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13 Reviews on Burnt Hair Perfume

  1. Nero
    Aug 29, 2023

    I have been waiting for a year and there's still no update.

    The robot keeps replying the same message but I cannot fking refund. Is it a scam? Can I sue the company and complaint to it?

  2. Lisha
    Jun 19, 2023

    It hasn't shipped

    How are people reviewing this fragrance over 6 months ago, it has not shipped yet to most. I am still waiting on mine.

    1. Jeff
      Jul 3, 2023

      We were early tester of the perfume!

    2. Uruburus
      Jul 3, 2023

      Most of reviews are fake

      Same thing i have noticed. knowing that those people have made a PRE OREDRS. and ir was clearly metionned that the products will be only delivered on the Q1 2023.
      thanks for your comment.
      I dont know why other people are commenting with lies.....

  3. Schehrzade Syed
    Jan 2, 2023

    I like that his hair burns

    I haven’t smelled it but I like that elon suffers for being rich

  4. Jeff
    Oct 21, 2022

    Elon Musk Burnt Hair - amazing product

    Absolutely stunned by this smell. It is so good! I would gladly buy this again. I can't stress enough how important it is for perfume, both men's and women's to last, and this perfume certainly does this so well. It lasts for more than 12 hours for me

    1. Jeff
      Jul 3, 2023

      Beta tester!

    2. Lisha
      Jun 19, 2023

      When did you receive your bottle?? you really got yours before most...by 6 months??

  5. Jackie Marriott
    Oct 21, 2022

    Elon Musk is a marketing genius

    Elon Musk is a marketing genius. I hope his technology will allow for better transportation for billions of people one day. Last time, he raised $3.5 by selling "Not a Flame Thrower." These are simply collectors.

  6. Jemmy Robert
    Oct 20, 2022

    The cologne perfume

    This expensive perfume costs 100$, but the smell only lasts long for an hour or two. The cologne perfume is only meant to last long for two hours. Think twice before ordering. These guys are lurking on Twitter for low-investment and high-return strategies.

    The people are so dumb buying. I am not saying Elon isn't a bad guy. He is an inspiration to the world but following him blindly isn't idle.

  7. Meena K
    Oct 15, 2022

    Poor experience.

    It's been three months since I placed an order for the burnt hair, and I was required to pay over 100 dollars for delivery express (supposed to take between 5 and 10 days according to them ) ...but there's nothing in the process of being delivered, and .....the order hasn't even been delivered. But I've sent an email to customer support and received no details regarding my order...I would not recommend paying to have your order delivered expressly. It could take a month or more to receive an express shipper and delivery ..... poor experience.

  8. Fiseton B
    Oct 15, 2022

    Burnt Hair. Gutted!

    Boring Company or Tesla, whoever owns this perfume brand, is providing the worst experience. I paid more than the standard price for the perfume only for the order to arrive with an unsealed box, lid open. Why should people pay premium prices for knock off looking perfume bottles? Never again, and I advise people to stay away.

  9. Shrua Nig
    Oct 15, 2022

    Rude haughty customer service staff!

    I misplaced an item from my order. When I called to make the necessary additions, I was told to make another order, and they'll reimburse the delivery cost. Despite completing my order, I haven't received a refund for the delivery price! Prices are more expensive than other UK suppliers, and shipping takes a long time, even though they charge $7.95!

    I purchased Burnt Hair which was more of a missed than a success in terms of quality. The silicone inserts were not glued properly, so I had to re-seal many of them, even though they cost a lot more than the other brands.

    At that time, I was in a state of panic because my preferred supplier did not have stock. However, in the future, I'd be patient and wait to have my order dispatched within 48hrs and delivered free of charge.

  10. Andrian
    Oct 14, 2022

    Burnt Hair is the best perfume from the Tesla!

    To the point that it will exceed your expectations in line with the price range. The fragrance is mild and has seven hours. I am delighted with the sweet scent even though the brand name is not enough to satisfy. You should consider the product without hesitation.

  11. John Frong
    Oct 14, 2022

    A very bad fragrance!

    An update to the previous review regarding my purchase of burnt hair perfume fragrances their fake assistance was nothing in the resolution of my issue, and I demand a refund! I informed them of my current infirmity and quarantine. This left me unable to return the perfumes in mini bottles without a WiFi printer or assistance to take the item to UPS!

    Their time-bound schedule of return this morning left me with little time to complete the return! I was hoping to give the fragrance set away but then realized that the item may create a woman to suffer an uncomfortable bodily reaction when exposed to scents.

  12. Minirn G
    Oct 14, 2022

    Horrible experience with boring company

    Horrible experience. The order was to purchase a perfume bottle with the correct billing and shipping details. Received an AVS match and a Zip Match and accepted the transaction through Chase Fraud. Burnt hair perfume sent me an email stating that the order would stay on HOLD until I supply a "6-digit merchant authorization number."

    Chase bank didn't know about this and the information I wanted to get. After two phone calls with Chase Bank, as well as two calls to perfume.com, I eventually placed them on the phone together; Chase did not know what they wanted.

    The customer support staff on Perfume.com were helpful. They kept telling me to follow up and that we must offer this code, which isn't there.

    In 2022, have you heard about an experience for shopping online as good as this? So, I'm looking forward to the "Billing dept" contacting me. I'm sure they'll request the 6-digit authorization code.

    It's my very first and only purchase from this company.

  13. Anonymous
    Oct 14, 2022

    Burnt Hair by Boring Company is a fragrance is bad

    The boring company is terrible at customer service, especially in the delivery of items purchased, and there are no other options to reach these people unless they're willing to. I was required to put in a negative review of the burnt hair to be able to obtain my goods.

    My stuff wasn't delivered until six weeks following the review. I received my perfume the following day and was informed that they didn't have any stock and didn't know the timeframe would be... I'm not sure I believe the people who are doing authentic advertising. I would not purchase from them.

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About Burnt Hair Perfume

Elon Musk a 51-year-old World's richest man has taken the product launch seriously by updating his Twitter bio as “Perfume Salesman”, though the perfume thing started as a joke. The perfume is stated as “the essence of repugnant desire” on The Boring Company website, where the fragrance is available for purchase. The perfume will ship in Q1 2023, according to the website. Musk claimed through a tweet on Wednesday that the number of Burnt Hair bottles sold is 10,000. As of 2022, Musk has a net worth of $219 Billion.

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