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Is Channable legit?

Channable has 26 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Channable customer care?

You can contact Channable customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 0302600821

Where is Channable located?

Channable is located at address Drift 17, 3512 BR Utrecht, Netherlands.

26 Reviews on Channable

  1. Andrey
    1 rating

    Disorganized Support and Lingual Challenges

    Dec 9, 2023

    Support is not organized well; phrases that are in Dutch can be discovered. Support for technical issues will be available to you for quite a while, but they aren't tasked with solving the problem; they provide a link to Sathya. A solution could take a few weeks. Apathetic and indifferent staff are employed at this site.

  2. Debra Wood
    1 rating

    This is acceptable

    May 20, 2023

    I'm unable to figure out what's wrong. However, I've had a strange experience dealing with this firm. I'm an Amazon seller, so I try to contact them to find out how they can assist me in listing my products, or If they've got any other deals that might help me, I'll explore the possibility. Their site says, "Get contact for Demo So I called. I attended a conference with Rodney. There were a ton of inquiries, and he even asked questions did not require his knowledge, yet we didn't perform a demonstration; he told me that at the beginning of our meeting that the company's system is compatible with the clients. This is acceptable, and we set up another one for the following week. When the time for the meeting arrived, I added it to my calendar and waited until he contacted me. He didn't! I contacted the company two times, and they told me the employee was at work and would get back to me. I got an email today that he sent last night, entirely unrelated to how we discussed it and what I told him. I sensed that they had no idea about marketplaces or eCommerce. They're just an Ads Campaign company, and under the label of "Marketplace integration,' they take the seller's information. That's not a good idea for me.

  3. Mayra Garcia
    3 rating

    An expert to assist with your issue

    Apr 10, 2023

    If you're lucky enough (like I did) to have an expert to assist with your issue, technical customer service can be highly efficient and helpful. But their documentation does not contain information about many problems and scenarios you might face. A suggestion of Channable is to gather the cases and create guides and documentation on these bottlenecks, as well as issues that could occur during standard campaign setup or feed optimization. In general, the support provided by Channable is prolonged, and no particular priority is accorded to any specific type of customer (according to the spending amount, etc.)

  4. Sarah Helm
    1 rating

    Testing isn't a possibility

    Jan 3, 2023

    Testing isn't a possibility. First, modify everything and upload the feeds, etc. Then, like many other sites, the message says that you need to pay to keep the service. You could also try activating and testing your plan without committing to any service.

  5. Paul Noire
    4 rating

    A delightful company to collaborate with

    Jan 2, 2023

    A delightful company to collaborate with. Friendly, knowledgeable customer service and the wait time has increased in recent times. The order links might be less expensive in particular because the tracking codes on aren't fully synchronized. But Channable is a cut over its rivals.

  6. Joanne Kupsis
    3 rating

    There's certainly an opportunity for improvement

    Jan 1, 2023

    Excellent software if you know how it functions. However, understanding the system isn't easy for marketers. When I reach out to the customer support department, they attempt to assist me, but each time I receive an individual who must look into the issue again. There's certainly an opportunity for improvement

  7. Catherine Jones
    2 rating

    The tool works fine

    Dec 31, 2022

    The tool works fine, but your monthly bill increases without notice because of a temporary increase in items. No communication is provided about this, and after purchasing products, they cut the number of your invoices two times.

  8. Joseph glandon
    1 rating

    Avoid dealing with the company's fraudsters.

    Dec 30, 2022

    I've asked for help numerous times since I didn't know the system and do not want to exert any more effort, and the company believes that explaining it one time is sufficient. Avoid dealing with the company's fraudsters.

  9. Cheryl Andrist
    5 rating

    Support is swift and reliable

    Dec 28, 2022

    Channable is a powerful tool for making feeds for all sorts of uses. It requires some time to learn the program. Fortunately, support is swift and reliable, and I can make the feed work the way I want without any technical know-how.

  10. Don Krawecki
    4 rating

    It functions beautifully and effectively

    Dec 27, 2022

    It takes a while to set up the the channel. It's challenging to master this fully and install it within a single day. However, they provide helpful customer service that assists and helps you with your questions. After it's installed, it functions beautifully and effectively!

  11. Nell Wirtes
    5 rating

    They were extremely accessible

    Dec 26, 2022

    We love being a part of Channable! We appreciate expressing our appreciation and gratitude for Saskia Hoekstra and Jesse Franken! They were extremely accessible and helped us with the integration with Zalando. Integration isn't always straightforward; thanks to their support, we've solved the issues and are now fully operational! We are now working on the integration of other channels! ;)

  12. Sarah Jones
    5 rating

    It's simple to set up

    Dec 25, 2022

    Channable is a part of our day-to-day work; we use it frequently for various API connections and feeds. Channable has set it up in a manner that it's simple to set up, and even if you cannot find the answer, help from the support department is on hand to assist in setting up your project or to help you with errors. We'll continue to use Channable for many years, and we wish the team well!

  13. Terri Bolen
    4 rating

    A good interface

    Dec 23, 2022

    A good interface, even though some marketplaces aren't fully integrated. The tech support team is helpful and can help you solve your issues. I would recommend it!

  14. Diane Rose
    5 rating

    It was a wonderful experience

    Dec 22, 2022

    We've had an excellent encounter working with Channable, particularly Rhudy, who has been instrumental in organising our data feed. They're quick, responsive, and diligent when it comes to ensuring that their actions be in line with the latest best practices and meet our business requirements. Ohudy gave us additional suggestions regarding how we can better organize the feed. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I look at the future with great anticipation of working with them!

  15. Lionel Harrel
    1 rating

    Slowest support ever

    Dec 11, 2022

    Slowest support ever. I've been trying for over a month to connect to Amazon, and it is running smoothly (Woocommerce is faster than Amazon). The bills continue to come in naturally. Support is not as fast, many businesses depend on these connectors, and we need to grant access to lots of users to our Amazon account. If anyone is reading this review on Channable this review, it is relevant to the client FITNEST EUROPE.

  16. Laura Magnus
    1 rating

    I've got more significant issues

    Dec 10, 2022

    I had planned to become an account holder. However, I should look deeper. After five phone calls, I haven't been helping (no response). I think I've got more significant issues if I'm a customer who has a problem.

  17. Emeline Wolfe
    5 rating

    Provides excellent support

    Dec 9, 2022

    Great Feed Manager tool that provides excellent support and lots of options. It is necessary to spend a little time learning the possibilities. However, the staff is helpful and ensures you can accomplish what you want!

  18. Douglas Raymond
    1 rating

    I received excellent information

    Dec 8, 2022

    I received excellent information before the switch and good support during the installation. However, it turned out that I still had to purchase extra add-ons and a more expensive subscription. When I decided to cancel the subscription, I could not do so immediately. According to Channable, I should have read the small print more carefully.

  19. Chintana Manisuk
    5 rating

    Great App

    Dec 6, 2022

    Great App We are making feeds on Instagram Shopping, Pepperjam, and Google Shopping. The helpful, quick, and professional customer service team has assisted us in getting things working and is readily available when we require assistance. I would recommend Channable!

  20. Geri Cassidy
    5 rating

    The most efficient tool for managing

    Dec 5, 2022

    The most efficient tool for managing feeds available. Because of its (logical) rule-based system and its connections with all sorts of platforms, it's truly adaptable and an ideal supplement to any marketer's toolkit.

  21. Lois Crisp
    5 rating

    Various companies works efficiently

    Dec 4, 2022

    Channable facilitates the integration of multiple sources of information into one trustworthy source. The interface is intuitive, and creating feeds for various companies works efficiently. With Channable, you can make meals on your own without waiting for the change request to be taken care of by developers.

  22. Leanne Wiertzema
    5 rating

    Top-quality service

    Dec 2, 2022

    You receive top-quality service for a reasonable cost. The support team quickly responds and will consider each detail needed to answer your question. Additionally, they complete the job soon and inform you of the procedure.

  23. Wesley Bailey
    1 rating

    The entire channel experience is too complicated

    Sep 23, 2022

    The entire channel experience is too complicated, and the help function is not even a bit of help. A bot that "bot" seems to misunderstand most of the issues; there are no live chat options, some helpful links do not work, etc., etc. Channable is a company that leaves customers independently with question marks after question marks. If I sent a message to seek assistance, I received these messages straight from the email. They then sent me the following message "we would not fix things for you" and "we expect customers to do the solutions themselves." You must be an IT specialist to deal with the changeable.

  24. Scott Stone
    4 rating

    Great customer service

    Jul 22, 2022

    Great customer service. Response time is usually excellent. The problem is that you are always working in a live setting. This makes it hard to keep feeds up-to-date. The commitment of the support staff is always very high.

  25. Maurice Booyink
    1 rating

    Support team were frustrating

    May 19, 2022

    Terrible customer service, terrible technical support, and the senior technical support team were frustrating me for over a year.

    They blocked my account after explaining my frustrations to them instead of understanding.

  26. Michael Schuler
    5 rating

    Excellent Feedengine, Great Support, Good Prices

    May 6, 2022

    Channable is highly knowledgeable about eBay, which was very useful for our setup. This software is used to synchronize our eBay shop data. Overall, it works well. However, there are some limitations regarding individual attributes that we cannot import into eBay via Channable.

    Although the software is not inexpensive, it is very affordable compared to other product information management systems. This is a huge asset to the company! This was a significant plus.

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