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19 Reviews on ArmadaBoost

  1. John JT.
    1 rating
    Nov 15, 2023

    Nightmare Boosting Service

    I recently had an extremely disappointing experience with ArmadaBoost, and I feel compelled to share my ordeal with others. I approached the company with cautious optimism, seeking their services and taking the responsible step of inquiring about the estimated completion time before placing an order.

    However, from the onset, things took a turn for the worse. The time quote provided was nothing more than a false promise. My order was far from completed within the stipulated timeframe, leaving me frustrated and questioning the company's reliability.

    To make matters worse, communication with the company was an absolute nightmare. It seemed that unless I actively sought updates, they were not inclined to provide any information voluntarily. This lack of transparency left me feeling undervalued as a customer.

    When I finally reached my limit and requested a refund, I received another disappointing response. Instead of addressing my concerns, the company attempted to substitute a lesser service for the same amount, as if downgrading my expectations would solve the problem. Reluctantly, I agreed to this compromise, hoping to salvage something positive from this experience.

    Unfortunately, the downward spiral continued. The alternative service they offered was plagued with its own set of issues, further compounding my frustration. It became apparent that this company failed to meet expectations and struggled to provide a basic level of customer satisfaction.

    Having utilized similar services from other providers, I can confidently say that ArmadaBoost stands out as the worst regarding reliability, communication, and overall customer experience. My advice to others considering their services: use ArmadaBoost if you dare, but be prepared for a rollercoaster of disappointment and frustration.

  2. Tyler Sprague
    5 rating
    May 16, 2023

    Very respectful and friendly

    I've ordered several times on this site and have not been disappointed. The items are delivered in the quickest time possible, and they are always very respectful and friendly to assist you in answering any questions or issues you might have. This may sound shady when buying for the first time; however, I can assure you there is nothing to worry about buying your goods through Armada Boost.

  3. Jeff Calicoat
    5 rating
    May 16, 2023

    It was easy and quick

    I used the EU server and purchased it at night, meaning it was completed in the morning when I logged into it. It was easy and quick to reach out. I would recommend using the service again for anyone skeptical regarding its authenticity of it.

  4. James Adamiak
    5 rating
    May 15, 2023

    The booster was completed quickly

    We needed assistance to complete the title. The team was accommodating, and I was given all the answers to my queries and even kicked me in the back. The booster was completed quickly. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing an extra boost in their game.

  5. Yelitza Garcia
    5 rating
    May 11, 2023

    The customer service was beneficia

    It was a bit shaky at first. However, the products and services provided were timely and accurate. The site was simple to use, and the customer service was beneficial. I'll keep using the company and would highly recommend them.

  6. Alicia Ghassan
    5 rating
    May 10, 2023

    An excellent option

    ArmadaBoost is a marketplace for gaming with a wide range of gaming services that can help players increase their skill levels and achieve their game goals. Various boosting options complement the user-friendly interface; ArmadaBoost is an excellent option for those seeking to improve their gaming.

  7. Ileana Martin
    5 rating
    Apr 21, 2023

    Speedy and straightforward to use

    The service is speedy and straightforward to use. There are a variety of ways to contact them to finish your purchase. They will always reply quickly and start working on completing your order as soon as possible. They are always able to deliver at the time they estimate for delivery. Overall I was delighted with their customer service, and I will continue to use them in the future.

  8. Luscious Ava
    5 rating
    Apr 8, 2023

    A reliable and trustworthy

    I was incredibly impressed with the quality of service provided by this company. They were courteous, professional, and quick. They performed everything they stated and beyond. They responded to all of my queries and addressed my issues. They shipped the item within the timeframe and in perfect order. I suggest them to anybody searching to find a reliable and trustworthy business.

  9. Davia Curran
    5 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    The whole experience was excellent

    The whole experience was excellent. The staff members assigned to assist me were friendly and efficient since it was my first experience using their services. They finished my order swiftly and efficiently. They fulfilled everything I asked of them. I will be purchasing from them again. Impressive.

  10. Carolyn Fulton
    5 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    The response and delivery were swift

    The response and delivery were swift, and the transaction was completed within five minutes. They verified that I had received the goods and also asked if I needed assistance regarding anything else. They were also accommodating throughout the entire process. 5/5. I would recommend them in the future.

  11. Blair Parkes
    5 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    They could complete all the tasks I asked for promptly.

    They could complete all the tasks I asked for promptly. I also kept finding prices that fit my requirements. Support is courteous and efficient. Within a couple of hours, it's finished! 10/10 would recommend them to anyone with an appointment who wants something done or completed.

  12. James Wilson
    5 rating
    Mar 8, 2023

    I would highly recommend them to gamers who are on a budget.

    The ArmadaBoost service came up while I looked for an affordable way to play my most-played MMO! They were accommodating and even delivered my game items quickly. I would highly recommend them to gamers who are on a budget.

  13. Nelda Fingerson
    5 rating
    Mar 6, 2023

    After using their services several times

    After using their services several times, I can tell you with certainty that they're reliable, swift, and fast and will provide you with a positive experience each time. Their support team was always quick to respond to my queries and kept me informed frequently. Pricing is also great and especially their points system. I admit that I was a little wary initially, as I was concerned about trust; however, they have earned my trust and become loyal customers.

  14. Suzanne Thompson
    5 rating
    Mar 4, 2023

    Professional and friendly.

    Professional and friendly. Service was much faster than the initial estimate. The customer service was beneficial and accommodating. The website is easy to navigate and contains all the information needed. I plan to use these services for the third time, and it isn't the final! Recommend!

  15. David rarich
    5 rating
    Mar 2, 2023

    I have been waiting for an actual lousy experience

    I have been waiting for an actual lousy experience. However, I'm able to claim that they're surprisingly good. I've experienced a little problem with a booster. However, it's not blamed on discord; I had them several times. Costly, the boosts range from 1-50, but especially when you have the option of spending 2-3 million gold for an increase of 1 to 50

  16. Judith Maselli
    5 rating
    Mar 1, 2023

    Everywhere else is as expensive.

    Armada is awe-inspiring, reliable, and trustworthy and provides excellent client service and effective and efficient groups of carry. If you're tired of boosting your characters and falling behind the rest of the players, You can't beat their prices. Everywhere else is as expensive. I highly recommend them to those who are interested and don't have the time in the day to build or improve their character. Achieving rng pugs on your own is one of the most challenging things, so Armada can significantly help! 100% I'll buy from Armada for the second time!

  17. Suellen K. Ramos
    4 rating
    Jan 9, 2023

    I had a great experience with this service

    I had a great experience with this service. The level boost was completed quickly, and the communication was excellent. They could give me a discount based on my current progress in the game, which was very appreciated. The only downside was that my keybinds were changed in the process, but I'm delighted with the service overall.

  18. Will Bradley
    5 rating
    May 13, 2022

    The booster began to work quickly and was completed in no time

    I was nervous when I bought a boost, but after paying armada, they kept in touch with me throughout the process.

    After 30-60mins, the booster started working and was completed quickly. I am 100% satisfied with the result and will continue to use these guys for all my boosts.

  19. Roddy sanders
    5 rating
    Apr 25, 2022

    For Game Lovers

    Because he believes there is nothing better than this service, my friend recommended this place to me. After listening to him, I decided to join this community of gamers through the help of this service. Everything went perfectly.

    I've been playing here for several months now, and I'm so glad I decided. Although I had played some games, I was not a gamer. This service helped me understand that I would like to improve my skills in this area. Who knows, maybe I'll be a successful streamer one day.

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