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Is Autoglass legit?

Autoglass has 20 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Autoglass customer care?

You can contact Autoglass customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 0800363636

Where is Autoglass located?

Autoglass is located at address Priory Business Park, Stannard Way, Bedford, UK.

20 Reviews on Autoglass

  1. Christopher Rawlings
    1 rating

    Do Not Use Autoglass

    Mar 21, 2024

    Having referred to as out Autoglass thru my insurance organization to restore a Crack/chip to my automobile windscreen, they attended on the twenty ninth February 2024. On final touch all looked accurate, however some days later the crack/chip regarded exactly as it turned into previous to their restore.

    On the 7th March 2024 I contacted Autoglass via their warrant shape on their website, this stated that I could be contacted in 48hrs. NO CONTACT. A variety of days later on the fifteenth March 2024 I again contacted Autoglass via their client shape on their website. They have left out my requests absolutely.

    This employer indicates that if some thing is going wrong with their work they couldn't care less or approximately their customer. Do Not use Autoglass as in my view they do no longer honour their commitments, its simply phrases on a website.

  2. Tim SteensTrup
    1 rating

    Diabolical Customer Service

    Mar 21, 2024

    The technicians are truly first rate however the customer service is stunning to mention the least. Cancelled appointments, appointments for half of the task, agreements of rescheduled appointment and then the demand I rearrange my plans to wait one in all their web site miles faraway from my paintings having to drive the automobile with a skinny plastic sheet.

    All due to the fact and I quote "she failed to placed the activity through". When I renew my coverage policy, the glass provider will be the first aspect I check! I am truly in reality disappointed in how I have been dealt with by using the "large boys and girls" of the motor glass enterprise

  3. Patricia Aspin
    1 rating

    Technicians Failed To Show UP

    Feb 19, 2024

    We were given a 4-hour time slot for a cracked windscreen restore, scheduled for now. The technicians have nonetheless not shown up and it's far coming near 1 hour past the brand new slot time. No communications about this from Autoglass at all, we have checked emails, texts and calls.

    I then known as them and they instructed me that I had to await an update from the group who handles the technicians. I'm nevertheless waiting for an replace. Unreliable carrier and poor communications.

  4. Elle Bayley
    2 rating

    Terrible & Frustrating

    Feb 19, 2024

    The technician who finished the paintings was great, could not fault him. However, I scheduled my first appointment and payed for the restore in December 2023 but the glass didn’t get repaired till February 2024. I had a couple of appointments scheduled however then these were cancelled because of the glass not being added, appointments were then rescheduled and I was told they'd the glass, but however the appointment had to be rescheduled as they in fact didn’t have the glass.

    In total, my appointments were rescheduled 4 instances and me & my associate needed to change automobiles for three months because of not being capable of have our newborn within the automobile with the broken glass. I can not fault the work finished or the technician who finished the work however average our experience changed into horrible & irritating.

  5. Karinna Warren
    2 rating

    Failed In Test

    Feb 19, 2024

    The vehicle failed a mot take a look at because of very small chip on the front windscreen.After contacting vehicle glass through admiral I changed into informed this could be repaired. This become 6th Feb. Earliest appointment changed into ninth and needed to go away automobile at garage. Repair finished but nevertheless failed mot changed into advised I might should take to depot for substitute.

    Earliest appointment become 16th Feb in Slough, an hours pressure away. Took to Slough, process took three hours to complete which intended I’d missed the mot retest. On manner home on the M25 the rubber flange across the window started out to return adrift. It had not been properly refitted on both aspects. Still ready to listen when this will be constant.

  6. Joelle
    1 rating

    Bad service STAY AWAY from AUTOGLASS

    Dec 30, 2023

    I made an appointment, but got no confirmation. I had to search for the confirmation of appointment only to find out it was one day later than originally scheduled, so I had change plans in order in order to allow for. A day prior to the appointment I was scheduled, I received an email stating that it would be for an additional 3 weeks. Chatted with chat and confirmed that the appointment was scheduled for the following day, but the booking team replied that the appointment wasn't reserved, and I was with a lot of confusion.

    When I went to the store, I was disappointed to find out that the glass wasn't available at the time I scheduled it. The staff member was accommodating and arranged for the glass for delivery next day. He didn't get it therefore he requested that they courier the glass to him so that he could put it on my windshield. It was good that he got the work a day earlier than the appointment.

  7. Andrew G
    1 rating


    Sep 8, 2023

    On June 13th an Autoglass technician attended my vehicle at my home address to replace the rear quarter driver-side window of my F Type Coupe.

    When the Autoglass technician arrived at my property, he openly admitted to never having performed such a replacement on an F Type before. Naturally, this immediately raised concerns, and I expressed my worry regarding his lack of experience. In response, he reassured me that he could rely on instructional resources such as YouTube if he encountered any difficulties. With reluctance, I allowed him to proceed with the task, only to be confronted with a series of issues upon completion.

    To begin with, the technician informed me voluntarily that a cover piece, which was originally in place and concealed one of the bolts holding the window, was missing. Despite our thorough search, we were unable to locate the missing cover piece. Furthermore, I discovered that the chrome trim and bodywork surrounding the window had been damaged during the replacement process. Shockingly, the technician initially attempted to pass off this damage as pre-existing, but I was able to provide photographic evidence indicating the pristine condition of the trim prior to his intervention.

    Realising that he had been caught in a lie, the technician promptly admitted to causing the damage while removing the trim. He immediately contacted his head office, explained the situation, and assured me that a replacement part would be ordered and fitted without any cost to me. Three weeks after this incident, and despite my continuous efforts to follow up on the matter, I encountered significant difficulties in having the job scheduled and completed.

    During my phone conversations with Autoglass agents, I was repeatedly assured that the replacement trim had arrived, yet there was a complete lack of initiative in booking the necessary appointment. I was met with unfulfilled promises of call-backs, leaving me to chase up the job on my own.

    I later found that the same technician had damaged the leather trim, scratching a puncturing it during his botched repair.

    Then things got REALLY bad!

    Because of the nature and extent of the damage, the car had to be taken to a body shop to be repaired. It was dropped off on August 8th, 7 WEEKS after Autoglass brutally butchered my dream car outside my home. Three weeks later, I called the body shop as I had had no update on the fix. I was informed that due to the nature of the repairs required, the windscreen and roof now had to be replaced (!) because removing the chrome trim and windows broke the seals around these pieces.

    THREE MONTHS after the initial damage incurred on June 13th I got a call (Today - Sept 7th) informing me that the technician who arrived at the body shop to replace the screen had damaged the headlining of my vehicle. This also now has to be repaired and no one can tell me when the work will be complete.

    I have now not driven the car for 3 MONTHS, in which time I have spent £2,400 on repayments as well as not benefiting from the equivalent spend of £150 on insurance and £150 on road tax.

    I was looking forward to a wonderful summer of Caffeine & Machine socials and city breaks with my partner - but instead, I've been left with no car and I've lost an entire summer to these incompetent morons.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS! And make sure, when you take out insurance, that Autoglass are not the one's who will be carrying out glass repairs in the event of a claim. If so, pick another insurer.

  8. Craig
    1 rating

    Don't consider Autoglass for windscreen replacement

    Jun 2, 2023

    Do not choose Autoglass for windscreen replacement, it took these cowboys just over 2 month to refit me a simple screen, although they were quick to take payment nowhere near quick to carry out the work, full of excuses, in my case it was the availability of a simple piece of rubber trim windscreen surround to fit my common 3 series BMW, an identical part I could have sourced from well over 100 online stores situated throughout the UK guaranteed next day delivery to anywhere in the UK, I made contact with them on multiple occasions stating my position (including that my vehicle unusable and insurance and Tax are still being paid) all I got in response was what might aswell been an automated Cut-Paste reply, they offered me absolutely nothing towards the 'over £300 it's cost me due to them messing about' I mean.. Who the hell wants to wait 'OVER 2 CHUFFING MONTHS FOR A SIMPLE WINDSCREEN REPLACEMENT??'

    The ONLY positive thing I can say about my interaction with Autoglass was the fitter, in my case it was Damian, he was informative right from the start letting me knowhis exact position through tracking map, arriving to my location right on time, once here he carried out the work to a high standard, he was very down to earth, friendly and polite he was very professional, my advice I can give to you is 'there are many windscreen repair/replacement companies out there to choose from DON'T CONSIDER AUTOGLASS BEING ONE OF THEM'

  9. Savannah Avery
    2 rating

    No require replacement

    May 31, 2023

    The technician who fitted my windscreen said that I would require replacement wipers on my windscreen for a cost of PS47.00. I turned down the suggestion, after which, two days later, after my vehicle was brought into my garage in the local area for maintenance/MOT, they told me that I do not require replacement wipers!!

  10. Kristen Kawabata
    1 rating

    This is absurd and risky.

    May 3, 2023

    I've made an appointment with my insurance to repair my windscreen; the work is scheduled for over a week at my workplace address. My confirmation email was sent with a date for the appointment within four weeks in a branch. In my inquiry, I was told it was because of my vehicle type. A formal correspondence describing the issue would have been constructive. I'm unable to attend the scheduled date in four weeks. I will have to follow for five weeks. Really?! The wait for this is absurd and risky. If I were due to make a mistake, my car could not be running. However, you're satisfied to see me drive around in a vehicle with a crack of 40 centimeters for five months.

  11. Mallory Buttrum
    3 rating

    Disrupted entirely

    May 3, 2023

    An appointment time was between 1-4 pm. So, we planned to meet in Poole to accommodate everyone needing to go to Poole. The caller contacted us and requested that we arrive early, as he was hoping to end before the scheduled time. After we arrived, the man said that it was 3.30 pm, when the gates were closed. We made a few changes to our schedule and then went to the town. At 1:45, he called to confirm that it was done and that he was coming in. Then we left our breakfast and cakes to drive to return. Our entire afternoon was disrupted entirely and would have been avoided if the man had been able to say that the moment he called. Then I stayed home on my own.

  12. Horacio Falcon
    2 rating

    The repair isn't completed

    May 2, 2023

    The technician was excellent and repaired my crack in the windscreen with success. He was, however, not adequately prepared for the job by the office or system. I purchased a new front and rear wiper blades. He wasn't informed of this and consequentlwouldld not put it in the back edge because it was not the piece in his possession. I've been reimbursed, although it's frustrating to know that the repair isn't completed.

  13. Jena Miller
    3 rating

    So far....

    May 2, 2023

    The advisor to the customer on the phone gave me only one auto-glass center to go to, which was several miles from my house. There is probably another one closer, but was all she did was look at my address. The lady was unclear about when she would be making her home visit. She stated Friday, which proved to be 2 weeks from now but not on the Friday following.

  14. Alex Dowman
    1 rating

    Awaiting resolution

    May 1, 2023

    The trip was to get my Porsche windscreen repaired. The technician cut our mirror's internal housing. The mirror hung and awaiting resolution. In addition, the engineer set a chisel on the floor, which I found while driving along at my feet.

  15. Olivia Heart
    1 rating

    The screen not fitted correctly

    Apr 13, 2023

    The screen I replaced was not fitted correctly, and air leaks on one side, like windows, are slightly open. This is acceptable and will require an additional screen to be installed one week after foafterhe initial one. There were also streaks of dirt in the glass. The interior was also the glass was not clean.

  16. Benjamin Lord
    5 rating

    It's not often that you can get this kind of service in our one Autoglass

    Jan 21, 2023

    I called thinking that I'd make the repair myself rather than claim it through my insurance. However, the person I spoke to told me he could handle it through insurance, so I accepted. I paid for the excess, and the Autoglass agent dealt with the remainder. I was asked to provide the best time/date and given the requested time and date. It's not often that you can get this kind of service in our one Autoglass

  17. Lisa K. Evans
    1 rating

    Poor customer service

    Sep 21, 2022

    Poor customer service from the staff at the call center. They didn't know about store opening hours and gave an inaccurate description of the appointment time. The vehicle could have been taken elsewhere if it wasn't with an insurance company.

  18. Parag Kadakia
    5 rating

    Quick and friendly service

    Jun 29, 2022

    Autoglass has a link on their website, making the process very simple. Completed insurance details, and they took care of everything else. Easy to schedule an appointment, and quick, friendly service

  19. Greg Matthews
    5 rating

    Excellent service!

    May 19, 2022

    Although the website is user-friendly, the windscreen image that you click to locate your chip is not as precise as I expected.

    The auto glass fitter was very friendly and helpful. He replaced the windscreen. I would have it checked by a technician next time.

    They could pick a time and location that was convenient for me. I also had them arrange my insurance company. I'm thrilled.

  20. Justin
    4 rating

    Friendly, fast, and professional service

    Apr 21, 2022

    It was straightforward to replace my windshield. I contacted my insurance company, and they immediately directed me toward an auto glass website. I was able select the date and location (my front drive), for the technician to replace my glass. The fit took about 40 minutes and was done professionally (even replacing my dashcam wiring through the windscreen trim).

    The technician deserves nothing but praise for his work. One star was withheld because I wasn't given an exact arrival time. A window between 8 am and 6 pm is too large without any updates throughout the day. Especially since the arrival time was after 5pm. I was, therefore, on standby for the whole day.

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