their money. It's disconcerting that a publicly-listed company behaves in this way. I will ensure that everyone knows who I trade with, which is more than 500 people who will take all of my items from cold storage. They can't do what they're doing. Coinbase should be ashamed of your actions. Your customer service is poor at top quality.

  28. Terri Drennen
    2 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    This is normal for real investors

    Be stressed. The proof that this platform has improved many people's lives cannot be denied. I used to doubt it, but I'm convinced it is accurate and authentic. Please don't put too much pressure on them to convince you because they're genuine and trustworthy. Are you in doubt? This is normal for real investors; however, I advise you to be brave and seize this chance to invest in the correct spot.

  29. Drayah Ang
    1 rating
    Mar 7, 2023

    It isn't available

    I've been blocked from my account because they don't seem to send verification SMS messages. They do appear to send me SMS messages to my mobile for other items (like verifying documents). Support is ineffective and insists that I undergo the same procedure, which does not work. It tells me to turn on Google Authenticator when it isn't available until I log in at the beginning.

  30. Athena Flin
    3 rating
    Mar 5, 2023

    That is difficult for the customer

    It's well. Generally, it is swift and has minimal commissions. However, the downside is that they use an identification verification system that is difficult for the customer, and already there have been four times I've required it.

  31. Misty Smith
    1 rating
    Mar 3, 2023

    I was required to employ an expert

    I was the victim of a hacking sim swap. My Coinbase accounts were compromised. My card information and cryptocurrency wallet keys were stolen, and the money was transferred to an external wallet. I was required to employ an expert in forensic cybersecurity who assisted me in protecting my personal information and identity. The hacktivist @Royalbladeworks gathered my details and began working. He was able to retrieve my crypto assets and regain my identity. Look for him via Telegram and IG. He's an anti-crypto fraud specialist that you can trust and is knowledgeable.

  32. Fernandez Francisco
    1 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    A pathetic company that doesn't allow cashouts

    A pathetic company that doesn't allow cashouts. They deliberately broke the procedure when you attempt to cash out. They don't permit bank information that is entered. Even when cash is withdrawn, the process requires depositing more money. Wholly illegal and should be shut down.

  33. Vicky Tisdial
    2 rating
    Sep 22, 2022

    We're still waiting

    Not your keys, not your coins, an old saying. It's almost impossible to get your money out of the bank. It's been over three weeks, and we're still waiting. There are better alternatives to hone your crypto.

  34. Patrick Garrett
    1 rating
    Jul 23, 2022

    I've never experienced more issues dealing with a company

    I've never experienced more issues dealing with a company, and at every turn they send another annoyance at your doorstep and they're currently holding a transaction worth 2400 euros to serve "security purposes" for 3 days. That's a travesty particularly since their method of doing this is to prove my identity a second time and that is impossible as their link is useless Please, for the love of God utilize a different trading or wallet platform that isn't absurd.

  35. Henry Quevedo
    2 rating
    Jul 12, 2022

    Please use only exodus or cold storage

    Coinbase has been my go-to since the beginning of 2020. I've deposited over $150,000 in various currencies through the account. One issue was only one, but they resolved it in mid-2021. On June 9th, my account was blocked. I contacted support six times, but there was no response from a human and no explanation for why they've taken my money and locked my account. Please use only exodus or cold storage.

  36. Brandon Jenkins
    1 rating
    Jun 28, 2022

    I'm not sure what's happening

    In a flash, suddenly, my Coinbase account was temporarily blocked' and told to call support. If I call support, they don't give me a reason and inform me via a call to be patient with the email—my support ticket for email just close without a solution or explanation. I've had my account for five or six years. Based on the current BTC prices, the balance is worth approximately PS1.5K, and I'm not sure what's happening.

  37. Stephen Juaire
    5 rating
    May 18, 2022

    Poor customer service Otherwise, is pretty good.

    Coinbase is easy to dislike. It's centralized, no customer service, and you can only trade a small number of tokens. Coinbase has done an excellent job. They are trustworthy with my money. The platform and app work well.

    The fees aren't too high if you use Coinbase Pro. (btw, everyone should only use Coinbase Pro as the fees are lower). The CEO seems to focus on long-term success and is committed to the ecosystem's continued success.

  38. Nancy Wood
    1 rating
    May 5, 2022

    This process is completely insane

    Coinbase is a horrible company. Today I signed up and submitted my license for verification. It was successful. It asked me to repeat the verification process 20 minutes later.

    This is absurd. This is coming from someone who owns a global security firm. I do a lot with other crypto exchanges and won't do business with yours.

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