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13 Reviews on BAC Transportation

  1. Lynn Whitelaw
    1 rating
    Jun 6, 2023

    The vehicle is not accessible

    If I had the chance to give the people I mentioned less than one star, I'd. I spent over three hours trying to find a vehicle suitable for my wedding day, which should be one of the most memorable days in our lives. Deborah was the person who answered my call at first and was trying to assist; however, she had only been working for a short time or did not have any training. For every query, she had to place me on hold to ask another person to answer the questions and return them to me. Then she gave me a quotation, and after I phoned to provide my credit card details (obviously, as it is being said, but I was placed back on hold), she returned and informed me that the car had already been rented out to someone else. I requested to speak with the manager. Another gentleman contacts the manager on the phone, who informs me that the vehicle is not accessible and suggests he find me the bus. I was reluctantly given no other options. I took it, only to learn that they would charge nearly $240 more to use the bus. I informed him that I didn't believe it was appropriate and all they could do was honor the cost they gave me for the initial vehicle. Then he says he has no power to reduce prices and must contact the supervisor. The call is put on hold for more than 10 minutes. Once I was back online, his first words were, "Oh, I thought you hung up the phone already." After placing me back on hold, the third caller came onto the line and introduced himself as the manager. He informed me that the car wasn't even available. Deborah shouldn't have quoted me initially. Because of this error, the manager said he would be willing to pay me $15/hour. Sorry, but I'm not sure that's helping me. After wasting hours trying to find transportation, this was an enormous loss of time. You should do yourself a favor and choose a different supplier. If you select these vendors, your planning day will be a colossal disappointment!

  2. Christina Mendez
    5 rating
    May 5, 2023

    This was life-saving

    I delivered my baggage from the airport. This was life-saving, and they ensured my luggage was there before I had to leave to head to my next destination.

  3. Finn Ramsvik
    5 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    Amazing team with great communication all the time

    They are a fantastic team with great communication all the time. They are available all year round and suggest everyone use their services—the top service in Alaska.

  4. Alan Mortimer
    5 rating
    Nov 26, 2022

    Excellent service!

    The driver contacted me and informed me they were there, and my bag was handed over safely and courteously. Excellent service! They brought the bag I ordered via Alaska Air that didn't make it onto my plane (I had a 15-minute layover, which wasn't anyone's fault).

  5. Tasaduq Hussain
    5 rating
    Nov 23, 2022

    Great customer service

    Alaska Airlines contracted with this business to transport my lost or delayed luggage. BAC informed me via text that they would be on their way, and they arrived less than 25 minutes after receiving the message. I am impressed by how BAC keeps customers up-to-date and updated by text. Great customer service.

  6. Brian Long
    4 rating
    Nov 20, 2022

    I appreciate your help

    The review with four stars is for the arrival of my bedside medical toilet returning home. It is unrelated to the departure or appearance of any baggage when I reached Taiwan, and nothing was delivered. I'm waiting for an answer from Alaska Airlines regarding this and being reimbursed for the expense of calling my lost baggage phone number that I was charged each time I needed to contact them. I'm still waiting to hear about this issue from Alaska Airlines. I appreciate your help,

  7. Diane Allman
    4 rating
    Nov 17, 2022

    I would have given them five stars, but they were 10 minutes late to pick us up

    Five stars to the lovely big van they took us to the airport, along with a professional driver. I would have given them five stars, but they were 10 minutes late to pick us up, and we had to wait until check-in time for the train. For the cost we paid (they have required the option of charging us per hour because it wasn't a typical hotel-to-airport transfer. Instead, it was an hour ride to train stations), we had hoped to receive our pick-up on time.

  8. Laura Mcfarlane
    1 rating
    Nov 2, 2022

    Horrible company!

    Horrible company! Bad customer service! Don't make reservations! Extra time charged for no reason and authorized credit card without authorization. Beware, a very devious and dishonest money-hungry business that doesn't value the customers.

  9. Alan Farish
    1 rating
    Nov 2, 2022

    Poor customer service

    Poor customer service. Each time I've called, the person who answers the phone talks and behaves like she's on a high. They were asking questions and engaging in exchange. Then she pauses. Then she repeats the question as if she did not get any answer. It's extraordinary. They offer ridiculous price rates for services. They charge from when they leave their store until they return, as some limo companies have, but their store is probably far away. I'll stick with other taxi or limo services available around town.

  10. Pippa Felton
    1 rating
    Nov 1, 2022

    I have not received any

    We booked the services of a van that would take us to the airport for a morning flight. I called the night before to confirm the pickup and was told they were not taking us to the airport because they had canceled night pickups. I asked the man when they would be able to notify us that they would not be able to be picking us up, but the gentleman said nothing. I requested my money back, and the gentleman said I'd need to contact him at the beginning of the day.

    I called the following day and spoke with Courtney, who told me she was not authorized to issue me the money back. I asked her when she was available, and she replied that it was later in the day. I called the next day, but there was no manager. I wouldn't use this company in the future and do not recommend this business! I've been waiting and calling for two weeks for someone else to call or show up at the office who could give me an exchange, but I have not received any.

  11. John Smaracko
    1 rating
    Sep 23, 2022

    They did not offer any recourse or even try to rectify the issue

    BAC I made the online booking in April to book an excursion for the August fair. They then contacted me in July to inform me that they could not honor the reservation because they have cars available and that they often make their reservations online. They did not offer any recourse or even try to rectify the issue.

  12. Mitra OMalley
    5 rating
    Jul 11, 2022

    One one of the most enjoyable experience

    One of the most enjoyable experience ever! I've never used a driver's service before; however, this was a great experience. The driver was courteous and accommodating. The car was spotless, well-stocked, and comfortable. The experience could not be a better—more pleasant experience.

  13. Lyndsay Harris
    5 rating
    Jun 17, 2022

    The experience was incredible

    We utilized BAC Transportation during our recent trip to Alaska on Three separate occasions.

    Two days in a row, we were chauffeured by a private driver the whole day, and the third was a two-hour transfer.

    The experience was incredible, from the people who took calls and the driver themselves.

    For two ways, we had our driver Sylvester He did his best to ensure that our trip was enjoyable and accommodating to our requests.

    He was more than just a driver since he also made numerous picturesque stops along our route.

    On the two-hour journey, we were chauffeured by Barbara, who was just as impressive and even stopped at a point where we snapped a picture we'll use for our Christmas card.

    I would definitely suggest BAC for any transport needs throughout Alaska.

    They took a lot of anxiety away and helped make our family trip unforgettable by being an integral part of the experience.

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About BAC Transportation

Established by President and Chief Executive Officer Charles Grimm IV in 2000, BAC Transportation had humble beginnings. It started with two limousines and a bus. Soon after the company was established, the limousines fleet became more prominent. In 2004, BAC increased its fleet to offer Alaska as the first limousine with four-wheel drive. In 2008, BAC also added Escalades to its Executive Sedan Services.

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