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  1. Kevin Quinn
    September 21st, 2022

    If I had to rate it a zero-star rating

    If I had to rate it a zero-star rating, I would have signed up for about a year ago but ended up canceling because I could not locate anyone who could use their services. I posted on their website, but nothing was received, so I canceled the service. In August of this year, they charged me again! I didn’t sign to their benefit. It was impossible to reach a phone number that would allow me to talk to someone about the unauthorized charge. I looked on Google for a phone number but could not locate any number I could call to discuss the order on my account. I called my bank and had them take the necessary steps to cancel the charge. The bank representative suggested a second time balancing their platform. I reset my password to access their platform. They told me to meancel after seeing the chargamounty account statement. There is a reversal. I was charged a second time through My bank claimed that they had evidence that I canceled within a month of the charge. The problem is that I had not signed up with after I got charged back in August. How do I know when to cancel my account if I didn’t authorize the charge? My bank has now told me that I must show proof that I didn’t enroll or prove that I canceled my account about a year in the past. Now I’m meant to deal directly with My understanding was charged with no my consent.

  2. Bernadette Mann
    May 20th, 2022

    terrible feature

    It’s funny. Nearly every negative review here is about auto-renewal. This is a terrible feature for any company website.

    This is misleading, and it can be challenging to find a place where you can cancel your automatic renewal service.

    What about giving customers a heads-up before automatic charges are made to their credit cards? This is a scam. It’s not true. has been my go-to service for years. I have paid all of my fees, and even though I had canceled in good time, they refused to refund me.

    They refused to change their minds when times were tough, with inflation in every area. I refuse to use this service.

  3. Steve Mayer
    May 4th, 2022

    Do not trust Katie Klein as your nanny

    Warning: Katie Klein (Katherine Klein) is a dangerous girl. She is a nanny, even though she hasn’t worked as a nanny in many years. She is also extremely violent. She is the most selfish, evil person I have ever seen in my entire life.

    It would help if you did not consider hiring her as a nanny. She has a history of attacking strangers, attacking me, my friend, and even attacking her mother. Even more frightening is that she will be having a baby in just two months.

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