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Is AnyVan legit?

AnyVan has 58 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.4 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach AnyVan customer care?

You can contact AnyVan customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (203) 8723 050

Where is AnyVan located?

AnyVan is located at address Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom.

58 Reviews on AnyVan

  1. Barry Padley
    1 rating

    Worst Experience at AnyVan

    Dec 28, 2023

    I had a bit of a rough experience with AnyVan and They were supposed to come help us move between 9 and 10 AM on the 26th, but noon rolled around and there was no sign of them. I got bounced around between customer service reps for a good two hours tryin' to figure out what happened and they said maybe they could track down someone to come out later in the afternoon, but couldn't guarantee when exactly.

    Now my husband and me we're both retired so this whole mess was tougher on us than it coulda been. Luckily some good friends were able to pitch in and give us a hand movin everything. Woulda been nice if Any Van could done their job, but least I got my money back without any fuss there. Just added extra stress to an already long day. You'd think a company like that would show a little more care and consideration for older folks.

  2. Anne McCormick
    4 rating

    Efficient Tracking and Responsive Service

    Nov 21, 2023

    I was genuinely impressed with the tracking system – it provided a sense of security. Monitoring the van's progress and knowing exactly when it would reach my doorstep was incredibly convenient. The icing on the cake was receiving photos of the item at its final destination at the end of the delivery process; it added a personal touch to the whole experience.

    Kudos to the driver and his co-worker for a job well done. Their professionalism did not go unnoticed. The chat system staff also deserves commendation. When I needed assistance the day before the delivery, they were courteous and efficient in addressing my concerns.

    While there was a hiccup with the allocated arrival time at the Kidderminster depot not aligning with the company's opening hours – despite my communicating the hours to the person who took my order – the issue was promptly rectified. The company adjusted the time accordingly without any hassle, and everything fell into place seamlessly. It was a positive customer experience, thanks to the effective tracking system and the responsive and capable team handling the process.

  3. L
    1 rating

    Absolute nightmare

    Nov 7, 2023

    On the 23rd of October, my experience with AnyVan began with what felt like a rather brusque phone call. There seemed to be a mix-up as they were aware I wouldn't be on-site for the collection.

    I received a call about an issue with moving an under-counter fridge, but upon arrival at the property, I noticed it had been shifted and was now obstructing the entrance.

    I found some boxes unpacked with a few items inside unfortunately damaged. The bathroom cleanliness was not as it should have been.

    The main concern was that the items that were supposed to be moved out remained in place. The explanations have been inconsistent, and it has been a challenge to get a clear answer from AnyVan regarding this oversight.

  4. Scott Jason
    1 rating

    Poor service

    May 20, 2023

    I'm granting one star, but only since I can't afford to give one lead. They took apart the piece of furniture and did not ask permission. Some parts are not there because they did not complete the task correctly. Poor service from all angles.

  5. Carolyn Santangelo
    5 rating

    Highly recommend

    May 19, 2023

    I found a table for dining on the market but couldn't get it into the car, so we took advantage of the AnyVan. Easy and quick to book without hidden fees. The communication was excellent, and I and I were informed of the estimated delivery date through the tracking links. The delivery driver was ahead of schedule, and I was sent a text telling me when I'd be the next. The driver was courteous and friendly and assisted me in moving my table inside the home. We will be using them again and highly recommend them!

  6. Paul Hand
    5 rating

    Great service

    May 15, 2023

    Two lovely guys have delivered our furniture today. I was informed throughout the delivery day, and the table came in precisely at the time it was specified. Great service. I would recommend them and would consider using the service again.

  7. Jeramie Anderson
    1 rating

    Incident was horrible

    Apr 24, 2023

    Therefore, if they must go in and out of your home to take the van to its destination, they will likely increase the price! If they are bringing the van too small, they will be charged more if you need your beds to be put up inside a home. to cost you more. !!!! You should think about setting it higher for whatever reason you want !! I'm sorry, but my incident was horrible; it's only appropriate to tell people about the incident!! How did you get to be so great now? is so awful! The driver requested that I not post a negative review, which apparently will affect his earning potential.

  8. Shane Whaley
    5 rating

    Friendly as well as helpful

    Apr 23, 2023

    We are happy about the arrival of our brand-new outdoor sofa today. As promised, I received a scheduled time slot yesterday and was then given a call about 30 minutes before arriving this morning. The drivers were friendly as well as helpful. I would recommend Anyvan.

  9. Derek Watson
    1 rating

    Anyvan is a racket/ Do not Trust

    Apr 22, 2023

    Moving experience was a mess from start to finish. My sister didn't have much stuff - just a couple beds, two couches, a bookcase some chests of drawers, and a few dozen boxes. But the movers didn't bring any padding or covers to protect the furniture. It was a constant fight trying to get the guys to take breaks instead of just sitting around and they weren't very careful with the boxes either. I definitely wouldnt recommend this company to anyone unless they were truly the only option!

    And get this - they even charged an extra $186 for the walk from the truck to the apartment. We're talking maybe 25 meters here. It was a straight shot. The movers didn't even have hand trucks or anything to move the boxes efficiently. Nope, just carried a few at a time by hand. What a racket!

  10. Monica Owen
    5 rating

    The staff provided excellent service

    Apr 19, 2023

    Excellent service. They arrived at the time they promised and were accommodating and friendly. The app for tracking was fantastic in determining precisely where they were, and the time they would come. The pickup was in the scheduled time frame, and the staff provided excellent service. I will recommend them again.

  11. Justin Bonner
    1 rating

    Did not have a clear view

    Apr 18, 2023

    The person who showed up to collect my possessions was there promptly. But only half of them claimed they did not have a clear view of the items I listed in my instructions. They did not take all of it into their van but instead employed their kids (child labor!) to transport it to their van. They took delivery of the portion of my possessions they collected five hours later (8 am time of pickup and 10 am delivery), which is why they didn't take it to the facility but instead employed their child to dispose of it at the roadside.

  12. Chevonne Ariss
    1 rating

    A complete scam

    Apr 17, 2023

    Do not use this business at any time, they are a complete scam, and you believe you've hired a man and van, but you do not. We got an estimate, but it was through the roof and went up. The bed we listed was not included; you'd think it included a headboard and a mattress, but it cost us PS120 additional; we also had several extra boxes since we calculated the number of packages we needed to pack. PS100 when we received the delivery because of the property where the front entrance was just 30 feet from our main door. Another PS120 completely rip-off the seller.

  13. Annabella Solidum
    5 rating

    Pleasurable and relaxing

    Apr 8, 2023

    AnyVan and, most importantly, Bogdan was extremely quick to understand and extremely friendly. Their service was without a smile and two packages of happiness amid a difficult time. They helped me put my mind at ease and even went above and beyond regarding loading and stacking my possessions. The whole process was pleasurable and relaxing. I will be back for another visit.

  14. Brandie Hickman
    1 rating

    It appears that the drivers aren't their own responsibility

    Jan 12, 2023

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. We are shocked. We had to sell tables and chairs, and the buyer used AnyVan to pick them up. One of the men ripped an entire chunk of plaster off our wall. After that, they got into their van, and then drove off. We snapped pictures and called AnyVan immediately. After a few weeks and being forced to chase them daily, they refuse to address the issue. It appears that the drivers aren't their own responsibility. The drivers, in this instance, have denied doing the damage and are refusing to assist. Be aware if you encounter issues, as AnyVan declares they aren't responding to the drivers they use to perform the work.

  15. Lise Stanford
    1 rating

    He damaged and stained the sofa

    Jan 11, 2023

    The Courier LIAM was 4 hours late... He damaged and stained the sofa that I returned to Laura Ashley, and when I inquired about what I should do since they were unable to refund me for an unclean sofa more... the courier just got in his van and drove away, leaving me with a couch that was in the middle of the highway... since I am a woman with a hernia, and am a middle-aged grandmother, I couldn't move it.

  16. Maria Smith
    1 rating

    We have warned you that you should not use the device at your own risk

    Jan 10, 2023

    They are the worst movers ever. Beware that they pack as "ROBBERS" everything is so disorganized when you unpack, i.e., everything is separated into various boxes so that nothing stays connected. They make use of the boxes to store everything in, like emptying drawers in bins and even private lockers for beds which aren't heavy since they cost PS20 per container. They damaged one Art Deco ornament, among many other pieces. I don't have the mobile(pensioner) and couldn't locate my camera to take pictures. I moved to a new location, and I'm not sure who to ask for permission to use a camera or mob. We have warned you that you should not use the device at your own risk. These positive reviews are provided by big companies, which Anyvan pays handsomely for. COWBOYS, plain and simple.

  17. Aldyth Baune
    1 rating

    It's not guaranteed that the delivery will be delivered.

    Jan 8, 2023

    Be aware that when you reserve the service, it's not guaranteed that the delivery will be delivered. AnyVan doesn't have its vehicles, and you can guess if they can find someone for the day. If you receive an email confirmation after booking, it does not mean that they have confirmed the delivery. It is only a confirmation that they've listed the van for an auction by a third party. It's not sure that you have a van until you get an email. If you require delivery on a particular day, as I did, that isn't the best option. It should be clarified on the site. Don't stay on the line for the whole day as I did during your pickup day in the event that you do not receive a telephone call. We are very disappointed with the service offered by AnyVan. The only option I was offered was reimbursement or making it possible for the 3rd driver to bid again, so there was another question mark. Alongside the additional I paid to get an appointment on the weekend, a refund of the difference wasn't provided. A poor experience!

  18. Mary Goldbeck
    1 rating

    Don't use this company.

    Jan 7, 2023

    Don't use this company. They're terrible. Unfortunately, I believed these reviews! My son has told me that companies that are large like this employ professional firms to review online. It's likely to be the scenario. The movers were untrained and packed poorly, with lots of broken pieces. Took too long. I loved the idea of the use of LOADS and LOADS of boxes. They charged a lot for them. They could have followed the way others do, for example, remove our bedroom drawers and move the carcass to a van, and then load the drawers with my personal belongings. So I thought I'd attempt to rectify the situation about this business. The companies I have found charge a staggering PS500 to the company that handles the job, which means that the company that is going the job cuts corners and hires untrained workers, and most likely pays them a meager sum of money too.

  19. Ursula Santos
    1 rating

    It is a very stress-inducing experience.

    Jan 5, 2023

    I would not suggest Anyvan to anyone. It is a very stress-inducing experience. We paid for the service, but the removal van did not show up. There are always excuses from the van driver. We have lost faith in this company.

  20. Corina Niculcea
    1 rating

    I was ripped off for a service not even provided.

    Jan 4, 2023

    I would rate it zero stars If I had the chance to after being misled by drivers who had to cancel at the last minute and then arguing with the driver who was replaced by text about whether I required a VAN that I requested. He arrived that same day carrying the HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK which isn't the same as a VAN. The representative at the call center refused to deliver an authentic VAN at no cost and demanded me pay a second time. He didn't have any intention of helping me. He only wanted to get me to pay him back. He was insulting. After a lengthy discussion with the call center, they advised that the driver should unload the vehicle and then leave and then told me they would not reimburse me the cost for this. The driver then went, and I was given a full hour to locate a different mover. I called the company I had previously worked with, and they arranged for the van I had asked for. Anyvan caused my move to be extremely stress-inducing, a nightmare, and I was ripped off for a service not even provided.

  21. Kenneth Kroesser
    1 rating

    Refund given but got me heated.

    Jan 3, 2023

    I was pretty bummed about the moving service. I had set up a time to haul some furniture from my bedroom over to the care home my dad's at now. It was gonna be like a two hour drive for me to get there when they said they'd deliver everything. So the day before, when they were supposed to come get the stuff, I gave anyvan and com a call just to double check that a driver was booked and that it would all go smooth. They told me no one had signed on yet but not to worry cuz it was gonna be fine. Well fine it was not. I drove those two long hours to meet the van and no one ever showed up! Didn't even get an email from them saying plans fell through. Of course they were happy to give my money back afterwards. But it aint about the money really. It's the headache and chaos their no show driver caused that's got me heated.

  22. Dawn Niekarz
    1 rating

    This was not a good choice for the lady

    Jan 2, 2023

    If you don't like the pickup times or having to deal with rude drivers and poor customer service, then this company is for you! I had a delivery that needed to happen on a specific day, but the driver was clearly overwhelmed and didn't show up until late the next morning. This was really hard on the woman whose item was scheduled for pickup (she was ill with cancer and leaving on vacation the next day) and the item I bought on eBay could have been removed from the sale because of the delay. I really don't recommend using this company at all. Their chaos and incompetent services ended up almost costing someone a cherished item and caused a lot of unnecessary stress. I wish I had gone with a more reliable service.

  23. Renata Inokomis
    1 rating

    I paid for the car transportation.

    Jan 1, 2023

    I paid for the car transportation. The pick-up had to be at a predetermined time as I was moving. Three times they said all was fine, then two days before the pickup time, they called to inform me that they could not make it happen. They're useless.

  24. Tina Moore
    5 rating

    The experience extremely simple and straightforward

    Dec 30, 2022

    Since this was my first move, I was worried that it would be stressful, but With Anyvan made the experience extremely simple and straightforward; the driver who assisted me was incredible and helped me unload and load everything I had packed; the entire process of moving took only about an hour and a half from beginning to completion which was incredible I would recommend Anyvan.

  25. Ellen Steiger
    5 rating

    Excellent service.

    Dec 28, 2022

    Excellent service. First-class communication throughout, including the ability to talk to an actual person who was able to re-arrange everything in case I needed to alter the date of collection. The driver of the van was extremely friendly and accommodating

  26. Richard Dalt
    1 rating

    I would! Beware of this business

    Dec 26, 2022

    If I could leave no stars, I would! Beware of this business. We paid them entirely to take furniture from our shop and store it. They arrived to perform the task but refused to finish the job and then refused to pay back the money we paid back! The customer service is terrible and ineffective. I highly recommend that you avoid this business!

  27. Sally Hedges
    5 rating

    The communication with Anyvan

    Oct 21, 2022

    The communication with Anyvan, beginning from the time of booking to delivery, was outstanding. I didn't need to hang around for hours, wondering when my delivery would show up, and they were highly professional. I did not do anything following the purchase online, and there was no need to follow up because they kept me updated. It was great.

  28. Usman Gbajabiamila
    1 rating


    Oct 6, 2022

    I would seriously advise you NOT (I would underline, bold, and put in italics if I could) to use this lot. They were awful. Seriously, one of the worst experiences I have ever had dealing with any organization, business, or company.

    Please dO NOT make the same mistake as I did with their Trustpilot score. It's inflated with "invited" reviews. I wish I had paid more attention. Read the bad reviews, and you will see a definite pattern of incompetence, awful customer care, delay, and daylight robbery. Also, DO NOT believe their responses to bad reviews on here. THEY DON'T CARE.

    Once you have paid them, that's it. They know moving is a stressful experience and take advantage of the situation! Please, please don't use them. I was stressed and upset by my experience, and I am usually incredibly relaxed and easygoing. I never write reviews, but I thought its moral duty to warn people about this.

    Moving home is stressful and can be an emotional experience. This lot only adds to that stress and anxiety. They turned up late twice. The first time they only sent one person to make a home move! This was after I had explained during the booking process that there was furniture, like beds, etc., to move. The sole mover arrived late on Sunday, looked at what was to be moved, and left!! I spent 2 hrs trying to get ahold of their Customer Service team. Decided to change tactics and call their Sales team.

    Surprise, Surprise, they picked up right away! They blamed me for not telling them it was a two-person job, even though I had told them I was moving furniture like beds and sofas.

    They refused to give me a refund! I had no choice but to rebook, which was another cost - by this stage, I was packed, with no internet, etc., and I was moving out of rented accommodation that needed to be vacated immediately because my landlord was completing the sale of the property the next day.

    I had no time to find another company. The next day, the second team arrived. This time two of them, but once again, late! Then when they got to my new home - an apartment block, they complained my apartment was too far from the van, which was parked directly next to my apartment building.

    The concierge suggested the best spot and route to my apartment. They couldn't have parked any closer, and my apartment building has multiple entrances and lifts!! There were some fire safety doors to navigate, but that is nothing new! It was a few minute's walks from the van to my apartment.

    Subsequently charged me an additional amount to unpack my things. Held me at ransom! At this stage, I was fuming. I was promised a callback and a potential refund. It's been two weeks, and no one has called. The person was Andy from their Day team. He wouldn't give me his second name.

    When you add up all my costs, including paying rent for an additional night at my last place because of the debacle of sending one person to move furniture, I was out of pocket by nearly £750.

    If you want peace of mind during a home move and don't want to get ripped off by an utterly unprofessional outfit, I suggest you hire someone else.

  29. Carolyn Henderson
    3 rating

    I would not recommend this business

    Aug 30, 2022

    The boys were excellent and punctual, and they delivered the van promptly. However, the company is expensive. They charge extra fees, and since the boys had to wait for 30 mins until we arrived, they added 200 hundred pounds more despite my son helping to load their luggage which could have helped them save this time. Therefore, I would not recommend this business.

  30. Jennie Adasavage
    3 rating

    I've had two moves with anyway

    Aug 30, 2022

    I've had two moves with anyway. The first one is... fantastic overall, and the second move was a complete disaster. .... The driver and the moving team exceeded expectations, and we're fantastic. Still, the admin staff/customer service staff needed to step up their game as some things were missing from my inventory which I had already paid for. The move took 5 hours because the driver was calling in sick, and the service staff was not interested.

  31. Orlando Gonzalez
    3 rating

    The communication was excellent

    Aug 29, 2022

    The communication was excellent. The guys who were present gave that it was the hottest day in the history of the world. The van that came in was too small for the items on the inventory, which was completed within the stipulated time, so the things were left to me to move, which added to the stress we were already feeling. In addition, when we moved to the new location, they couldn't bring the wardrobes upstairs. So there are two closets now in my dining room that I'll need to sort through.

  32. Alexa Carattini
    3 rating

    I'm a bit disappointed

    Aug 24, 2022

    The experience was good but could be improved. The communication was flawless, and the people who attended the event were great. The van that was assigned was not big enough to accommodate everything listed. The men tried their best to load everything into the vehicle. However, my things were scratched, and some boxes were upside down. I don't think I'm blaming the guys since they are working hard and trying to call anyway to see if additional transportation is possible. The problem can be easily solved by assigning any van a different van. I'm a bit disappointed, but there is much positive feedback here.

  33. Boris Silversteyn
    3 rating

    It was not a great experience

    Aug 23, 2022

    It was not a great experience. We only saw that 70 percent of the belongings were relocated. Anyvan has given me an inaccurate impression of the services that will be offered at the time of the event. The driver was rude the moment they arrived at our house. The problem with this business is that they are akin to Uber, which means that the people you speak with (based in S Africa) have little to do with their drivers. When you exceed the number of boxes that you've prepared, the drivers or packers decide on the cost for any additional items. There is no accountability. The pre-service from the call center was excellent; however, you're relying on the people who show up at the time.

  34. Glen Farley
    3 rating

    Avoid, expensive and unhelpful

    Aug 20, 2022

    Avoid, expensive and unhelpful, moved this week following a delay; the van was on time but wasn't sufficient in size. They then argued with me regarding the items they had planned to carry even though they were cataloged at the time of booking, PS1178.00, to relocate 1.6 miles. Beware that house movers are not to be trusted.

  35. Vince Walls
    2 rating

    The men were injured to the sofa

    Aug 18, 2022

    The men were injured to the sofa while transporting it and charged an additional amount since they drove a small vehicle after being informed of the damages and contacted after a week. They told me that I don't have a claim since the insurance policy states within a week to be informed.

  36. Alyssa Riker
    2 rating

    They did not reimburse me for any cost

    Aug 16, 2022

    I lost my TV, and they did not reimburse me for any cost. They charged me a PS50 "late" fee since I was over 30 minutes late - I was required to visit the estate agent to get the keys! It was a disaster - choose the right removal company, and I will not repeat the same error!

  37. David Sarway
    2 rating

    The experience was not as good

    Aug 14, 2022

    I booked a van. The driver called and informed me that the truck was not ready. He later said he'd arrive by 11:30 pm (I scheduled for the arrival of items between 6-8 pm and paid PS12 additional to cover this). I suggested he deliver the goods tomorrow, and he was highly inconsiderate of me. He did not show up. I contacted customer support the next day, and she was able to refund me the delivery slot fee and sent a different driver. They were pleasant and extremely accommodating. But overall, the experience was not as good as the driver initially hired. The customer service agent in the call center was fantastic, though

  38. Michael Golen
    2 rating

    The customer service is terrible and extremely difficult to contact

    Aug 14, 2022

    The van arrived three hours earlier than we had agreed (not due to the driver's fault), and in the end, we moved most of the truck ourselves. The customer service is terrible and extremely difficult to contact. I've made two complaints recently, and neither returns your call. The insurance company has some seriously excessive excesses as well. Keep an eye out.

  39. Frank Major
    2 rating

    It was a huge nightmare

    Aug 11, 2022

    I would not advise anyone to take items that weren't meant to be stored and had difficulty comprehending our instructions. The furniture was shipped to the new address more than what was agreed. The table was damaged, and items were missing. We've been asked to supply receipts for the things that are missing and request quotes for furniture repairs. It was a huge nightmare.

  40. Wendy Fisher
    2 rating

    Inferior customer service. Be honesty

    Aug 8, 2022

    My list was modified after making the booking without my knowing so that it would give me a lower cost. I was told the price was cut, not realizing that the person had changed my list. I was satisfied with the cost. However, I learned the list had been altered/reduced at the last minute. I had to pay more for my purchases—inferior customer service. Be honesty.

  41. Blaise Ffrench
    2 rating

    I was ignored and not heard

    Aug 5, 2022

    I asked for an estimate, knowing I would require 10-12 cubic feet of area. I received a quote for the Large Luton Van 15 cubic meters or more. In my inquiry, I was informed, "based on the estimate we've received, this is the capacity of cubic meters you'll require.' I explained to them that there was an error. I was aware of the size required; I had already packed it. However, there was no space for discussion. As I began to ask questions, I was ignored and not heard. It was double as long as I had guessed it would need to be.

  42. Amber Hreha
    2 rating

    Mixed feelings , but doubt I'd ever use it again

    Aug 3, 2022

    My Anyvan arrived on time (there were a few issues with the driver's not finding my block and the delay in accessing the shared lift, which I can appreciate as being annoying, but not the blame!). There were stairs involved, and the driver informed me that there was an additional cost of PS30. He later told me that the van was not allowed to leave until this was paid! I already had produced the "6th floor or more" fee and informed them of the stairs in the additional information box.

    I spoke with a great Rep via telephone (James) who looked into the issue and was able to get the money back. I also inquired when I booked if the delivery was upstairs. My 90-year-old father was there for delivery but was told that it was only for the ground floor and that he would be left to his own with furniture for his bedroom within the living area! I was annoyed that they would be so cruel to an elderly 90-year-old and then try to include the additional PS30 after they initially appeared so helpful and friendly. James deserves praise for being so helpful but thanks you for your help

  43. Joan Fitzgerald
    2 rating

    I will not recommend anyone

    Aug 2, 2022

    I booked through AnyVan because of their reviews. They were on time but in a hurry, and after over a month after I moved in and took everything out of the house, I could see the full magnitude of the damage. The brand new dining table made of oak was damaged and scratched on one corner, and the sofa's leather was destroyed. Overall, it was not worth it, and I will not recommend anyone. However, after this experience, it's something I won't be doing again.

  44. Tanisha Bailey
    2 rating

    I would not use this firm again

    Aug 2, 2022

    I would not use this firm again. First, they advise you to empty drawers, and then they will charge you to transport the contents. Every contact with them, they charge you money. The same goes for the moment you call them and leave a message. That is also a cost. My removal guys were excellent, but they followed what they were told. The van they used was too small, and they did not include a tachometer in their van

  45. Ricki Davis
    2 rating

    I was so disappointed by the company

    Aug 1, 2022

    I was so disappointed by the company and driver. All was set, and I constantly received the wrong times for pick-up and delivery. After calling the office two times, I was assured that they would get the driver's information to update his schedule correctly, but this wasn't done. After finally picking up the items, he returned to my home to drop them off. He claimed he couldn't place the sofa in the doorway and threw it on the floor before me. He said he'd call me after work hours to assist in returning the couch or removing the doors. He did not. The office was not paying attention to what I had said, and they continued to repeat herself, then repeating it to me. It was a complete cost of time and effort

  46. Robert Dacus
    2 rating


    Jul 27, 2022

    Be aware when choosing the time of arrival. It is the window to their appearance, not the exact time you require their services. We were irritated by this, and ended up losing our money when we had to end the contract. We received an email the day before pick-up telling us that "your driver will arrive anytime between X and X." We were too late to make a change at that point, so we lost all our money. The chat support was great and quick, however we lost our money when we had to cancel. Disappointing.

  47. Russ Antonille
    2 rating

    The driver was not very cooperative

    Jul 24, 2022

    A note to anyone who lives in a house you must state which floor you reside on since they cost PS15 per floor. The first time I was using Anyvan is likely to be my last. The driver refused to deliver my package to the top floor, even though it was an item that required only one person, which indicates it wasn't a heavy delivery. The driver was not very cooperative.

  48. Jesse Bradley
    2 rating

    The tracking system does not work

    Jul 20, 2022

    I booked a week in advance, and the customer service was responsive, and the cost was affordable. The delivery was on time. However, the tracking system does not work, and I received the tracking code only after receiving the delivery. We paid for same-day delivery, and the website claims delivery will take around five hours. Driver Peter picked up the goods at 8:30 am, and we had hoped they would arrive by 12:30 pm or perhaps around 4 pm. The delivery arrived at 8:45 pm. It took more than 12 hours to come, which is a bit later than what we had anticipated. They moved everything safely and carefully.

  49. David White
    2 rating

    Avoid this firm

    Jul 17, 2022

    Avoid this firm. They're just trying to take your money. The employees are amicable. However, the company's policies allow people to be locked to pay for over-priced services. For instance, I paid PS10 for each container because they were out on the day of my move. They didn't have a large enough van, so I had to purchase another one, which increased my costs by doubling—an incredibly stressful relocation.

  50. Rachel Klein
    5 rating

    Excellent punctuality

    Jul 15, 2022

    Excellent punctuality. The crew worked quickly but with care on a hot day. Communication was excellent. I found the site complicated and restrictive about the items that were to be collected. For instance, I had to know the dimensions and weight of an article located 50 miles away. I gave up on putting it on to pick up. However, the pickup and delivery of the rest were fantastic.

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AnyVan, launched in 2009 by Angus Elphinstone and Ben Goor, is a unique online platform based in Europe. It smartly connects customers needing delivery, transport, or removal services with various transport partners. These partners bid for jobs, leading to competitive pricing and efficient logistics. Initially focused in the UK, AnyVan has successfully expanded its reach across several European countries, including Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, and Italy. Its innovative approach not only streamlines the moving process but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

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