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3 Reviews on Biotivia Health

  1. Mary Fanzutti
    September 22nd, 2022

    The service has been sporadic

    The service has been sporadic. As a subscriber, we would like to see reliability, but I’ve not received my items lately. I can understand the occasional glitches, but it’s the 2nd time in a row that I’ve experienced issues getting my order. The products are great and I rate five stars, but it depends on being able to use them. Them, them , them

  2. Nancy Maloney
    July 23rd, 2022

    their products are fantastic and produce results

    I am a big fan of Biotivia because its fantastic products produce results. I’ve used BioForte for more than 20 years. After a week, I experienced an improvement in stamina, better sleep, and easy getting up. It increased my metabolism, which made my workouts more efficient.

  3. James Mayfield
    June 11th, 2022

    There are numerous delays in service, but it works.

    It’s been my experience taking Pteromax for around eight years. I had four concussions in my youth that hampered my cognitive capabilities.

    I noticed a shift when taking Pteromax for a couple of days. I felt more alert, could evaluate information better, and gained confidence in my capabilities. I did not reach my maximum potential.

    And to top it all off, I began playing guitar five years ago and am an average intermediate player who is getting better daily.

    Thank you so much for Petromax. I’ll be using your product throughout the remainder of my time. The only thing I have to complain about is that even though I get a monthly delivery automatically,

    There are numerous delays in service, but things work.

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To allow Biotivia to create an item, there must be an overwhelming amount of solid scientific proof proving that a natural substance (or a combination thereof) can provide essential health benefits. Our formulas are built on extensive studies and collaborations with academic and scientific communities.

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