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4 Reviews on Carpenter Surveyors

  1. Brechan Prydddach
    September 29th, 2022

    The report was not satisfactory

    The report was not satisfactory. I paid a reasonable amount for the building survey but received no further information on the property. All the information was general, and there was nothing specific that I hadn’t already gathered by looking at the property on my visits. In addition, I had explicitly asked for a variety of items to be considered, which was discussed several times via phone. This was one of the main reasons I chose to pay for the survey rather than the survey for buyers – but none of the details regarding my specific requests was provided. After reviewing the report, I’d have been much better off paying nothing for it or having it done in the first place since it is not made any difference to my knowledge regarding the property.

  2. Robert Bratlee
    July 19th, 2022

    I highly recommend

    The experience I have had working with Carpenter Surveyors has been excellent, starting with the initial contact for a quote until I received the final report on the survey. They’ve provided a prompt and courteous service that is always responsive and gives me ample opportunities to inquire about issues.

    As a first-time customer, I found it particularly beneficial that they provided additional details as part of the quote, which included specifics on the various types of surveys and the best way to determine the most suitable. This was not something I’ve seen from other companies, which greatly benefited me!

    I highly recommend them and would certainly return to them in the future.

  3. Sophie Spencer
    July 5th, 2022


    One of the primary objectives of a surveyor is to assure you that the home you’re buying isn’t affluent and has no severe flaws; this surveyor won’t give you peace of mind.

    The issue we faced, in general, was a leak for an extended period which was not discovered by the inspector, who was hidden behind a bath panel. The bath panel is designed to remove it using your fingers, sitting quite loosely against the bathtub.

    This is a requirement by the RICS guidelines that govern how they claim to be competent. For a more than PS1000 survey, the surveyor did not consider looking behind the bath panel. Does this sound worth your money?

    In addition, the issue was relatively minor. I think they could have had the ability to cover the cost of resolving the problem and still earn a decent profit from the survey.

    Did the person conducting the survey admit that they made a mistake? Nope! This is the reason you hire an expert surveyor! They’ll point out generalities and ignore suggestions like “Check all seals, grouts, and plumbing.

    What do we pay PS1000 to do if not you, to ensure everything is in good order? What layperson can tell if they weren’t working correctly? Look for the problems and record them in the report.

    In my opinion, this business is incompetent and dangerously unprofessional. I believe you’re likely to receive an inferior and inexperienced assessment of your home. If the survey is unsuccessful, they’ll argue that any generalization implies they are not responsible.

    I think adding “Make sure to inspect everything inside the home could be an excellent get-out-of jail-free-card for these folks when it is added to the report at the end.

    I erroneously thought that since I paid more for the surveyor, I would likely receive better service.

  4. Selina Golsa
    June 13th, 2022

    the biggest purchase of your life

    Emma and Susan went above and beyond for us, and we couldn’t be happier choosing them for our survey.

    We booked a complete structural/building survey for one house and then had the vendors from hell. We lost that home in the end, and the team felt our pain and kept a slot for us every week until we found a new house which is just ultimate customer service.

    The survey was so detailed, and the aerial photos were fantastic. To be able to see the roofing and guttering and therefore knowing exactly where to focus our attention is priceless as that will ultimately protect our house.

    We had some concerns about potential subsidence, but Ian put us at ease with his detailed report.

    The building survey is worth it as you get a more detailed list of items, recommendations, reasons to maintain or fix something, and how often to do it.

    Ian got into every nook and cranny of the house to check for all issues and put our minds at rest.

    We could not have asked for a friendlier and more professional team, and I recommend it without hesitance. For the biggest purchase of your life – this is the team you want at your side.

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