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  1. Tracy Weaver
    September 22nd, 2022

    To be honest I haven’t noticed too much

    I haven’t noticed any change in my energy levels or anything similar. I’ve felt more annoyed since I began using these supplements, but I’m not sure if that’s an accident or an unintentional thing. I will finish my supply and observe what I feel when I stop taking it.

  2. Steve Sobey
    July 23rd, 2022

    It is the very first product that actually works

    This supplement is fantastic! It is the very first product that works. I was hoping to see no improvement in my performance until the 90 days were completed. I started to notice changes in my fitness performance after 2 to 3 weeks! I’m an older bodybuilder (69) and require all the help I can get so my body is fully healthy!

    I am grateful to my man Jesse Kelly for convincing me to test this product. I ultimately believe in everything he recommends, and I’m not kidding! He’s the “Real Deal.” I’m a client for the rest of my life! My appearance and physical health are my main priorities!

  3. Ray Edward
    July 4th, 2022

    Customer service of high quality and speed

    I work as a traveler and have left the Men’s Vitality Staq at home. I visited a few stores, but guess what? …? There was nothing in the store about CHOQ products. I emailed CHOQ to find out what I could do in Chicago to buy something. Within two minutes, I found the option to text the company and call them. Lyric T, a representative for CHOQ, replied that she had responded to my email – 2 minutes had passed since I had sent the message! She assured me that I would not be uninvolved unless I got more of them to be shipped. A quick and friendly service that I appreciate. What other companies are trying to contact us one day? …? Luckily, it was just three days, and I’m currently back with the company CHOQ.

  4. Derek Bleiler
    May 20th, 2022

    Feeling tired and sick Choq

    I’m sick and tired to hear the same old choq and choq this. This page is supposed to raise awareness about IG. All I see is Coq. NO. This is not to make you money. You should limit your profit margins.

    You’re a shill. You are out to make money and lots of it. You rip people off. People don’t have money. You are giving them medication for all they have. If you are trying to help, consider paying for the medication.

    My family has 4 members. I make 15k per year, and have very little savings. You can have what I have, yet you still make millions. Take a look at their tax returns to see how profitable Choq is. Only the wealthy can provide for their families.

    Poor people can’t survive if these elites, the pedowoods and pharmas keep them in debt. Now, choq, who claimed to be helping us, are sabotaging us for all we have. You are a shill.

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