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9 Reviews on BBC News

  1. Valentin Valcu
    Jan 22, 2023

    Poor quality journalism

    When I am watching Euronews this morning and the Live coverage from the World Economic Forum, I ask whether I can find these on BBC. It’s not the case. Poor quality journalism and a bias toward the sport. This is a good illustration of how the channel cannot provide live coverage of major world issues.

  2. Maria Bennett
    Dec 2, 2022

    This is an entirely self-serving and biased company

    This is an entirely self-serving and biased company. There are no reports, BBC opinions given, not even severe information on the news that should be on the front page (for instance, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine). Instead, the BBC market itself and treat the British people as stupid fools and have over-paid presenters who are ego-driven. It’s about time the BBC was put in the same pit as dinosaurs, and ped stopped allowing them the right to rob funds to finance 1diiots such as Liniker and Kunnsberg and Kunnsberg. It’s utterly ridiculous. I’d rather watch the EU news and am a Brexit vote.

  3. Richard Knights
    Nov 27, 2022

    they're not pleased with this

    BBC news, you’re an absolute shame. There is a conflict in Ukraine that has many casualties every day. Many are conscripts who would not like to serve in the army. What’s the story on BBC today’s news? There’s an upcoming football championship in Qatar that does not allow gays. Who are those on the BBC interviewing? Gay and LGBTV individuals about why they’re not pleased with this. It’s their country, and if you disagree with their laws, it’s their issue. BBC If it came to my fault, I’d shut you down in a flash.

  4. Nicola Taylor
    Nov 26, 2022

    BBC are far worse than daily newspaper arsewipes and the daily mail

    BBC is far worse than daily newspaper arsewipes and the daily mail. They are highly right-wing bias reporting issues reported from 2022 to 2020 and are ongoing. A prime example of disturbing coverage comes from Leciester among Pakistani and Indian cricket enthusiasts. However, the BBC put an Islamic spin on it to claim it was Muslims opposed to Hindus! They’ll twist any facts to fit their right-wing agenda of bias. It’s no wonder that people have stopped paying the fee for licenses.

  5. Sarah Hobbs
    Nov 11, 2022

    BBC News staff are radical Socialist awakes!

    BBC News staff are radical Socialist awakes! Their coverage of the news is wildly biased. It is all about the wants and desires of the lowest 20% of people in the UK, The uninformed, the insecure, or the less smart, who live off benefits from the cradle until the grave. They are covered from wall to wall by the demands of those who receive benefits, food banks, etc. All day long.

    An example of this is the constant coverage of the wants and needs of tenants. I’ve seen on numerous stories on the UK market for rental properties that they’ve got guests representing tenants and tenant-rights organizations such as Shelter and Shelter. Still, they do not have anyone representing landlords and developers of property. Landlords are constantly portrayed as greedy.

    Tenants are consistently praised, and landlords are constantly criticized. It’s a great illustration of how, on every channel, the BBC promotes a radical socialist-Marxist agenda. The BBC’s well-off staff do this because they’re on the government’s payroll. They’ve never earned any profit in their lives and do not have respect or concern with the commercial or entrepreneurial sector.

  6. Nigel Cooper
    Sep 27, 2022

    BBC South today has become woke and leftist

    BBC South today has become the most progressive and leftist program. They criticize their white English heritage and will always interview a non-white first and possibly the next. They’re anti-tory government and Brexit, but they keep insisting on climate change—biased and unacceptable reporting. I don’t have an issue with them interviewing black or ethnic minorities, but why can they always ask them to be interviewed first? The only acceptable reporter is the reporter for the transport, Paul Clifton. The evening’s program has begun precisely as stated.

  7. Chris Martinelli
    Jul 20, 2022

    they're knowledgeable

    There are some exceptions. Locally-owned radio stations appeal more to me than national stations. My team’s name is Notts. However, I am too far away to go to matches [the nearest game could be more than 200 miles round distance and over 200 miles round trip.

    The website provides me a crucial link, but why do Notts matches always appear last on the list? They’re not the last in alphabetical order; however, even though they’re in Div 2, they’re in the top tier. Commentaries are fantastic: they’re not mentioning names, but they’re knowledgeable and write beautifully.

  8. Jesse Sanchez
    Jun 27, 2022

    Commentaries are fantastic

    My team’s name is Notts. With some exceptions, the local stations on the radio are better than their counterparts in the national media. However, I am far enough away not to be able to attend matches (the closest fixture is more than 200 miles round distance and over 200 miles round trip.

    This website has a crucial link, but what is the reason Notts games always seem to be at the bottom of the list? They’re not in the top position alphabetically; however, even though they’re Division 2, they’re in the top tier. Commentaries are fantastic: they’re not mentioning names, yet they’re knowledgeable and can describe beautifully.

  9. Daniel Davies
    Jun 7, 2022

    You can't trust that the BBC to be objective

    In my initial conviction, the BBC tried to provide unbiased and reliable reports on recent events.

    However, after some research, I find that this is not the reality.

    There is a distinct tendency to favor conservatives in all aspects of politics and an apparent disdain that borders on hatred for those who support nationalism.

    I am sorry to say that I have lost faith in the BBC and, unfortunately, there is no star alternative for my choice.

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