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  1. Luis Garcia
    Jan 20, 2023


    Barclays is down, and the customer service is terrible at a local branch and when calling. A plethora of incompetent people. Don’t be surprised when they quit the phone in a hurry and do not call you to follow up. In addition, they will ask you the same irritating questions you’ve told them once, and they will put it on their face. These people are opposed to their jobs but have to work for the pay. Beware!

  2. Brenda Hinson
    Aug 17, 2022

    It's okay banks

    It’s okay, banks. I believe it’s easier to visit an office and pay! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pay for transactions due to the numerous fraudulent checks.

  3. Peter Cave
    Aug 13, 2022

    customer service isn't great

    Hello! I am trying to solve the problem regarding my son’s bank account in the second week. The bank is acceptable. However, customer service isn’t excellent. The card was delivered, but no pin was present, contacting customer service and having to play the same tune every time. Is there someone in the area?

  4. Helen Fransson
    Aug 9, 2022

    There are far better banks in the market

    A decent bank, but I decided to leave. They had a lot of branches close to me, but in the past few years, they’ve been dropping like flies. The customer service is good. However, I was a bit dissatisfied when they stopped my account after having been with me for years. Let’s face it. There are far better banks in the market.

  5. Linda Elzy
    Aug 6, 2022

    I receive an unintentionally small fraud charge

    I don’t have any amount on the CC, and every month, I receive an unintentionally small fraud charge from a strange internet-based business. They keep changing the demands and delivering the cards with new numbers. However, I have more important tasks to do with my time rather than constantly monitoring a CC that I don’t even use! I tried calling Barclays’ fraud line Barclays and WAS on hold for precisely one hour before I decided to hang up.

  6. James Gardner
    Aug 5, 2022

    It's a complete sham

    As the bank has become more automated, customer support has fallen to the toilet! It’s never been fantastic. If you call for an inquiry, you’re informed that you must make an appointment. I’m busy and shouldn’t be walking back and forth between town for an issue that could have been addressed there and then. It’s a complete sham.

  7. Derek Brown
    Aug 1, 2022

    This is the worst customer support

    I’m not sure how they’re still in existence. This is the worst customer support all over the world! The accounts are frozen whenever they want, with no reason, and when you attempt to resolve the issue, it can take months. Astonishing bank

  8. Delilah Gonzalez
    Jul 28, 2022

    the worst customer service

    It’s hands down the worst customer service you’ve ever received. A new security feature makes the application and online banking unusable! You can’t log in even if your information is correct.can’t make use of mobile sentry in the application or pay via the app! You’re then instructed to call them. Then you’re offered the luxury of waiting 45 minutes as a cue to talk to an actual person…and do you know what the plank did.. pretending that he couldn’t hear me, and then hung on the phone.

  9. Karyn Greer
    Jul 28, 2022

    Worst customer service ever

    Worst customer service ever. My credit card was blocked, and I needed it to be removed as I needed to use it urgently. Chat started on Barclays. It took nearly 3 hours, and the team could not find a solution.

  10. Bill Brownen
    Jul 26, 2022

    Sheer incompetence

    After my wife’s death, I contacted Barclays to make the necessary changes to her account. They froze my account, canceled my Visa card, and canceled all standing orders and direct debits on my account. This happened on the day that I was supposed to be able to pay the funeral directors for their services. The person in charge at Barclays’s branch Barclays branch (since shut down, naturally) was very much ashamed of what they had done at the head office and expressed her displeasure to me on my behalf. I didn’t hear anything for several months before I got a call on Sunday at lunchtime. I was asked about my issue. I was sent an unequivocal letter a few months afterward. This was it. I didn’t mention the charity that was informed through Barclays that I was deceased and that the donations I made would fall under the control of my wife, who died.

  11. Rupert Leepow
    Jul 20, 2022

    1 star is given to those customers service agents

    One star is given to those customers service agents who are being led by bad management. My friends and I have been Barclays customers with private and business accounts for many years. Before the pandemic, we observed an increase in the standard of customer care. As we have come out of the pandemic and they appear to have completely forgotten how to provide customer service at all. I’ve had a constant problem for more than three years. If I had to say that Barclays used to be a leader in Customer Service, I’d call it Miss Conduct, and Inconsistency. is a better term to use. My business accounts are currently with Natwest because they offer more attentive Customer Care and won’t make up stories. My charges are also with them. A note for Barclays Management – Customer Care is not a division. It’s an integral part Of Life!

  12. Janice Montgomery
    Jul 17, 2022

    They will steal your child

    One trust fund for families is Barclays Company. After 16 years of paying back, we received less back than the money paid in growth? What kind of growth? Less, and now I and all the family members of our daughter, who they stole off future families, and everyone who ever talks about Barclays will be warned about this. Don’t invest in Barclays. They will steal your child.

  13. Gary Bernardo
    Jul 12, 2022

    Don't make a bank transaction with Barclays

    Please don’t make a bank transaction with Barclays; I’m trying to find a different bank. I’ve been calling for two hours and without a response. It’s complete chaos. Staff cuts and ignores the issue. I can’t wait to rid myself of these fraudsters. PS Don’t go into the stores because the smell is everywhere and everything you touch is covered in dust.

  14. Viviana Ferro
    Jul 9, 2022

    Not impressed

    Online banking isn’t secure, and I would never use it. It is too long to converse with an actual human. I can’t even deposit money into an account that doesn’t have Thierry’s bank detail. If there was a problem or someone else was careful and did not give Vbank any flaws, it could make the process more complicated and even lead to fraud. Do your supervisors ever think? Not impressed in the least Please remove that horrible automated voice and recruit more employees!! Stupid and irresponsible Idea.

  15. Clifton Johnson
    Jul 5, 2022

    Absolutely awe-inspiring!

    Awe-inspiring! Unattainable to contact this card! Since they canceled my previous card, my card hasn’t come in a week! There is no one to talk to! ….Terrible outrageous service. Completely frustrated. I want to change to an exciting bank!

  16. Patti Myers
    Jun 28, 2022

    Absolute trash service

    Absolute trash service. I needed to discuss my home insurance policy, but none of the telephone number options worked. Contacted the Premier account customer service number – was informed of a 20-minute delay after going through about ten menus. Ineffective. I am slowly moving my money away from Barclays, and they don’t have the right to my business.

  17. Rebekah Amelia
    May 14, 2022

    A great bank

    Barclays has been my bank since 2016, and I have not had any problems.

    They have always responded quickly to any issues I have had and helped me with financial advice.

    The app is intuitive and simple to use. I also love the fact they offer online video banking.

  18. Mark
    Apr 21, 2022

    Do not recommend Barclays

    They don’t seem to have anyone on staff. My account was reviewed over six weeks ago. During those six weeks, someone told me “there’s nobody to talk to about this” phone and in person every day. I was told that I would get an email within seven days to answer any questions.. but nothing came six weeks later. I gave it more time.. called them to confirm that my account was closed. They said they would send me a letter with no explanation. I tried to open another account at another bank but was rejected.

    YET, Barclays won’t allow me to speak with someone so that I could at least understand what was happening with my bank. Barclays is the only bank I’ve talked to who said they were not surprised by this. Absolute joke and fixation on a company. I’m supposed to move house in the next week and have no other way of doing it now. Because of many “we can’t speak to you about this” idiots. I am so mad at how many times I have been kicked out of the shop in the past two weeks. I’m 29 years old, and they refuse to give me a bank account!!

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