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9 Reviews on Book Outlet

  1. Wendy Cope
    May 29, 2023

    A significant increase

    Mailing one book was a significant increase in cost and delay. Local customers who are not commercial picking up pre-paid orders is a good idea for both Depot and the customers. An open-air box could be sufficient because thieves tend not to attack books.

  2. Zenta Palreiro
    Apr 12, 2023

    Damaged in the worst way

    The majority of the books were damaged in the worst way. They should've been listed under Scratch or Ding. I would expect books from Overstock to have remnant dots and tiny tears and scratches, but that's fine. However, four books I bought included rips, gouges, cracked corners, and spines. If I'd wanted a reader's edition, I would have purchased the hardcovers rather than spending on Collector's Editions.

  3. Robert Gimre
    Jan 18, 2023

    Excellent books at a reasonable price!

    For me, a lover of books, this is among my favorite places to buy books. Excellent books at a reasonable price! I've even found Textbooks here. I love it! It is a long time from purchase to delivery. It may bee is a bit too lengthy, but.

  4. Charles Stout
    Jul 26, 2022

    I supervise students in the library of our college

    I supervise students in the library of our college. I make sure to buy senior class a decent essential cookbook. I discovered exactly what I was looking for through Book Outlet, a site I found while looking for a specific cookbook.

    In addition to the price and discount for new accounts excellent and quick, the books also arrived promptly and in perfect condition. While I'm new to the statement, I'm sure this will be my favorite site to buy any book! Thank you!

  5. Randie Sockrider
    Jul 16, 2022

    Shipping is extremely slow

    I believe the prices are great. However, shipping is extremely slow. The tracking information offered through Book Outlet did not match the tracking information provided by USPS.

    If your information indicated that the books were already at my local post office and the USPS tracking showed that they were not yet receiving the package (until three days after), it took the next day (before I got my books.) Receiving the package in less than one week would be ideal.

    But, the items are excellent, and the price is great! I've learned to place a purchase two weeks ahead when I'm on deadlines.

  6. Pamela Kline
    Jul 9, 2022

    False representation I received my purchase and it wasn't brand new!

    I received my purchase and was told it was a NEW Bible. Bible ordered it was expensive Calfskin leather that was not sealed, boxed, or wrapped and was just put in an envelope for shipping.

    The Bible had a few minor scratches along the gold edge on the upper; however, nothing would be considered significant.

    The NEW NKJV Study Bible comes in a factory box. It should have been described by the words "Used, Like New, No Box" The Bible was supposed for a retirement present.

    I called "Debbie" as I was also charged tax, and in Texas, Bibles aren't taxed. Debbie was kind enough to note that this Bible did not have an option next to it.

    Debbie also reminded me that I must have applied to be tax-exempt before making my purchase. I was looking for this information just in time to make a graduation present. It was Sunday, and there was no option to contact anyone about the tax-paying website.

    After sending Debbie an online hyperlink to the Texas comptroller's site to determine the items that should not be taxed, Debbie did credit my tax of $5.06.

    However, she advised me that this was a one-time deal...and if I wanted to take back the Bible, I was required to pay the return shipping. A further $10 was a waste of time and effort.

    Sure that Bibles aren't the primary focus of this business. In my experience, I usually purchase Bibles. If they say NEW, they are sealed and then packed in a BOX or wrapped inside a CLAMSHELL. I'll stick with an established supplier for any future purchases of Bibles.

    This WAS NOT a NEW BIBLE but a Used, Like New or Excellent Condition. If you decide to purchase from this business, inquire about the item and do not assume anything.

    I would consider it to be like eBay. But it is true that with eBay, you are sure of what you're getting and can ask questions and view images of the product.

    If there are issues with your purchase and the item is misrepresented like this one, you may make contact with eBay for assistance, and either the seller will rectify the situation. But not so the case with Book Outlet.

  7. Officer Riley
    Jun 28, 2022

    The shipment was damaged when it arrived

    The shipment was damaged when it arrived. The delivery company had to put tape on the back to ensure the box was intact. When I opened the box, I was shocked to find no packing material. They were being used for "packing material." One of the paperbacks was bound with a bendy cover, and the hardback was severely damaged. I would suggest taking an honest review of the shipping section of your company.

  8. Joe Noonan
    May 14, 2022

    A great place to read for a low price

    This site is a great place to read for a low price, except it contains too much fiction. The books arrive in good condition and well-packed. Sometimes side markings can be a problem when purchasing gifts.

    Due to reduced staff, it can sometimes take up to a week for orders to leave the warehouse. We hope that things will return to normal soon.

  9. Krystian Zawadzki
    May 10, 2022

    Get the Best Deals on Books That You Really Want

    This is the right place to find books, hardcovers, paperbacks, trade paperbacks, and library bindings. Books may be overstocked from major bookshops, but they haven't used copies. Except for a small crimped corner and price sticker, these books are in great condition.

    Every book has a tiny dot on one side of the paper that indicates it is an overstocked title. However, you won't notice this if your books are stored. This is the perfect option for people who love hardcover books, but don't want them to cost more than $40 each.

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