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  1. Kent Bingham
    May 5, 2023


    Useful. We've tried several times to find a babysitter or a childminder in various stages of necessity. It has always helped us get someone lovely and superior to searching for someone within the local Facebook group.

  2. Theodore Beck
    May 3, 2023

    It is so simple

    I've loved using It is so simple to get in touch with potential new parents. I have also had the opportunity to connect with the new staff members.

  3. Miguel Pernalete
    Apr 14, 2023

    Absurd and ineffective

    I am unsure of the best way to utilize this site as a parent to locate the right childcare provider that my girl can trust. There is no way to contact them. in contact with a small number of users. A FAQ informed me that I could call support for assistance to increase the messages I could send out to a free member. However, I was told I could not connect with other free members. I must wait for members with gold membership to reach me, and if I wish to communicate with more individuals, I must be a gold member. What is the best way to sign up for my interest and determine their contact information if I cannot reach them? And why should I have to pay for a connection with individuals? This seems to be a little absurd and ineffective site...

  4. Jon Davis
    Jan 31, 2023

    What a horrible approach to helping! ​

    The whole process of registering to find a childcare service was a sham! The website refused my registration details even though it was valid NHS email address, and the NHS documents were not accepted. The company said it was a scam! The site claims it's to help NHS employees! What a horrible approach to helping! If I could award zero stars, I would!! ​

  5. Justin Evans
    Jan 28, 2023

    This was the most effective site

    This was the most effective site I found to locate childcare. It would be great in the future with more boxes to check to narrow the search—for example, current in recent weeks, number of years of experience and fees, etc.

  6. Morrison Edwards
    Jan 25, 2023

    They are incredibly kind.

    Every day, the Evolution Nursery staff has tried their best to ensure the best care for my daughter. My daughter had difficulty speaking due to the beginning of her life. Now she's made significantly improved. The entire staff cares for my daughter, and I want to thank you. I truly appreciate all of the teachers. They are incredibly kind.

  7. Parthasar Sridharan
    Jan 22, 2023

    Excellent experience

    We've rented three times through and have had an excellent experience. It's a simple, user-friendly site with straightforward navigation. Gold membership costs are affordable given the number of applicants available (at the very least here within London).

  8. Rabin Pant
    Jan 21, 2023

    Childcare.Co is so user-friendly and practical

    Childcare.Co is so user-friendly and practical. I could find precisely the kind of service I wanted in just a few minutes. This is the top site for parents who are busy searching for reliable and verified help in the area of childcare!

  9. Robert M Reynolds
    Jan 19, 2023

    This is a scam that has ruined the experience

    You cannot cancel your subscription unless you are connected online and have an exclusive link. This is a scam that has ruined the experience. It took several weeks for customer support to send me the link finally.

  10. Barry Kohlhoff
    Jan 17, 2023

    Childcare is a simple market that is highly efficient

    Childcare is a simple market that is highly efficient. We once used it to locate our nanny and have since returned to it. It could benefit from additional tools to help with the interviewing process, from the intro call to in-depth shortlisting and contracting; however, the basics are in place, such as messaging and search, and parents and candidates.

  11. Hope Gardner
    Jan 14, 2023

    Very simple to use

    Very simple to use. Many individuals are listed, making it an excellent gold mine for childcare professionals. We've used it numerous times because our needs have changed. I will always go back!

  12. Robert T Harrison
    Jan 8, 2023

    I will always go back!

    Very simple to use. Many individuals are listed, making it an excellent gold mine for childcare professionals. We've used it numerous times because our needs have changed. I will always go back!

  13. Eric Wilson
    Jan 6, 2023

    Thank you so much for sharing x

    I would recommend Naomi. We are amazed at how she took care of our three girls, aged 2,5 and 8 when I needed to make an urgent visit to the A&E on her first day! Naomi could find all the answers and get along well with the kids despite not having had them. She was also able to help them bake a fantastic chocolate cake with hearts to celebrate returning home. We were sad that she's relocated to a different area and hope she has an excellent, beautiful would love to have the same ideas for games and entertainment for children! Thank you so much for sharing x

  14. Elaine Freese
    Jan 3, 2023

    It's an excellent research tool for children's care

    It's an excellent research tool for children's care. I do not give it five stars because it restricts the number of caregivers who can contact employees. I am aware that it could be a form of spam. However, as a parent, I need to make use of the most available options.

  15. Danny C Taylor
    Jan 1, 2023

    The site is brilliant

    The site is brilliant. There is a wealth of information for professionals, and it is a fantastic way for parents to locate the required services. The app isn't helpful to use. It allows parents to search for the information they need. As a childminder, I would like to use a few available resources through my mobile because it will be more convenient to manage my day.

  16. Ryan Malley
    Sep 21, 2022


    Awful, I paid the Gold Membership, and all three of the people I spoke to never ended up being able to babysit; they booked with them and disappointed me at the last moment! Also, they'd not paid anything for joining childcare. One said they had never conducted an official check on the children! I'm shocked that could get away with this, charging customers without formal assessments or interviews with advertised people. Don't take out a loan for this type of service. I've joined an alternative that covers all of this and never lets you down.

  17. Albert Stone
    Jul 1, 2022

    I've met some incredible individuals

    This is the site where I was able to get immediate assistance when I was in desperate need of assistance. I highly recommend this source. I've met some incredible individuals through this and I will continue to use this in the near future as well.

  18. Chris Brammer
    Jun 11, 2022

    Excellent for childminders

    As a childminder, all my parents' minds have come across me via this site.

    I am a Gold member who covers insurance and training webinars.

    This is thought to be a great price. I can upload my documents. examines Ofsted registration and training certificates before transferring them to my account.

    I decide who can access the documents highly recommended.

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