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6 Reviews on Boat Specialists

  1. Robert Latney
    Jan 24, 2023

    I will never purchase anything

    You have your outboards in stock on your site, so I placed an order. A week later, I called to request an update. The technician told me that my engine would not be ready until April. It is in December, even though the website announced that the machine was in stock. I will never purchase anything from you again and advise anyone to buy anything from you.

  2. Kim Stacey
    Nov 19, 2022

    The shipment arrived in good order, exactly as I expected.

    The inflatable dinghy I ordered wasn’t available; I received an individual phone call to update me on the order’s status and notify me of the expected delivery date. The shipment arrived in good order, exactly as I expected.

  3. Roger Butler
    Nov 8, 2022

    The experience of buying and receiving support was extraordinary

    The experience of buying and receiving support was extraordinary. The delivery was excellent until they left me a 200lb pallet on my driveway. The boat measures only 9 feet long and weighs 100 pounds. I was expecting them to bring the pallet with them. However, I was shocked that it was not returned, and I was forced to get rid of it, which was a challenge for such an enormous piece of wood.

  4. Carolyn Beale
    Sep 22, 2022

    I was not happy with purchasing

    Outboard. I was not happy with purchasing a brand new Yamaha 40HP. The outboard arrived but was not ready. I waited several hours to set the outboard up on my pickup, only to realize that the keys were missing. I had to remove the outboard and replace the tiller handle to have the keys to the outboard. I mounted the outboard on my boat, hit the ship’s launch at Newport Beach, and launched the race only to discover no oil in the outboard. It was my fault for not checking. The dealer didn’t solve many of these essential things.

  5. Jenn Burton
    Jul 4, 2022

    Highly recommended!

    The delivery was quick, the quality was exceptional, and every contact between the staff (by telephone and email) has been excellent. The team has been quick to respond, very helpful, and highly recommended I Buy a Zodiac Cadet 350 Alu in Sep 2020.!

  6. Daniel Hong
    Jun 10, 2022

    grateful for the professionalism

    We bought an inflatable one, an inflatable Zodiac Cadet 270 RIB (aluminum floor), and we are happy with our Nordic Tug around one year back.

    Since then, we’ve bought a few parts and improvements to our boat.

    We’ve been impressed by the quality of service. We are grateful for the professionalism, understanding, and time, as well as the effort and hospitality their staff (Adam Kevin and Adam Kevin, for instance) have shown in speaking to us about our needs and concerns and providing us with expert advice as well as working help us get our orders even though we’ve been on the move with our vessel.

    I would recommend it to a friend, and I will not do this lightly.

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Boat Specialists offers yachts by Sea Fox, Avon, Achilles, AB, Zodiac, and Inmar Outboards made by Yamaha, Tohatsu, Honda, and Torqeedo.

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