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61 Reviews on Avvo

  1. Alex Tarasov
    Feb 15, 2023


    Avvo does not accept negative reviews and is a representation agency for attorneys involved in illegal scams, scams, and rackets. Avvo denied my review because they claimed that my complaint was not supported. I submitted evidence to prove that the attorney was involved in online extortion, but they refused to accept my review. AVVO CLAIMS TO BE IMPARTIAL, BUT THEY ARE VERY PARTIAL. AVVO IS NOT REPUTABLE.

  2. Tina Paneri
    Feb 15, 2023

    This website was designed to extract money

    People can make up lies about attorneys, and even if you prove for AVVO to show that the individual did not tell what they believed, AVVO does nothing. In one case, an order from a judge confirmed that the client wasn’t lying, and AVVO refused to remove the review. This website was designed to extract money from lawyers from Avvo to force them to pay monthly charges to edit these reviews…

  3. Kimberly Mcginnis
    Feb 14, 2023

    Awful business practices and shady business practices.

    I was repeatedly pestered for months by Avvo sales reps calling me, urging me to consider advertising my services as an attorney through their platform. I finally decided to view it and accepted their offer in writing, and the salesperson advised me that he’d forward the order form and confirmation immediately. The salesman didn’t respond, took off for three consecutive days, and then the next day, I got a call from him. He informed me that the property was already sold and suggested alternatives in counties between one and 200 miles from my office. I contacted his manager, but he was arrogant and told me that was how the ball bouncbounced ball of Avvo was flat, and I will never speak with Avvo again. Awful business practices and shady business practices.

  4. Susan Turner
    Feb 11, 2023

    This website only publishes fictitious reviews about attorneys

    This website only publishes fictitious reviews about attorneys. If you submit a genuine critique of an attorney’s work, the site will remove the review and permit the lawyer to deny they even knew you. I was on top of them, asked why they had taken it down, and then scolded them over two days. The attorney was not rated for more than a year, after which I asked that my review that was negative about the lawyer be published; the lawyer had two new reviews, which means his score wasn’t changed by the review I wrote. Don’t be a fool on this site and beware that the lawyers may pay them.

  5. Melisa Lang
    Feb 10, 2023

    AVO is incompetent loss lawyers helping incompetent loss lawyers

    AVO is incompetent loss lawyers helping incompetent loss lawyers. AVO is a scumbag lawyer giving other scumbag lawyers five-star reviews. I’ve met lawyers that I believe do not win cases by submitting 55-star reviews! Why is that? AVO is a total scam created to capitalize on weak lawyers’ egos. AVO is a prank.

  6. Elizabeth Nacchio
    Feb 8, 2023

    Don't claim your Avvo profile. You will regret it!

    As a brand new solo practitioner, I enrolled in my Avvo account, thinking it would be significant to market my services. They don’t even mention my practice area, and I cannot remove the profile I created. I also have a 6.1 ranking on this website even though I don’t have any client reviews, and there are no disciplinary or complaints from clients, and numerous high-profile appeals as well as successful speeches. How could that be? And on top of the calls I receive every week from various AVVO agents trying to convince me to complete my profile and be a part of the website. I say no thanks. Don’t claim your Avvo profile. You will regret it!

  7. Alex Guzinski
    Feb 8, 2023

    Do not trust this firm.

    I’ve attempted several times to publish actual events documented by the courts so that others can be aware of Howard Weintraub as an extremely dishonest individual who has profited from numerous people. The truth cannot be accepted by companies looking for ways to help certain lawyers appear to have a good reputation and are successful when they create fake reviews to be published. Do not trust this firm.

  8. Douglas Brown
    Feb 7, 2023

    I published a review of the lawyer, noting that he did not answer my phone calls

    I published a review of the lawyer, noting that he did not answer my phone calls nor demonstrate my hearing, and warned me that the lawyer was unreliable. Avvo had sent me an email stating my review wasn’t in line with the guidelines for posting. Much more reputable and more objective alternative to Avvo that doesn’t permit criticism of lawyers.

  9. John Musco
    Feb 6, 2023

    The dispute process they are using is a scam

    1.) AVVO provides a forum that allows your company to be anonymously degraded, and AVVO profited from this by charging an amount to help overcome this. AVVO is not able to verify reviews. The policy of AVVO is: “All reviews on Avvo.com are the responsibility of the reviewers, and under 47 USC 230, Avvo, Inc. cannot be held liable for making Avvo.com available to the reviewers.” 2.) Reviews are entitled “Posed by a client” and are not authenticated. Who can say for sure that they are authentic? 3.) The dispute process they are using is a scam.

  10. Steven Alaimo
    Feb 6, 2023

    The lawyer is arrogant and arrogant

    Mr. Olson suggested that I visit his office. He was there when I arrived and presented my case. He appeared disinterested. He looked into his eyes and made jokes. He wasn’t interested in anything. In the end, he mentioned his wife, who, after nine years of marriage, was thrown out with her dog, lg them homeless. He kept on describing how brutal the man was. I felt sorry for his spouse. Do not use this lawyer. The lawyer is arrogant and arrogant.

  11. Michael Demartini
    Feb 5, 2023

    I wrote a review that was negative of a lawyer whom I employed

    I wrote a review that was negative of a lawyer whom I employed. The study was highly civil, not too formal, and too explicit. I provided my contact information to Avvo to confirm that I did engage the lawyer or gather additional information about what’s required to write a negative review. Avvo did not get to me, and they did not post my review.

  12. David Hosey
    Feb 5, 2023

    Avvo does not allow users to give free and honest opinions on attorneys they've worked with

    Avvo does not allow users to give free and honest opinions on attorneys they’ve worked with. The review or rating is sent to the Attorney to be reviewed and approved. Giving the Attorney negative feedback is impossible unless the Attorney agrees with the comment. Reviewing your experience is supposed to let you share what you actually and honestly addressed. The outcome, whether good or not, is your choice. The Attorney’s decision should not influence the decision. I would like to hear the comments of others. This will allow me to get my head straight about resolving the disagreement with the Attorney or, in my situation, my salvage business. Also, reviews and ratings aren’t fair to AVVO. I have been a business proprietor since 2006 in the field of salvage. In some instances, I require legal assistance.

  13. Karen Huenke
    Feb 4, 2023


    Dear Lawyers, DO NOT GIVE THEM A DIME! The idea behind awarding an attorney a low rating is that the only way to get them to get a 10.10 is by paying for them. It’s a complete fraud. They’ll smear on the line with rude sales reps. Be aware! You can mark their email as spam and stop their calls. If you don’t do this, you’ll be glad you have done it.

  14. Joan Cameron
    Feb 4, 2023

    Be wary of whom you seek advice from

    It appears that AVVO allows only positive reviews for the lawyers who are its peers. Is this shocking? It was not surprising to hear that they rejected my study based on experience and facts. It was not necessary to prove that I posted a glowing review. This is the truth we all seek in a site’s reviews. It is a one-sided site devoted to its corrupt cronies at the expense of guiding someone in need into a scam trap. Be wary of whom you seek advice from. There’s always a motive behind it; sometimes, the truth can take the backseat. Check out my review below, and AVVO the catch-all answer. Good Luck!

  15. Kathryn Cole
    Feb 3, 2023

    AVVO is an anti-Nazi

    AVVO has approved my review for a lawyer. Later, AVVO did not support the study. They will only allow positive thoughts to publish because lawyers pay AVVO to market. AVVO is more suited to North Korea, where freedom of speech is not permitted. AVVO is an anti-Nazi

  16. Patricia Lavelle
    Feb 3, 2023

    Even though I made a polite request, the lawyer who responded to my question was rude

    Even though I made a polite request, the lawyer who responded to my question was rude. She slammed me and did not respond to my inquiries. Also, you can see how many people have complained about the Avvo lawyers as rude and racist.

  17. Joseph Giaccone
    Feb 3, 2023

    Don't throw away your money

    Avvo will pay an attorney’s fee to advertise, but they won’t take down false reviews. Don’t throw away your money. There are better legal options for advertising available. Avvo can force you to make a claim in Washington state to identify the fake anonymous reviewer, which causes you to be liable for outrageous costs.

  18. Austin Mitchell
    Feb 3, 2023

    The website is awful

    The website is awful. I asked five legitimate questions and waited for an answer all day long throughout the difficult times of the pandemic. They removed all of them after they did not respond for any reason. I could not contact them for two days. It’s crazy when I motioned on the same day that nobody was responsive, as if they were dead.

  19. Nancy Azeez
    Feb 3, 2023

    AVVO reviews of lawyers cannot be relied on.

    I gave a bad score to an attorney in AVVO and explained why she earned a low rating. The review was anonymous, and AVVO initially published the study. Then, the attorney challenged the study, even though she claimed she didn’t know the author. AVVO removed the review and then provided me with an email. This lawyer advertises on Avvo; therefore, only positive reviews are permitted for her. AVVO reviews of lawyers cannot be relied on.

  20. Olya Tymciurak
    Feb 2, 2023

    I wouldn't ever recommend this attorney to anyone

    This is a reference to a Temporary Restraining order. It is to be noted that it will appear on your records when the petitioner has filed it. Ninety-nine percent of petitioners are granted it regardless of. A waiver of liability. This lawyer boasted of her ability to fight this TRO. They distribute them as candy. If you are honest, a five-year-old is likely to have one. I had a defense lawyer who did not defend me. Reread that sentence. I wouldn’t ever recommend this attorney to anyone.

  21. Robert Haeni
    Feb 2, 2023

    Avvo is a fraud

    I’m an attorney, and I discovered that Avvo made a “profile” of me without ever contact with me. The profile contained a false image and incorrect information regarding my practice and location. In the end, I “claimed” the shape to rectify the inaccurate information. However, this made me bombarded with emails and phone calls from Avvo. I refused. In the end, a person called me on a high note and persuaded me to sign up for a 90-day trial, during which I would receive constant phone calls and an opportunity to establish a new business for $99 each month. I took the test. When I signed up, the person I should have been my point of contact left Avvo. The person was not replaced. I only received a telephone call within 90 days from a mentally ill individual, and there were no complaints. I could claim the $300 as advertising. However, I checked my debit and credit card statements and realized they charged me for a different (4th) month. I just looked at the details of my “profile” to find a 6.5 rating and the (855) number listed for my company. Avvo is a fraud. I have reported their fraudulent charge on my card to be fraudulent.

  22. Pam Dembinski
    Feb 2, 2023

    Most awful atty!

    “Atty” Matthew Obermeier’s 1-star reviews were removed and replaced by five stars! The most pathetic “Atty”! He’s a deceiver! He’s been arrested on POCS FAILURE TO STOP, Render Aid, and DUI. Don’t waste your money or your time! He’s got several legal malpractice suits pending on him and his co-conspirators! Record him and also the Courts! By the way, he’s in San Antonio, TX! Most awful atty!

  23. Gregory Civitello
    Feb 2, 2023

    I strongly suggest avoiding doing business with AVVO

    I strongly suggest avoiding doing business with AVVO. AVVO provides no customer support and refuses to speak with customers. I’ve never been able to talk to a natural person and am always in an automated cycle of emails.

  24. Karla Meza
    Feb 1, 2023

    I wrote an anonymous review about my attorney

    I wrote an anonymous review about my attorney, and Avvo allowed the attorney to write an overview of my listing, which was inaccurate. If posts anonymously, how can an attorney review an anonymous post because they don’t know who the person who wrote it is? In this regard and for other reasons, I would advise you to stay clear of Avvo and all reviews it may have.

  25. Maria Santodonato
    Feb 1, 2023

    There aren't any genuine reviews available

    Aviv doesn’t permit you to comment negatively about your feelings when lawyers draft legal documents and present them to the courts to get their professional opinion. They support lawyers and safeguard them, lawyers. There aren’t any genuine reviews available on Avvo other than those they create. Avvo consistently rejects my review of Amy Petersen to clarify any opinions I may have regarding her or her decision-making capability.

  26. Robert Pace
    Feb 1, 2023

    This website will not accept bad reviews

    This website will not accept bad reviews, which renders it unreliable. It’s not a good idea to trust it. I had a horrible encounter with Kyle Moore, an estate lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana. I wanted to inform people about the experience. He was a mess in a subject in which he was supposed to be an expert. He made mistakes in various ways and caused me much heartache, headaches, and sorrow. He’s not worried about the mess caused by his mistake. He’s even threatening to fine me for trying to rectify his error. I’m not sureunsureone can be so bad and believe they’re okay.

  27. Siva Devabakthini
    Feb 1, 2023

    I composed a professional, non-emotional review of an attorney

    I composed a professional, non-emotional review of an attorney. Even though the first paragraph of their instructions provided details and details, they rejected my review due to the lack of more information. They’re in the trade of Positive Reviews to collect fees from lawyers, in my experience. If I’m not right, they’ll publish my review(s); however, so far, I’ve not been able to post a study if it’s not positive.

  28. Brian Norton
    Jan 31, 2023

    So I've never realized that asking about a false accusation

    So I’ve never realized that asking about a false accusation (I will not mention it because I don’t believe it’s appropriate to discuss. However, it starts by using an M.) is very dangerous; I was trying to find advice from a friend who indeed required help, but the only advice I got was to talk about it since cops could issue an arrest warrant. The truth is, I wouldn’t have thought that, but the person I asked for advice is times more afraid of me trouble. I’m feeling the same way. The person who answered the question implied that someone had committed a crime even though I explicitly stated it was a lie. However, they don’t provide advice even if you truroutinely it. I’m certainly not trying to create trouble. However, I’m sure they will not give any advice in cases such as that if you tell them it’s you. Be wary of people who don’t know, do not send k about sensitive subjects, or ask about cases viewed as a snub or suspects since all of them will be in your corner. If you’re looking to ask a serious question such as this, you should move your address to a highly distant state or country away from you, or do not inquire on the site because they don’t respond to a “suspect” of this kind of issue. The bottom line is that it’s not a good idea to use Google for your study, as the site is basically one-sided at times.

  29. Blake Lauritsen
    Jan 30, 2023

    The concept is a great idea

    The concept is a great idea, but if you reason – when an attorney has the time to search the web to grow his business, just how successful is the lawyer? I was blind-sighted due to the circumstances on a Friday night that involved consumer rights and the credit reporting agency’s authority by the FCRA to provide that information to my bank upon my request for a business transaction. I received a response straight after contacting an attorney, who seemed rude and extremely short-sighted and showed a lack of understanding of basic financial concepts. When I searched for an attorney, his specialty was to defend DUIs. I gave him the “I think not” review for his demeaning behavior, and it seemed like he was trying for himself to be posted. The Monday arrived, and I phoned an attorney who was retired and, I specialized in FCRA. I was given the email or phone number of the top person in the CRA in less than 10 mins, and the issue was solved without fuss or hassle. No abusive language, no public demeaning, no-nonsense. I attempted to remove my query, but Avvo cannot accept another attorney who handles bankruptcy in a different part of the country, feeds the first moron , and keeps putting down the question. It’s like the lawyers at Avvo are at the bottom of the barrel/ambulance chasers and are very limited in their caseload. I’m left to wonder about the number of inquiries addressed and the review criteria that only positive reviews can… are part of the ranking algorithm. Why do lawyers who do not specialize in the field in which the issue is? This is like the psychiatrist performing the open heart procedure. Both are doctors – why shouldn’t they be doing similar things?

  30. Julie Posner
    Jan 30, 2023

    Avvo.com is known for its predatory practices

    Avvo.com is known for its predatory practices. They can lure you into signing a contract that seems too promising to be accurate, after which, if you attempt to end the contract, they inform you that you will be billed. If you’re an attorney seeking marketing opportunities, GET OUT.

  31. Dodi Proctor
    Jan 29, 2023

    I've had some questions about the avvo

    I’ve had some questions about the avvo. It’s been a pleasant experience up to today. One lawyer who replied was unprofessional and rude. I felt demeaned by his response. I complained to Avvo about the issue, and they told me it’s acceptable for lawyers to be rude and inconsiderate. As a response to the Avvo response.:. If the lawyer tells the client to “take a long walk on a short pier,” you’re taking it too far.

  32. Julian Adamo
    Jan 28, 2023

    Avvo will not take any negative feedback

    Avvo will not take any negative feedback. Avvo will only allow positive feedback. Avvo is a fraud and should not be used or believed in Avvo. A lawyer in Houston Tx by the name of Lisa Andrews was referred to and hired by a loved acquaintance. Lisa Andrews used to be a DA. This was the most unwise choice. I should have conducted my research before letting my spouse select this person. Unprofessional, unethical, arrogant, and lies… The individual was hired to represent my loved one, yet he was working against my beloved. It was impossible to make an appointment to meet with the attorney hired. The assistant was rude on the phone. The lawyer looked my beloved one in the eye but then turned to hide on his back. My loved one is feeling manipulated by the attorney whom he paid to be his advocate in a good way. Be sure to do your research before hiring anyone representing you. Don’t throw your money away to get an inadequate representation or to be deceived.

  33. Pamela Sidney
    Jan 28, 2023

    It's pretty simple

    It’s pretty simple. My landlord destroyed the bathroom in our home a month ago and has made the bathroom unusable. I asked my question seven times over two weeks. I also wrote personal messages to attorneys at least four or five times. Nothing. I get it. It’s free. If this is how things are going, they need to stop the service.

  34. Andrew Regan
    Jan 27, 2023

    The Bar Association is a Regulatory component of our government

    The Bar Association is a Regulatory component of our government. But they do not regulate the public. Instead, they hold for the people. Bar is a Trade Organization for members who are lawyers. A simple contract is required, but the Bar endorses a document that does nothing to protect the client. Avvo does assist in not helping the public, in my opinion.

  35. Michael Mayfield
    Jan 26, 2023


    Bob from tel. *******691 phoned my law firm, asking to speak to an attorney of my choice. An attorney is not willing to answer the phone, so I request politely to remove us from your contact list. BOB informs me there is no way to be a lawyer; he has a particular procedure to adhere to; he requires the attorney’s email, and he tells him you can’t give it to him. Also, please remove us from your call list. He hangs up. NICE COMPANY AVVO

  36. Alfred Clark
    Jan 26, 2023

    Lawyers pay fees

    Avvo safeguards lawyers whenever they are criticized. The factual information is irrelevant to Avvo employees. Avvo is a business run by lawyers. Lawyers pay fees. Lawyers Jull in to request that bad reviews be removed. It’s a biased corporation that is a tyrant to customers’ right to freedom of speech and rights under the Constitution. A class action lawsuit must be filed to stop this company from operating.

  37. Julia Clarkson
    Jan 25, 2023

    I have found this lawyer from Fairfax County

    I have found this lawyer from Fairfax County. He’s a great lawyer Joseph Beale Beale. I pray that nobody has any problems in their life. If you need help, you could go to this lawyer. He’s amazing. Thank you, RABIA IBRAHIM. I am innocent and can win my case.

  38. David Commerford
    Jan 25, 2023

    Avvo does not seem to care about it

    Whatever style I write it in, I am not allowed to leave a review on an unprofessional and shady encounter I was in dealing with an attorney. I intended to ensure that unethical actions do not harm others, and Avvo does not seem to care about it.

  39. Thomas Davis
    Jan 24, 2023

    They are not worthy of a single-star rating for their service

    They are not worthy of a single-star rating for their service. I employed an attorney based on the five-star reviews the lawyer received! After an unpleasant time with this Con, I tried to inform people about his unprofessional behavior, and Avvo refuses to let me post the information! I’m obligated to be suing Avvo to recover the money I paid this Con Attorney, who damaged my case greatly because of greed and incorrect legal details.

  40. Jay Kenimer
    Jan 23, 2023

    They agreed to delete my profile following several emails trying to defend this falsehood.

    I am a lawyer practicing as well. My “profile” was posted some time ago on the Avvo website without permission and had an uninformed 6.5/10 “rating” with no reviews. I contacted them and was informed that the rating was derived through an “algorithm like Google,” however, this isn’t true since I don’t participate in the highly regarded attorney ratings Martindale-Hubbell or other such services; I have not ever been “rated” by anyone. They agreed to delete my profile following several emails trying to defend this falsehood. It seems like it appeared out of thin air.

  41. Michael B Zorovich
    Jan 23, 2023

    wonderful experience

    Lawyer Eleanor Haynes Esq. is an excellent, godly attorney who was kind enough to assist me when she was at work. I am grateful to her in such a way I am unable to express it in words. If you ever require an attorney, contact her; I’m sure you’ll enjoy a wonderful experience with her.

  42. Schlabach Keith
    Jan 23, 2023

    employed an attorney based on the five-star reviews the lawyer received!

    I employed an attorney based on the five-star reviews the lawyer received! They are not worthy of a single-star rating for their service. After an unpleasant time with this Con, I tried to inform people about his unprofessional behavior, and Avvo refuses to let me post the information! I’m obligated to be suing Avvo to recover the money I paid this Con Attorney, who damaged my case significantly because of greed and incorrect legal details.

  43. Kelly Bratcher
    Jan 22, 2023

    They're great at extorting

    If I did not purchase advertising from Avvo and Avvo, two fake anonymous reviews would appear on their site. Please beware of the glowing reviews that lawyers compose for themselves as a condition of a monthly payment to Avvo. They’re great at extorting.

  44. Randy Coble
    Jan 22, 2023

    Please don't trust the lawyers who are recommended on Avvo

    Please don’t trust the lawyers who are recommended on Avvo They. Lie about the professionalism of their attorneys. They will not allow you to write honest reviews unless they’re excellent. The site is a waste of money because you’ll choose a lawyer only for it to be cheated. When you finally write a review, they won’t publish it. Check out other sites. My terrible lawyer had the pleasure of working with those listed on Avvo, but none of the trusted sites believed them. They stop you from posting the facts about lawyers and claim they don’t follow the rules, but that’s not true; they just like their advice and guidelines. There are no excellent reviews about Avvo on Instagram. Visit their website, and there is no one.

  45. Jim Sardegna
    Jan 22, 2023

    I'm an extremely satisfied customer.

    A fake case was filed against me by a woman who contacted me this year. I employed Robert Ritacca him and his son Robert Jr out of Waukegan in Illinois. In a matter of months, the case was on my behalf, and we were able to miss all charges. They even fought on my behalf in my absence of me. They’re also helping me get my case removed from my record. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm. They will be my go-to in any Situation. It’s safe to be secure. I’m a delighted customer.

  46. Geoffrey Strongin
    Jan 21, 2023

    My opinion is that AVVO reviews are not reliable

    My opinion is that AVVO reviews are not reliable. I tried to write honest reviews about a lawyer and the Law firm. I selected the railway wreck attorneys based on the very high AVVO rating. The lawyers had an AVVO rating of 10/10. AVVO rating and they were an absolute train wreck. AVVO has refused to post my reviews and even removed a review I wrote several years ago about an excellent attorney. I’ve requested phone contact from an executive.

  47. Sherman Malone
    Jan 20, 2023

    AVVO does not intend to make any changes to this

    I wasn’t informed that purchasing a top ranking is only beneficial for a small number of monthly clicks. I was told that the reviews of clients reviews could boost your rating to 10. I later learned that only reviews from other lawyers improve your AVVO score. The name or photograph of the bought spots identifies review stars. There is, however, no connected live link. For a user to read your reviews, they will need to look for your name on the general list. Every person on the list has live links for their review. AVVO does not intend to make any changes to this.

  48. John Conlon
    Jan 19, 2023

    I was involved in two cases, one for personal injury

    I was involved in two cases, one for personal injury. Both cases were handled by Nater Law Firm attorney Fanny and Raymond Sotomayor. After they took over my case for nearly four years, they resigned case one week before the trial. I also had a child support matter that the opposing attorney, Craig Bourne, put off for three months. They were successful after lying to the judge, and even after I gave all the evidence, I could see 47 pages of documents. This site declined to file a formal complaint. Please don’t take your time, they are all united and are good friends, and it does not matter how clear your evidence is; these criminals will support one another and defend themselves. Please stay away from them; they are very corrupt.

  49. Dana Brown
    Jan 18, 2023

    I'm a lawyer who is returning to full-time work

    I’m a lawyer who is returning to full-time work (after taking several years off to care for my children and care for a sick parent.) I’ve been a consultant for private clients and am now resuming my legal profession and making my resume available for full-time employment.

  50. Robert Poole
    Jan 18, 2023

    AVVO is awash with fake reviews written by attorneys

    AVVO is awash with fake reviews written by attorneys, their staff, and family members. The only genuine reviews are those where people share their terrible experiences when they hire any of these shysters. However, AVVO often takes them down or alters the reviews. AVVO must be taken off the internet. What makes them different from any other fraudulent consumer activity? One method to determine whether reviews are genuine is to examine the court documents. For example, in NYS, you can go to https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/HomePage, and click search as a guest. Input the attorney’s name, and you’ll get the cases they have. If the review contains the name of the reviewer (although most reviews that are fake contain anonymous reviews), you will be able to determine whether the lawyer was the one who represented the client. The only name that I randomly looked up was an untrue review.

  51. Michael Carroll
    Jan 17, 2023

    Avvo has not allowed me to write a review for Debra Bland Koenig

    Avvo has not allowed me to write a review for Debra Bland Koenig. Many reviews for lawyers match mine, but mine was not allowed. Don’t hire Debra Bland Koenig. She will steal your money and never communicate with you by telephone or email. She is rude, as is her staff. I gave her $2500 to get their grandparents’ rights, but she is yet to get the requests and has also allowed unprofessional conduct in her work. I am a retired and working American who should be able to receive the money I spent per the contract. It has not happened.

  52. Karin Nelson
    Jan 17, 2023

    hat loyalty is to the Bar association

    It is impossible to be an accusation against the lawyer since they’re all a group of criminals who stick together with only one loyalty. That loyalty is to the Bar association. Daniel S. Gerow told me that criminal attorneys created the Law to safeguard children and women. Daniel S. Gerow St Clair Shores, MI ******* declared that there was no equal protection in law and the 14th Amendment, and no Constitution did not matter.

  53. Lisa Matthews
    Jan 16, 2023

    Don't be a believer in this website

    Avvo is a fake website run by one paid person to monitor the review. I wrote a review on an attorney we worked with. We read the rules and adhere to the guidelines. We provided every detail of the process and then hit submit. Twelve hours later, we were denied. Don’t be a believer in this website.

  54. Mark Mandrakos
    Jan 15, 2023

    I was recently appointed the account manager at our small business, and our attorney was offered

    I was recently appointed the account manager at our small business, and our attorney was offered. This service was paid $341.00 per month. After I looked into the cost of this amount, I was stunned! Nothing. The lawyer received a negative review at the beginning of the year from an individual she had represented for 4 (yes, I mentioned four) times. Our business focuses on immigration-related, and four years ago, the law could be detrimental to our client, who was forced to make a voluntary exit. The situation was entirely beyond our control, yet AVVO let this client leave a bad review of our services in January 2016.
    The attorney attempted to get an individual to take care of the issue, giving a review, a callback, a, etc… NOTHING. She contacted her and was not reached, except for an email that stated they had received her email and would look into it. I, the administrator of the account, decided to shut the account. My request for help was not answered. I followed up and talked to an individual who claimed they couldn’t locate my performance at the moment; however, they would look into it and contact me within an hour. This did not occur, and it was ten days ago. They charged our account even though they were not, which meant I had gone to the bank to end the credit card that was issued with authorization. Avoid these companies. It’s a complete fraud, and I’ve not seen any leads that have turned into clients. Many of them were related to legal areas that we don’t provide.

  55. Anthony Carino
    Jan 15, 2023


    THEIR REVIEWS ARE ONLY LIES! My attorney was hired based on the reviews on their website and made a huge decision! I’m currently trying to research the attorney’s reviews using them and have observed that many people buy their excellent REVIEWS! IT DOESN’T ALLOW ME TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT OR WRITE A REVIEW.

  56. Kathy Finnegan
    Jan 13, 2023

    My experience thus far is 1 star. My attorney had only five-star reviews

    My experience thus far is 1 star. My attorney had only five-star reviews. The reviews praised how wonderful she kept you informed and gave you the full explanation of everything. But she does the exact opposite! The process of getting divorced is complex; however, she makes it difficult and stressful. 🙁 I will try to write a new review once this mess is over, but the Avvo website allows me to. I suggest people explore other sites for a review of their experiences.

  57. Gerri Davis
    Jan 12, 2023

    They ought to be sued for fraud

    I made the mistake of using their reviews and ratings to select not just one but two lawyers (one after the other). Do not trust reviews, particularly those that have five stars. They’re fake. They were both unprofessional, did not respond to my calls or emails, and failed to meet deadlines. Their reviewers gave five stars for their responsiveness and professionalism. I’m sorry that I rely on AVVO. They ought to be sued for fraud.

  58. Randy Clark
    Jan 12, 2023


    I tried to submit an evaluation of an attorney I hired, and my review was rejected three times after supplying specific mistakes to the lawyer whelmed whom I didn’t have any detail. What a shady what this is, AVVO! Could you not believe it? AVVO is an entirely infamous fake and not a reliable attorney review website if you want to publish an unfavorable review.

  59. Bob Albertson
    Jan 9, 2023

    You'll be engaged in one of the most depressing lines of dialogue ever.

    If you’re looking to feel frustrated, angry with, ignored, or have doubtful guidance, then took at Avvo. Their rating system is absurd… for instance.”No Concerns does not mean”No Concerns! It’s a false statement. Nobody will respond if you attempt to use the “Chat Room” to ask questions. You’ll be engaged in one of the most depressing lines of dialogue ever.

  60. Alexandra Vitale
    Jan 8, 2023

    You can't trust them! It's an organization.

    We wrote a negative review on Avvo for the Torrance, CA attorney Christina Wickers and Rodney Wickers. They were denied. We believe that their rating system is now fixed. These 5-star reviews are for lawyers who have “endorsed” profiles, and they block negative thoughts. You can’t trust them! It’s an organization.

  61. Dennis Lochridge
    Jan 6, 2023

    However, Avvo does not want to be a part of a negative review on lawyers!

    I have written two evaluations of a lawyer whI paid twice but never took any action to resolve the problem. Avvo deleted all my reviews. In reality, the lawyer was required to reimburse the money via FL. Bar. However, Avvo does not want to be a part of a negative review on lawyers!

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