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Is Beyond BookSmart legit?

Beyond BookSmart has 10 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Beyond BookSmart customer care?

You can contact Beyond BookSmart customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 844 337 5455

Where is Beyond BookSmart located?

Beyond BookSmart is located at address 460 Hillside Avenue, Needham, MA, USA.

10 Reviews on Beyond BookSmart

  1. Jermaine Bishop
    1 rating

    Why I Canceled Within The First 2 Sessions

    Aug 30, 2023

    Why I Canceled Within The First 2 Sessions

    - No systematic method: never seemed to be a plan for how the coach would assess where I am now, specific achievable goals, or how BBS could help me get there

    - Not personalized: The coach worked from assumptions rather than understanding my unique challenges through dialogue or people who know me.

    - Overpriced: Not willing to pay $156/ hour (session) for what was a weekly accountability session. It is tantamount to profiteering from people who are vulnerably approaching the company for help.

    Why I would not recommend (Bad business practices)

    - I was promised that the first session would be a free 15-min discovery call with my coach. The coach went over that time w/o consent and charged me $156 anyway.

    - It became impossible to get someone on the phone once I requested a cancellation.

    - I was reimbursed less than logically expected with 0 explanations or opportunity to consent. Ultimately, I was charged $182/ hour (session).

    For those looking for help:

    I recommend trying out some of the many more affordable options. Worst-case scenario, you end up with a similar service while saving yourself a few thousand dollars.

    Back story if you are interested:

    I was recently diagnosed with ADHD as an adult after soliciting the test from my doctor upon realization that the challenges I was facing in my academic and professional roles throughout my entire life revolved around Executive Functioning.

    I hated the idea of relying on solely or permanently on medication so I immediately began searching for a therapist/ coach. After viewing several options that were much more affordable (Shimmer, TalkSpace, etc.) I settled on BBS/ Smart Work Coaching.

  2. Emily Comstock
    5 rating

    It is possible

    May 4, 2023

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about Stone and his needs. Once that connection is built and established, it is possible to help him manage his daily things.

  3. Joseph Kniece
    5 rating

    The coach was terrific.

    Apr 14, 2023

    The whole process of being connected to the coach was terrific. Each step was clearly explained, and my coach has been beneficial by helping me to identify my weak points and create methods to take small wins and build upon them. Highly recommend it to neurodivergent those looking to discover ways to improve their lives!

  4. Chris Weible
    2 rating

    I'll rate this coach with zero stars.

    Jan 21, 2023

    The system's efficiency is determined by who the coach is, not the BBS system itself, as it is described. BBS can match coaches beforehand, but potential clients can't get an accurate idea of the expertise that trainers expert trainers my son has during the summer before going to college. He was with the same coach for the first two weeks of the fall semester. There was no noticeable improvement, and the session reports from the coach were not specific (even when our son had consented to us having access to the BBS), and it was difficult to discern the issues. After only a few sessions, he got a different coach (this time, we understood how to assess better). It was as if it was night and day.
    Additionally, the improvement continues to improve. The coach who is second in line deserves five stars. I'll rate this coach with zero stars.

  5. Lynn Mahoney
    4 rating

    My daughter was at the pre-contemplational stage of seeking help

    Dec 31, 2022

    My daughter was at the pre-contemplational stage of seeking help. The first coach was not very helpful. However, we switched coaches, and the new coach was more engaging and was my daughter at ease; it would have been a great help. I was irritated by the model of subscription they employed and then complained about the cost. However, they were accommodating in listening to me and making things perfect. I believe they're trying to be a good team. I think that working remotely isn't the best option, but it's what we must do right now.

  6. Jessica Carballo
    5 rating

    I am convinced I would not be at this stage in my life

    Dec 24, 2022

    It's difficult to explain the positive impact my time beyond Booksmart accurately has had on my personal and academic growth. In contrast to a tutor or an instructor, the method that Beyond Booksmart employs to coach students addresses the root causes that cause an unmotivated student initially. I've experienced that by personal experience, as I've had numerous tutors before coaching; still, none were effective until my coach showed me methods to organize my time, learn effectively and set and achieve goals. While seeing a dramatic improvement in my performance was rewarding, the confidence I built in myself, and my talents went beyond academic success. I am convinced I would not be at this stage in my life at the time I did without the help of book smart.

  7. Martin Ross
    4 rating

    I'd give it five stars!

    Sep 26, 2022

    I was not involved with the intake. My husband Dave was, but the doctor was very highly impressed. He likes the idea of a report on Michael's improvement. If we can get started and look at the results, I'd give it five stars!

  8. Marella Wilson
    4 rating

    Our teen has worked with an amazing coach

    Jul 14, 2022

    Our teen has worked with a fantastic coach for several years. They have developed a great friendship which has helped our child become more articulate and deal with various issues.

    As an adult, I have enjoyed the honesty and clarity of subsequent reports.

    They often provide me with the chance to talk about specific issues together with my son in a manner that is clear but not threatening.

  9. Dylan Adams
    5 rating

    An unforgettable experience

    May 24, 2022

    Michael at Beyond BookSmart was a great mentor and friend. I had the best high school experience from 2009 to 2011.

    His attention to detail and his ability to break down seemingly impossible tasks into manageable chunks taught me so many things about managing my time and how to take on larger projects.

    Beyond BookSmart helped me feel confident and competent in handling any challenge I faced in college and the real world. They are a great team to work with!

  10. Debra Sprengel
    5 rating

    Amazing experience!

    Jan 1, 2022

    The experience I have had working for Beyond BookSmart has been a truly amazing one. Our trainer was patient enough to "get" my kid; my daughter is often timid around strangers. My daughter has benefitted from using tools and strategies that help her keep organized, plan her time, and start. She currently manages her homework independently and studies with minimal support; however, I appreciate most that she knows when she needs assistance and how to accomplish this! Although it's not a cheap service, I believe it's worth the cost.

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