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  1. Chef Costa
    Jul 27, 2022


    While shopping online, I saw the price of television, which was $54 per year. When I was done checking out and called to find out that it was $164 per month. I’m left with no choice but to choose the 90-day pay-off option to avoid costing nearly $2000 for television that costs $700.

  2. Manuel Orduno
    Jun 26, 2022

    Favorite service

    You can find everything you need, whether for your child or perhaps for yourself. I am always on the internet to find these platforms and companies where I can purchase everything I need. Maybe I suffer from being addicted to shopping because I realized that I also often wish to buy something. In any case, this is my top choice since it offers a variety of items for every kind of event and even for you. When I first came across it, I believed it was an ordinary business similar to Costco, but now I’m not looking for something that interests me.

  3. Anonymous
    Apr 14, 2022

    Customer Service Didn't Mention

    Despite saying they would refund the rental fee and waive it, I was still charged for the camera, which I do not own. …. I was asked to reapply to waive my fee. This was done and approved. However, no response from customer service. They claim that the return fee was explained, which it was after the expense was incurred.

    Customer service didn’t mention it before returning the item, and they don’t acknowledge that I spoke to customer service before returning any items to confirm the requirements. I’ve been charged 210$ for an item that I do not own ….. I will continue updating this review ….. for all the headaches I went through for an article I held for less than 48 hours. I will update my review once the situation is resolved.

    EDIT: I am being unreasonable when I followed your instructions to remove the rental fees ?….seemingly, I have been charged more than the rental amount up to this point, and with the slow response I’ve received, I’ve been more than agreeable. I am a busy person and can’t wait to be contacted. Perhaps you could give me a time frame or offer something more reasonable than the attitude and hassles I have been experiencing. It would seem that a customer being charged continually for an item they don’t own would be a priority.

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