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2 Reviews on Beyond BookSmart

  1. Marella Wilson
    July 14th, 2022

    Our teen has worked with an amazing coach

    Our teen has worked with a fantastic coach for several years. They have developed a great friendship which has helped our child become more articulate and deal with various issues.

    As an adult, I have enjoyed the honesty and clarity of subsequent reports.

    They often provide me with the chance to talk about specific issues together with my son in a manner that is clear but not threatening.

  2. Dylan Adams
    May 24th, 2022

    An unforgettable experience

    Michael at Beyond BookSmart was a great mentor and friend. I had the best high school experience from 2009 to 2011.

    His attention to detail and his ability to break down seemingly impossible tasks into manageable chunks taught me so many things about managing my time and how to take on larger projects.

    Beyond BookSmart helped me feel confident and competent in handling any challenge I faced in college and the real world. They are a great team to work with!

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Since 2006, the nation's leading expert in Executive Function coaching has served students and adults. Our coaches assist clients in discovering their motivations to be more productive at school and work by sharing our deep understanding of how behavior change works. Online coaching is available to individuals to help them manage their time, energy, emotions, and plan. They also teach people to be more self-aware, prioritize and organize, make better decisions, and self-advocate.

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