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6 Reviews on Anytime Fitness

  1. Marius Constantin
    Jan 22, 2023

    There is no signage, return phone calls, or emails about their opening hours

    A great gym. While restrictions have been removed in contra costa right now, there are days when they’re open, while other days they’re not. There is no signage, return phone calls, or emails about their opening hours. So it can be a bit frustrating to discover that you’re unable to exercise simply because your credit card won’t allow you to access the door for you at some moment. I am doing my best to be patient, but maybe updating anything with what your hours are right now would help.

  2. Jeffrey Bauman
    Sep 24, 2022

    Very disappointed with them

    Very disappointed with them, was as a member through covid. My partner joined, but she didn’t want to join, but she was able to finish her 12-month contract. She tried to end the contract, but it only took one month to cancel. We asked them to cancel, and they cited the policy and told us that we needed to give a month’s notice, even though we provided five months’ notice. This time we were looking at the reason why it was not canceled. They insist that they extend it for another month, even though she has no intention to take advantage of it. Again for me, stall tactics to obtain the most they can. Then next month, they’ll come up with another excuse. It’s a shame for a company. It’s not a good idea or common sense. Well, I guess I’m going to cancel my membership too. U made 80 euros, but you gained someone who would have paid at least a year’s worth of fees. To put it mildly, a complete joke is not acknowledging any responsibility for the situation and insisting that paying is a joke. It’s not their fault that they didn’t know what we had agreed to 3-4 months before the meeting.

  3. David Paul
    Jul 29, 2022

    always tidy and well-organized

    Anytime Fitness on Route 59 in Naperville is always tidy and well-organized. It’s a clean and comfortable area to work out. The weight machines are maintained, and weights are always placed in the right spot.

  4. Chad Thompson
    Jul 11, 2022

    I'd love for it to be renewed

    My membership is nearly up however I’d love for it to be renewed. The facilities and staff are far superior to other gyms I’ve visited to date. I like having the option to get access to gyms in other countries that have it.

  5. Stanford Lewis
    Jul 2, 2022

    The most difficult business I've ever had to deal with

    I worked on releasing political prisoners from countries like Egypt (under Hosni Mubarak) as well as in the Islamic State. Why am I mentioning this? Because those folks were simpler to work with than it was to cancel an account with Anytime Fitness. My contract ended, and they charged me for the following nine months. When I finally could cancel, they re-billed me for a further month. They’re an organization that will rip you off at every opportunity. In addition, contrary to what the proprietor will tell you, the principal deposit isn’t refundable. It’s like negating the reason behind a “deposit,” right?

  6. Anonymous
    Jun 4, 2022

    highly recommend this gym

    A mid-sized gym is perfect with everything you require to have an all-body workout.

    You will get a locker for your belongings, towel service, a private bathroom, and a shower.

    It isn’t so busy as other gyms close by and, as a result, it smells fresh.

    There are locations throughout the Bay Area you can access and places in different countries.

    The owner and his team are fantastic too.

    I would highly recommend this gym to novices and those who want to join a reputable fitness center.

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