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17 Reviews
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17 Reviews on Castle Hill Fitness

  1. Madilyn Greene
    5 rating
    Apr 14, 2023

    Everyone is friendly

    I'm happy that I found my most-loved fitness center located in Austin. It's got everything I'll need to do my routine exercise. The place is always tidy and never overly busy. Everyone is friendly. Parking is never an issue.

  2. Carla Strand
    4 rating
    Mar 22, 2023

    I used to go to this gym for a few years and thoroughly loved it.

    I used to go to this gym for a few years and thoroughly loved it. I only canceled my membership when I moved into a house with a gym and could not afford the price. This is where you can get all the gym facilities without any hassles. The classes were friendly, and th,e trainers were well-informed. I'm always concerned about parking everywhere I travel, but they'll provide the user with a parking permit that allows access to nearby spaces. There were only one or two occasions when I needed to park a long distance from. Even then, it's suitable to exercise when you go for a workout.

  3. Richard Ruth
    5 rating
    Mar 21, 2023

    I am looking forward to working with him again

    I practiced three or four mornings with Juan to practice Ashtanga yoga while visiting the town during my holidays in Austin. Juan has a tremendous depth of understanding. He provided me with excellent advice, which I have continued to follow and continues to increase my balance and strength. I am looking forward to working with him again! Facilities are excellent as they are eco-friendly and tidy. One day I needed to wash my mat and was surprised to see that they were using essential oils. Bravo!

  4. Chris McIntire
    5 rating
    Mar 19, 2023

    The ambiance is perfect for me.

    The ambiance is perfect for me. It's not crowded as well as the sound is there; however, it's not too loud. Also, I am amazed by the never-ending climbing wall! The people I've enjoyed working with have been helpful and attentive to my fitness goals.

  5. Eric Lang
    5 rating
    Mar 17, 2023

    The cost is worth it to have this facility.

    The cost is worth it to have this facility. I have never had to wait long for weights. The people who attended were pleasant and helpful. Also, LGBT-friendly. Never felt uncomfortable. They were extremely accommodating and had a cancellation policy. They offer everything you need for a simple exercise.

  6. Phil Chitarra
    5 rating
    Mar 16, 2023

    It's the most enjoyable gym I've been to.

    I've been attending this gym for about a month and am enthralled, not even to describe it! I've been in love with the variety of classes they offer, the most important thing is. The entire staff is amiable. It's always clean and never too busy. I wish I had started earlier because it's the most enjoyable gym I've been to.

  7. Walter Smith
    4 rating
    Mar 15, 2023

    We can't wait for you to experience the climbing wall

    Friendly and Well Equipped Gym! I am in the first week of their two-week trial and have been very pleased with my experience. They have everything you'll need and many more! The cycling classes are demanding but also fun. The Pilates equipment is top-of-the-line! The instructors are competent, energetic, and eager to assist! The staff members will even be willing to help! Ellipticals, rowing machines, and treadmills each have their televisions. We can't wait for you to experience the climbing wall!

  8. Chris Durso
    4 rating
    Mar 14, 2023

    This is an ideal spot to go with your friends.

    I was fortunate to have the pleasure of attending a couple of yoga sessions at Castle Hill and found the location extremely welcoming and accommodating. I'm not a big fan of the site. However, the area of Lamar is quite crowded all day. If you're in the area and can take a bike or walk, this is an ideal spot to go with your friends.

  9. David Kanagie
    5 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    Classes are great

    I just completed a free 30-day pass. I'm so impressed that I'm considering ending the Pure Fitness membership and jumping into Castle Hill. This facility is excellent. Classes are great and fit into my work schedule since they typically have an evening class at 6:30 and 7 pm. class for those who cannot leave the office by 5. They also have some excellent gym equipment, such as their continuous wall of rock and rope climb. Both are fun and offer fantastic exercise.

  10. Anthony Mingione
    5 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    Highly recommended

    If I could offer six beginnings, it would...This gym is truly a jewel. It is far superior to other gyms I've visited, and I've been to many gyms—Lamar Street. The space is ample, well-maintained, and has beautiful areas for various workout routines and friendly room spaces. Fantastic equipment to use for Pilates as well as Wall Yoga; lots of apparatus for floor exercise as well as a spa in the center. The Westlake location also features a pool (relatively small) along with a hotel that is a pleasure. Both sites are home to just enough traffic that is not too crowded, and the energy is high. They will give you the Visitor Passes package for those who want to test the facilities. Highly recommended

  11. Carolyn Cathey
    5 rating
    Mar 10, 2023

    I am a massive fan of this gym.

    I am a massive fan of this gym. It has fantastic facilities and classes, and everyone is so friendly! Great massages, personalized training, and a soup peddler included (yum). The number of reasons I like Castle Hill could continue. I was in the gym for many years but decided to leave Austin (it was among the aspects I was missing most when we relocated.) When I returned to Austin, I visited several other top-of-the-line gyms, but none could match the quality of Castle Hill. It is a true locally owned and operated gem of an exercise facility.

  12. Mark Krantz
    4 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    They are a little costly

    They are a little costly, and I would like to see more weights for free, but they are great when you're interested in many classes. I am walking within the stance of my workplace, so there's no reason not to work out after work.

  13. Dan Sandgren
    3 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    I wish I had been suggested to look at other gyms

    The price of $27 for a day pass was undoubtedly overpriced for the services provided. A tiny weight room was used for convenience. Felt like a rehabilitation gym. I wish I had been suggested to look at other gyms.

  14. Donna Selander
    4 rating
    Sep 24, 2022

    Fantastic yoga and cycling classes

    Top three fitness centers located in Austin. It is right in the middle with Pure Austin and lifelong fitness in terms of fitness and levels of expertise of instructors and staff. Clean. Friendly instructors. Fantastic yoga and cycling classes. Parking does not meet expectations. ....

  15. Howard Evans
    5 rating
    Jul 29, 2022

    It's a great atmosphere and a wide range of people

    I've been attending Castle Hill on N. Lamar, and I love it. It's a great atmosphere and a wide range of people, from young to seniors, all exercising in a relaxed atmosphere. My special thanks to my trainer Laurie Rourke.

    I've been a client of hers for many years. Not only is she great at helping me meet my fitness goals, but she has also been a massive help in keeping me healthy as I've grown older to ensure that I remain active.

  16. Brenda Maldonado
    2 rating
    Jul 11, 2022

    Sad day

    Sad day. I've been a member of the company for over three years. I'm sadly deciding to leave because of two negative experiences in the last few months, and it's not worth the effort required to plan and manage additional issues after you're there. The organization seems to struggle to create value for its customers in the wake of its pandemic. What's the most important to ensure customer satisfaction in these uncertain times and not knowing what the research suggests regarding how the virus is spreading. I could take a walk outside and enroll in more specific classes, etc., and have more options instead of paying $100 per month for this. It was downtown. Perhaps Westlake is more suitable. Best of luck.

  17. Ryan Scribner
    5 rating
    Jun 4, 2022

    Ensuring the best possible experience for everyone

    I've been living for my training sessions on Castle Hill! I joined in recent epidemic times and am now addicted to the gym's model and the community.

    The staff at both locations are accommodating, aware, and mindful of safety, ensuring the best possible experience for everyone.

    The gyms are divided into pods secured for half an hour, so that contact is not as frequent and equipment, areas, and other equipment can be cleaned after and before use.

    In a time where physical and mental health are essential to survive the chaos, it has been a blessing having Castle Hill as a safe and comfortable space to get it all done.

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Two locations are located in Austin. Castle Hill Fitness is a one-stop-shop for your health and fitness needs. The location offers the best of both worlds extensive gym facilities with boutique-style classes and workshops, a knowledgeable and friendly staff, spa and wellness services, and hands-down, the most supportive health and fitness club in Austin. Do you need a little help? The personal trainers at our gym, Pilates instructors, and fitness coaches are ready to assist you!

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