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21 Reviews on Cliphair

  1. Laquitta Maysonet
    Jun 5, 2023

    Not published the study

    We ordered the left silver Sand hair; it was fragile and shredded a lot. I've used extensions for a few years and know how to care for the hair. I had ordered the same length from a different company. The size was much thicker than the clips. The company asked me to write a review, and I did write an honest review;w however, they've not published the study. So this is a cautionary tale, stay away from using a different business.

  2. Robert Wilkinson
    May 3, 2023

    Highly uncomfortable

    I got the package four days ago, and I've been trying to get in touch with Customer Care, but have received they haven't responded. It's a shame to admit, but this was the worst purchase in the history of hair extensions. It's fragile towards the end and is supposed to be the thickest (Supreme Four Weft Clip One Piece). It doesn't fit with my hair, and I don't have the thickest hair in the first place. The weight is just from the top (which is also not even a good fit for my head and makes me highly uncomfortable). What is this a complete expense? It was mentioned on the site that the product could increase the volume of your hair and add length, but I'm not able to increase the size by 1 inch due to the amount of hair there in the end. It begins as extraordinarily dense, and it then decreases drastically. I am fighting to get a refund since the cost was prohibitive, and I'm not someone that has anywhere between 150 and 200 euros left to dispose of.

  3. Roxanne Mills
    May 2, 2023

    Support is fantastic

    Fantastic quality. I've experimented with several different types of hair in the past, and it has awed me. After a couple of washes, some brands can become extremely dry and frizzy and take a long time for styling and a serum application to reach an acceptable state. But if I want to cut hair following a wash, I wipe it dry and then air dry using the spray they provided that is included in the free package and some serum. This makes life simpler. Customer service and support are fantastic too. Very happy with the service.

  4. Josh Ranew
    May 1, 2023

    The poor quality

    Hair of terrible quality. I purchased 120 grams of Weft less than two months back. In just two months, the hair's weight has decreased by half and length. When I scrub or run my hands through the hair, it is released as massive clumps separseparate left. In my email to the company to discuss my issues, they blamed the precarious nature of this hair on my having applied purple shampoo only once. Suppose the hair was natural human hair as they claim it to be. That shouldn't cause any problems. I've had several types of human hair extensions during the last five years and never experienced the issue. If I called customer support, they believed they could offer a fair solution to my query - to give me a 15 percent refund! I'm no longer using his extensions for hair due to the poor quality and sexiness of these extensions. Fifteen percent of the money I spent on them was unacceptable. Don't buy from this firm if you need high-quality hair.

  5. Robyn Valentine
    Apr 13, 2023

    Disgusting and disconcerting

    If you were me, do not purchase anything from this firm. 13 pounds for extensions that always matter regardless of what you do. They came out the second wash of my hair. I do not often wash my hair. Also, the one that removed my usual hair. I protested to the company, following I was forced to throw out the extensions only to be provided with a gift card or 15% of my cash to be returned. I paid Klarna 92.66 in total, but they only reimbursed me 31 pounds, which is disgusting and disconcerting for a piece of clothing that can't be used. If you're looking for extensions, I suggest you look elsewhere.

  6. Mark White
    Jan 3, 2023

    Don't buy their products!

    Could you not buy their products? After placing an order for an extension worth $300, they canceled it after just one week. After submitting a complaint, they failed to address the problem (refund/return and so on!) They don't sell high-quality products. Make sure you save your money and purchase elsewhere!

  7. Arun Murthy
    Jan 2, 2023

    Received no reply

    I resigned my item sometime in the past. I've contacted the email address provided and received no reply. They did not give me any tracking information, just that my purchase was shipped and that I should check later for more details. This was several two weeks ago. I haven't been able to get in contact with the organization. I found them on Instagram... I guess this is what I'm getting.

  8. Meghan Maasen
    Jan 2, 2023

    Don't waste your money and buy elsewhere

    Let me begin with the fact that there is no way to prove that these are human hair extensions. I've worn hair extensions for over ten years. They are the awful extensions I've bought. The wefts were extremely thin that they were the moment I started running my fingers along them, hair clumps began to pop out. My husband, who does not know hair extensions or hair, was curious as to why I purchased these instead of the expensive ones I usually buy. I tried working on them since I had already broken the hygiene seal. I wanted to tone them using purple shampoo, which I have done with every set of extensions I've ever owned, but they changed to blue and green and completely dissolved. They're not usable and are a total cost-cutting exercise. Don't waste your money and buy elsewhere.

  9. Robert H Stewart
    Jan 1, 2023

    Color match was swift and efficient and efficient

    Color match was swift and efficient and efficient. When the extensions arrived, they were right on. The delivery was quick and efficient even though the pandemic! Excellent clip-in hair and superior quality hair extensions.

  10. Rodriguez Justo
    Jan 1, 2023

    Overall, a disappointing experience

    The first order. I paid for next-day delivery since I was expecting them to arrive that day, but they were not delivered( I did receive an exchange). After about four weeks of receiving them, they begin to break apart. The wefts have split from one another. Other hairs fall out an incredible amount when you brush and when I move my fingers over the hair, many hair strands easily pull out of the weft. They are also highly sloppy. Extensions are very squishy and thin, which makes it difficult to blend. I don't think I have thick hair. You can wear the extensions for longer than an hour, and they start to mat in the side of your neck, and you have to be brushed frequently. Overall, a disappointing experience and a waste of money. I wish I had waited out a better firm with higher hair quality. I'll update you on the resolution.

  11. Gary P. Bennett
    Dec 30, 2022

    BE WARE!

    BEWARE! Hair that isn't human hair tangles and forms knots by itself, even if you apply lots of products and it doesn't aid! I took mine away after just three weeks! They aren't willing to return the hair, and they're thieves.

  12. Phil Recco
    Dec 28, 2022

    I would highly recommend them, as did my expert installer

    I tested their keratin-bonded hair (installed by an expert), after which I was awed by its double-wefted clips-in-extensions. A huge thumbs-up! Wow! They're amazing. I had them fitted around four weeks ago, and they not only appear gorgeous, but they're not curly (like the hair of some people who are cheap looks when washed) or thin. I would highly recommend them, as did my expert installer. I'll re-order from this website if I ever need an upgrade.

  13. Douglas L. Rosenthal
    Dec 26, 2022

    Very unhappy!

    The awful place I've ever bought hair extensions. I paid over PS200, and they looked pretty, but once they were put in my hair, they weren't natural hair; they were synthetic. They turned out to be terribly hair was dry and bushy after just two hours of using them.! I've Depressed! I tried to contact them but haven't yet received any response from them. Very

  14. Sabrina Banks
    Dec 23, 2022

    Quick delivery, too.

    I've had hair extensions for nearly ten years and have not had a pair that's so beautiful—excellent value for money and of top quality. I ordered one of the traditional full-head Clip-ins that are the darkest brown. I was concerned that they wouldn't be thick enough since they're not double-wefted. However, I received lots of hair. It feels gorgeous and matches the color of my hair perfectly. I will continue to buy from this site! Quick delivery, too.

  15. Robert Gray
    Dec 22, 2022

    I'll never utilize, but someone else might.

    I would like I return my hair since they're skinny and didn't suit my hairstyle when I attempted to style them. I've worn them for about 10 minutes, and they appear identical when opened. But since they've been altered once to determine whether they are good, I've been denied a return. The reason for this is not explained to you before you purchase the item. It's a new product I'll never utilize, but someone else might.

  16. Ken Hopkins
    Dec 21, 2022

    I paid PS250 for hair extensions that didn't last for a week

    I paid PS250 for hair extensions that didn't last for a week! NatuThe extensions were matched, but when I washed them with purple shampoo, it changed the color of the wings in just one wash. However, it wasn't my natural hair, as seen in the image. It's not realistic. I don't recommend i. When I contacted customer service, they only said it was real hair and did not respond to my subsequent email. ir. I'm astonished that they've failed to fix the issue for their client after naturalizing so much money. Ir

  17. Allen R. Youmans
    Dec 19, 2022

    Never ever again!

    I've tried to find my colors to match, but nobody seems interested. I sent you an email to inform you that I tried calling you using the USA number you listed to reach you, but it did not work. After I tell you this, you delete the number and mark it as a Canadian telephone number! Furthermore, you expect customers not in the UK to pay for exchanges, which is not fair! Additionally, you state that you'll send instructions for care and how to use your product, which is a false claim. Could you remove it from your photos? When I ask you questions about your education, it is explained that you have an online blog. I go to your blog, and it's useless! Your customer service is terrible. Never ever again! W so disappointed with your customer service and your business!

  18. Linda Souter
    Sep 27, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase and would not buy them another

    Human hair, as it is evident that the extensions are fragile. There is no way to say they're full head! I purchased the 18-inch extensions, and they're only 3/4 head at the most. I would've considered paying the price and bought various hairstyles if I knew how expensive they were. PS80 is a large sum you pay to get the hair you receive. I've had better clip-in extensions previously for an affordable price. I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase and would not buy them another.

  19. Joey Sellers
    Jul 14, 2022

    Clip hair is amazing

    Clip hair is fantastic. They've used their weaves for years. The quality of their hair, as well as the speed of service, is unparalleled. I can't recommend them more highly.

  20. Lynda Johnson
    May 18, 2022

    Very affordable

    Shipping is always fast! My hair is silky and soft, and I am never disappointed. Cliphair has been my favorite hairdresser for many years. I have tried both the regular clip-in's and ponytails.

    The seamless clip-in extensions are so light and comfortable that I can't feel them. They are very affordable and don't disappoint. Recommended!

  21. Shadavia Vanessa
    May 5, 2022


    They shipped me hair in July. The box contained hair that I was able to open and looked completely different from the original. I then took the hair out of the box and it was so thin. I washed it with blue shampoo (I just left it for 1 minute in a bucket with warm, water and the shampoo I didn’t apply directly).

    The hair was then transformed into three different colors: silver, purple, and silver. The hair looked like it had been bleached for hours after I dried it. I wrote an email to the company asking for a refund. They said that they would send me a code to return my product. But I didn't receive one.

    I started getting ignored by them, including my emails, Facebook messages and comments. It started falling out after I bought it. I tried brushing it several times, but it isn't possible to straighten it since it isn't virgin hair. The way they put the clips on was ridiculous.

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