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6 Reviews on Bokitba eBooks

  1. Christoph Schubert
    5 rating
    Jan 18, 2023

    I'm extremdelightedthe purchase

    My school advertised its textbook at $180 (e-book and paperback), and I bought it on boktiba for just $60. The e-book is of good quality (not blurry or pixelated), and considering the weight of the physical book and heavy, I'm extremdelightedthe purchase. My only issue is that Boktiba said I'd get my book within 24 hours. However, it arrived about 3-4 hours late.

  2. Donna Squires
    3 rating
    Jul 26, 2022

    Bokitba is an excellent service

    Bonita is an excellent service for students like me. However, some problems must be resolved. I checked the availability of some books and then purchased the premium subscription.

    Then they would not be able to honor my subscription since the request was placed before I had signed up. Sometimes, it takes more than 24 hours to send out books once I've made the payment.

    I was skeptical about the credibility of the site at first. However, I am confident they will honor their side of the agreement.

  3. Jason Ross
    5 rating
    Jul 16, 2022

    I would recommend it to any student who needs college textbooks

    I was browsing Reddit searching for the books I needed for the last semester and this semester. I came across a thread which said bokitba could assist me in locating the books I needed in pdf format, which is what I like. I decided to give it a go, which was much more smoothly than I had expected!

    So far, I've purchased two textbooks for my grad university from Bokitba, both of which were authentic PDFs and the edition I required. Bonita has saved me a lot of costs on books, and they delivered them fast! This is my final semester at school. I would highly recommend it. However, I would recommend it to any student who needs college textbooks.

  4. Ginette Bilodeau
    4 rating
    Jul 9, 2022

    Digital delivery was the next day, but it was well worth the wait

    Digital delivery was the next day, but it was well worth the wait; I saved around $150 off the medical text (yes, that's in one book, that's what it costs to purchase an article I'll never read in the future!) I was initially nervous, but this is an essential service, so expect to receive your digital book the following day (their FAQ says they will deliver within 24 hours; however, mine was later.)

  5. Eddie Hill
    5 rating
    Jun 28, 2022

    It's quite a great bargain

    I've been searching to find the text for several days. If I didn't find Bokitba and I could not find it, I would have to pay $150 to purchase the book. At first, I was wary of buying an Ebook online for the first time. I read reviews and decided to give it the chance to try. I received the format in PDF after around 12 hours and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. I will likely sign up and receive additional ebooks through Bokitba. It's quite a great bargain.

  6. Dominick Butler
    3 rating
    May 30, 2022

    Excellent service

    Bonita is an excellent service, but I have some concerns. I had checked the availability of books before I purchased the premium subscription. Because I had requested before I signed up, they wouldn't honor my membership.

    Sometimes books take up to 24 hours to arrive after I've paid. Although I was skeptical at first about the legitimacy of their website, I have come to trust them that they will keep their word.

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