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  1. Wayne Tanton
    July 30th, 2022

    the issue was solved quickly and efficiently

    It was an account login issue for the client, and you provided the solution to reinstall the software, which was the correct solution, and the problem was solved quickly and efficiently and was well-attended

  2. Aaron Collins
    July 9th, 2022

    if there is something I like about this software

    What I love about this program is that it’s a flexible application, and the customer service is fantastic; the 24 hours a day of customer support is beneficial as I can work from any time. When I’m stuck, I contact the support agents and receive answers. The drawback of this software is that you’re limited to specific characteristics and structures. It is impossible to create an application precisely as you would like it to be. I’m having a significant issue with your branding after I purchased your subscription, regardless of the plan. Including your logo in my application is not suitable as it’s a poor business plan, especially regarding marketing; ensure that your customers buy without feeling cheated. They will search for alternatives to make an impression on their lives and make a sale to you. It is not a good idea to make a customer purchase something they’re uncomfortable with, and they’ll share their bad experiences and stop customers from using your service. Your branding should be visible in your free services that are paid for by customers and pay for your assistance. Your logo should not appear on the application.

  3. Ronald Williams
    July 4th, 2022

    Appypie is awesome!

    Appypie is awesome! I was delighted with the assistance and help I received from Shefa, who was brought to Chat Live by Sakshi. I was treated with personal attention and excellent guidance on the right strategy for us.

  4. Camal Coskun
    May 18th, 2022

    These guys have amazing

    AppyPie is used by nearly all clients who are early in their business and need an app to help them prove it.

    AppyPie’s capabilities and support team allow clients to create prototypes and accelerate their projects quickly.

  5. scott enrico
    April 28th, 2022

    The best of the Best!

    AppyPie’s work is what I would like to discuss. You can create an app using their templates. They will publish the application by themselves. All they need is your login details. Prices are very affordable (if you don’t purchase additional services).

    You can download the application, and your logo will be displayed. If you want your logo to appear, you’ll need to pay an extra fee. However, you cannot count on a discount if they don’t like or can’t offer it. We must understand. Their prices are so low. However, I gave five stars because everyone tried, did their best, and did excellent work!

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I want to talk about the work of AppyPie. They created an application using their templates. Publish the application on their own. You only need to provide login details to the developer account. The prices are meager (if you don't buy additional services). For example, when downloading the application, their logo will be displayed, not your company's, so that only your logo is there. You need to pay extra. I also want to thank Sam for being very patient in listening to all my problems with payment, yet we managed to agree. However, you can’t count on a discount. They don’t want to or really can’t provide it. We must understand. that their prices are so low. In any case, I put five stars. Everyone tried, everyone worked, and everyone did a great job!

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