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  1. David Daniel
    September 20th, 2022

    I was quickly connected each time.

    I’ve recently returned to playing (obsessing with watches) and have purchased some watches only with Chrono24. A top-quality outfit, I couldn’t be happier! I especially appreciate the purchase procedure. The site’s design is fantastic, close-up detail photos are standard, and the convenience and security of purchasing have been exemplary. They also answer the phone in case you need to contact them. I’ve had to get them several times to verify details about the wire, and I was quickly connected each time.

  2. Jonathan Fritsch
    September 18th, 2022

    Great customer service

    I’m sure my recent encounter using Chrono 24 was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in quite a while. My watch was held in Italy. I spoke to a person who was easy to reach, and they walked me through all the possible scenarios calmly and reassuringly and helped me communicate with my seller. In no way did I feel secluded. The watch was delivered and was just as described. I’d purchase another look from Chrono 24 but just with Chrono 24 if it’s for a second-hand or obscure one.

  3. Scott Biggs
    September 17th, 2022

    I am dissatisfied

    While I like the Plattform as an excellent watch search engine, I am dissatisfied with the lack of help or support in a situation where this could have been called for. Be patient messages do not help without being immediately followed up by specific notes that solve the problem. This makes it appear that there is no real help is offered. As of today, I haven’t received any message regarding this issue, and I’ve decided to close the case without receiving any assistance from the Chrono24 team.

  4. Cassiana Alves
    September 16th, 2022

    Great watch buying experience!

    I was able to find the watch I was looking for from a variety of dealers. It was easy to choose the lot’s best price and transaction bargain. After funds were cleared in escrow, the seller sent the package of the goods within 24 hours. The dealer received excellent reviews and had a good reputation on this site. Overall, it made me feel at ease making a hugely expensive online purchase.

  5. Richard Leeds
    September 15th, 2022

    I would recommend it.

    Shopping through Chrono24 was the best buying method, removing all the risks in purchasing an expensive product from a non-existent seller, perhaps from out of the country. It is essential to know that the money won’t be released until the watch arrives and you’ve had the chance to verify the clock to ensure it was “as advertised.” A wide selection of watches available on one website was a great way to understand what options are available and what different kinds of watches are typically sold for. I would recommend it.

  6. Kevin Barron
    September 15th, 2022

    Overall, I'm pleased with the experience!

    Excellent description of watches as well as clear information about dealers. The entire process was effortless. I’d like to see you mention the fee in advance instead of when I’m reaching to grab my card. Additionally, I was unclear about the sales tax the merchant could charge until the time of the actual purchase (they did not charge sales tax on my account). Overall, I’m pleased with the experience!

  7. Marisel Thomas
    September 14th, 2022

    I found the perfect watch at a fantastic mutually agreed price

    I’ve been looking at Chrono24’s website for a while. Chrono24 website for quite a bit. After researching a few selling websites, I tried their site to purchase. I wasn’t happier. Get me in touch with sellers from across the globe. I’ve spoken to various sellers, and they were prompt in getting my back with the answers to my inquiries or counteroffers. I found the perfect watch at a fantastic mutually agreed price. The purchase of an extra band for this special edition of the eye!

  8. Barbara Bryant
    September 13th, 2022

    I like using the Chrono 24

    I like using the Chrono 24. One issue I’m having is that when I attempt to pay, the transaction is processed through a service that credit card companies don’t employ. The seller or I need to call Chrono 24 to have my credit card accepted. It could have to do with the kind of security they offer. But, regardless of that, I consider it a great location to buy a watch.

  9. Tyler Graham
    September 11th, 2022

    I will definitely return for any future purchases of watches

    I have bought two Rolex watches through Chrono24 and both were fantastic experiences. Two different companies, but they both gave excellent service and incredibly prompt delivery. Chrono24’s escrow payments has made me feel more comfortable when I was making these large-dollar transactions. I will definitely return for any future purchases of watches.

  10. Melissa Hrynko
    September 9th, 2022

    My experience was excellent

    I recently bought the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso through a seller who is private on Chrono24. Initially, I was cautious, but after several messages with the buyer, I accepted the offer. I am delighted with the outcome, especially as the seller didn’t have a review or rating. I think you should be thorough and ask questions to determine if it’s what you’re looking for and if it is legitimate. I would use Chrono24 again. My experience was excellent.

  11. Daniel Rizzo
    September 8th, 2022

    It was my first experience I tried Chrono24

    It was my first experience I tried Chrono24, and so far, my experience has been pleasing. It was simple to navigate on the site, and I was delighted to find the watch I was on my wishlist. Everything seemed to be exactly as described on the site. The dealer packaged the watch exceptionally well, and the watch arrived in excellent condition. As with all things, but especially watches, it’s not easy to discern the inner workings; however, from its exterior and outside appearance, it looks exactly as I anticipated.

  12. Wendy Sheeler
    September 7th, 2022

    I had another wonderful purchasing experience

    I had another wonderful purchasing experience through Chrono24! I found a gorgeous Piaget Polo watch and felt extremely comfortable knowing that I was able to negotiate and purchase the watch from a verified dealer with no issues. There were no problems or games. Chrono24 ensures the security of both the buyer and seller by providing peace of mind throughout the buying process. The seller was highly professional, and the watch was exactly as described… I am looking at using Chrono24 again for my next watch purchase!

  13. Shane Palmer
    September 6th, 2022

    Excellent first purchase experience all the way.

    I’m in California. I admit I was a bit nervous purchasing a costly Ulysse Nardin timepiece for the first time on Chrono 24. The entire purchasing process, from start to finish, was pleasant and easy to comprehend and provided me with peace of mind for the duration. The dealer is in Italy, and the watch was delivered seven days after I paid and the customs process. Overall, I would say that Chrono 24 bends over backward to protect the customer, which is something I appreciate, in my opinion.

  14. Charles Lajeunesse
    September 4th, 2022

    I highly endorse their products to anybody!

    My fiancé bought an all-new Tudor Black Bay 58 for my “engagement watch.” With the Tudor BB58 being on backorder with most of the local ADs and dealers, she went to Chrono24 to ensure that we received the watch on the wedding (or “elopement”) day. WatchShopping (WS) served as our authorized dealer under the Chrono24 (C24) service, and both WS and C24 delivered exceptional service. They were swift and efficient, providing precisely the watch stated (in excellent condition )… and 4 to 5 days ahead of time! I highly endorse their products to anybody!

  15. Anthony Mazza
    September 2nd, 2022

    Overall, this was a fantastic shopping experience.

    I was able to get a fantastic watch at a price lower than I anticipated with fewer issues. Specific “dealers” turned out to not carry the eye after marketing it, but Chrono24 made it easy to identify and dismiss the ones that did. The buyer protection program was comforting even though I did not need it. Overall, this was a fantastic shopping experience.

  16. John Scanlon
    September 1st, 2022

    highly recommend this business

    The first time I purchased an item at Chrono24, it was an excellent experience. The selection of options and choices from the global collection of dealers is superb, as are the prices. The price is usually lower than buying a second-hand watch from UK sources. The Escrow payment method provides additional protection, especially for the first-time buyer of a high-end look abroad. I’ll use Chrono24 when I make my next watch purchase and highly recommend this business.

  17. Rosa Velasquez
    June 26th, 2022

    Excellent website

    Excellent website, but we would like to see payment delayed until the watch has been verified to be accurate prior to payment being made by the vendor. Chrono pays when they receive confirmation from the Courier confirming delivery, not when you confirm that everything is as it should be.

  18. Anthony Powers
    June 3rd, 2022

    I'll keep buying watches through Chrono24

    After reading some negative reviews and being skeptical about doing transactions with Chrono24.

    However, I’ve decided to take a risk and discover that the negative reviews appear entirely untrue.

    In light of the current events occurring in the eastern region of Europe, as well as the dealer, I have decided to stop my purchase.

    Chrono24 promptly reimbursed my deposit in total, which came sooner than I had expected. As of now, I’ll keep buying watches through Chrono24.

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