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4 Reviews

4 Reviews on Carpenter Bus Sales

  1. Martin Verdeyen
    September 29th, 2022

    Mike made everything easy

    As an employee at Goodpasture Christian School for over six years, I’ve been fortunate to work with Mr. Mike Brasher. I didn’t have to be worried about any aspect. Mike made everything easy.

  2. Barbara Bevins
    July 19th, 2022

    A great company

    Mike Brasher was a lot of assistance in not only choosing the best car for us but also cooperating with us on the financials and the delivery. A great company to do business with. Good Job, Mike…

  3. Chris Cucchiara
    July 5th, 2022

    Highly recommended!

    I deal with many vendors. Some are excellent, while others are not so good. Sometimes, I come across companies with which I have been in business for a lengthy period. Carpenter Bus is such a company. Brian George and the staff have been excellent! Highly recommended!

  4. Ben Robinson
    June 13th, 2022

    fantastic price

    We saw approximately 12 people go to Carpenter Bus Sales to look at the latest buses.

    Mike Brasher was our sales agent.

    He allowed us to test drive several buses, offered us his thoughts on the buses, guided us in the purchase process, and was extremely helpful with our purchase of a new bus.

    We eventually purchased an all-new bus that was a demonstration and got a fantastic price on it.

    It also came with a couple of extra options that happened to be put in.

    We required USB outlets to be installed, and Mike handled this with the service department and ensured the installation was done correctly.

    We are incredibly pleased with our new car.

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In 1953, the company was founded. Carpenter Bus Sales has always been amazed by the ability to offer our customers a top used or new bus that is the best in the bus business.

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