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  1. Tammy Stone
    Jan 24, 2023

    It's so confusing and insensitive.

    I set up a virtual office in Canada. When I signed up, I was not told they would charge me in USD. The invoice itself wasn’t in USD. Then, they continue to trust me on my credit card in USD. It’s so confusing and insensitive.

  2. Barbara Rahmey
    Sep 23, 2022

    CloudVO is terrible

    CloudVO is terrible. They signed a contract with me to provide virtual offices in Maryland via Carr Workspaces and then could not have mail on hand in the afternoon as they had a staff shortage. The most tragic incident happened when I had to wait in line with my daughter, who was just a few years old, for mail. The staff at the front desk told me a bizarre story: he could not get mail for an entire hobecausehat because the staff member who was working with him had gone to lunch around 3 pm. When we spoke, the tenant walked up to me and threatened to fight, and CloudVO’s CloudVO staff member could not stop it, even though my daughter stood in the middle of the street while this person threatened me. The tenant eventually pulled a stun gun from his pockets to threaten me when I could go home with my child. CloudVO management was utterly unresponsive. They handled the entire incident exceptionally poorly and then accused me of the whole incident, even though the tenant threatened my child and me with a gun before their employee. I strongly advise against the use of CloudVO for any service in any way. It’s a managed company that doesn’t take care of its customers.

  3. Andrea Moreno
    Jul 25, 2022

    This is totally misleading and unprofessional

    When I signed up, I was not told the fact that they would be charging me in USD. I set up a virtual office in Canada. The invoice itself wasn’t in USD. This is misleading and unprofessional. They keep charging me through my credit card with USD.

  4. Kyle Windsor
    May 26, 2022

    very helpful

    Initial contact with three companies about getting a virtual address was made.

    CloudVO was better than any of the other services.

    Cierra was the single point of contact and was very helpful.

    Although she had support when she wasn’t there, it was great to have one point of contact to answer all my questions.

    After I launched my search, I discovered that most of the services covered the same office suites.

    There was no need for multiple services. CloudVO was all that I needed.

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