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24 Reviews on Amazon Sellers Attorney

  1. Carole Harsch
    Jun 9, 2023

    Always remained on top of things

    Perfect! My business has successfully restored its ACX account, which had been lost because of an author's illicit acts. ASA always remained on top of things and was always professional! The experience was worthwhile to invest in. I would highly recommend it!

  2. Angie Nichols
    May 16, 2023

    Extremely complicated

    I engaged these people to take down the hijackers in my Amazon listings. Instead, they removed my listings from Amazon and put my account close to being on the verge of being suspended. All emails were answered within 24 hours which was extremely complicated, particularly if trying to resolve a problem similar to mine addressed.

  3. Danielle Cohen
    May 14, 2023

    Efficiently restored

    My account was suspended for three months, and I received several email messages from Amazon informing me that my account would never be reinstated. In just 2/3 weeks, Amazon lawyers effectively and efficiently restored my account!

  4. Andrea Lopez
    Apr 21, 2023

    Excellent Experience

    Excellent Experience With Amazon Sellers Attorney Nadia was unique! I was very nervous due to the belief that it was a fraud. However, they appeared to offer more 5- stars than one! A competitor of mine reported fraudulent IP Trademark infringement complaints - I was able to file five claims. My account wasn't shut down. However, my listing was. I successfully had all five listings reinstated within a week of bringing them on. Amazon did not permanently remove the appeal from the initial requests, however. Eventually, all attractions were solved. Be patient! Thanks for your assistance! A side note: I thought the price was very reasonable and, as others have said, they are highly accessible all the time!

  5. Robyn Wesley
    Apr 20, 2023

    A great job

    The team did a great job. They are professionals in every way. They give personal attention to each client and always respond to any question. They have managed to unlock accounts with over two years of suspension. Thanks so much!

  6. Fernanda Zermeño
    Apr 8, 2023

    Able to respond promptly

    The listing I had was flagged with trademark infringement. Amazon Sellers Attorney was very accommodating in re-establishing my listing. They did not give up on my behalf. After several appeals and phone calls to Amazon support, I've been able to continue running my business. I am also happy with how they can be reached every day. I always was able to respond promptly. Thank you, Amazon Sellers Attorney.

  7. Charles Afeavo
    Jan 18, 2023

    Quick, Professional, and Effective.

    I was hesitant to hire help online to gain access to my Amazon account restored. Amazon is stringent and can suspend accounts for the tiniest of reasons. I had to go through ASM, the ASM program, and meet with my mentors, who are highly knowledgeable and try to assist me in getting my account back. I tried personally appealing my account suspension numerous times but without success. I was highly involved in my Amazon business, and my account's loss affected me greatly. I was stressed due to this, and after speaking with Leito over the phone for the first time, I felt much more confident regarding my decision. I quickly got started and provided Kenneth with the necessary documents, and they were as fast in getting back to me every time with no delay. They restored my account, and I am thankful for this. I felt I was treated with respect and not just an account number. I would highly recommend their services to my friends and family. Quick, Professional, and Effective.

  8. Peter Miles
    Nov 5, 2022

    Not very helpful and is more predatory

    $1,250 and a lot of time and effort. It was impossible to receive a response from Amazon that wasn't unstructured. The problem I've seen is that they're willing to accept any matter even when they know that the case is unlikely to be resolved positively. Of course, they'll say they have a "75-80% success rate." It's not ethical to have the fact that they are taking on cases that they'll never be able to solve. Not very helpful and is more predatory.

  9. Imran Khan
    Nov 2, 2022

    I was removed from Amazon

    I was removed from Amazon due to being connected to a different account. It was nothing to do with the understanding that was linked to it. Amazon Sellers Attorney was able to restore my account. The process took longer than I believed, but it was a success. Thanks!

  10. Ockwell Smith
    Nov 1, 2022

    Excellent Work!

    Excellent Work! I was suspended because of IP violations (multiple IP violations) which led me to speak with Amazon Sellers Attorney; I talked to Alexander and was given a clear understanding of the next steps. After an appeal and appeal, Appeal and Appeal the account was finally activated, and I couldn't have achieved this without AMAZON Sellers Attorney.

  11. Patrick Mcswiggan
    Nov 1, 2022

    I had a wonderful experience

    I had a wonderful experience working with AMZ Sellers Attorney. They provided the Initial POA sent to our company within 24 hours, and their help was vital to making our listing go live within a matter of days. They were always quick and straightforward. I would highly recommend them.

  12. Michael Riggins
    Aug 17, 2022

    The most helpful team

    When I was losing hope and could not see the hope at the end of my tunnel, Nadia Bavelko was there to help me and assist me in finding the light I was seeking. They are by far the most helpful team with any Amazon selling issue related to the suspension. They were accommodating in responding to my queries and queries within 24 hours. I will utilize their services again.

  13. William Kenna
    Aug 11, 2022

    I'm sure I'll use them in the future

    My account was removed because Amazon not being in a position to verify my identity. I contacted Nadia to help me, and she was excellent. Even though we were in different time frames, I knew I would always receive the mail from Nadia once I awoke in the early morning. The email would outline the next steps of the process and would include PoAs when necessary. I'm sure I'll use them in the future if I encounter any further problems with Amazon.

  14. Vladimir Vaynshteyn
    Aug 9, 2022

    Great Work, ASA!

    There were some issues during the time the Amazon account was suspended. Our appeal was rejected, and eventually, the performance was closed. Amazon Sellers Attorney provided the most professional communications and timely responses to our questions and requests. Although the process took a long time (not the blame of the Sellers Attorney at Amazon Sellers Attorney), they stayed on task, and even when we requested for a second time, we were in a position to appeal and eventually succeeded in restoring our account. Great Work, ASA!!!

  15. Judi Hammond
    Aug 6, 2022

    What a wonderful team to collaborate with

    Leito, along with his staff, performs like a SUPERSTAR! They accomplish their tasks promptly. You don't have to look anywhere and elsewhere. One stop for all your needs! What a fantastic team to collaborate with.

  16. Steve Looney
    Aug 3, 2022

    Thank you immensely for your assistance

    My account was suspended for almost four months when I contacted Amazon Seller'sAttorney. The entire team was professional and knowledgeable. They helped me throughout the process. They have always responded to my inquiries and emails. They restored my account without issue. The team also resolved my situation when Amazon did not respond. Thank you immensely for your assistance, Kenneth Eade, Leito, and the entire team, for their assistance during the whole process.

  17. Dianne Watkins
    Aug 2, 2022

    Great job!

    After a lengthy consultation, we've decided to use their service to remove our listing. Nadia has been patient throughout the process and made great efforts to assist us. It was a long process, but in the end, our listing was reinstated with no problems! I am genuinely grateful to you! Great job!

  18. Quang Lam
    Jul 26, 2022

    Overall they were responsive to my inquiries via email

    Nine months of appeals in my case. Finally, it was escalated by direct mail and a request to Amazon. I think it was a better time to file these appeals. Overall they were responsive to my inquiries via email. Altogether, they could do the work they were contracted to do.

  19. Dan Boschetti
    Jul 24, 2022

    The firm makes false claims and is full of lies.

    Please don't believe what these individuals claim that they have a lair. I had to cancel my Amazon account because of the inability of their staff to write appropriate letters to poa since the minor changes didn't help. They also said they would get my money back but then informed me that they would take 20k after I received an email from them stating that they would pursue the funds they held, which was illegal. The firm makes false claims and is full of lies.

  20. Laura Davis
    Jul 20, 2022

    Not very helpful and more predatory

    $1,250 and a lot of time and effort. I was unable to get a response from Amazon that wasn't an e-mail response. The issue I see here is that they're willing to accept any situation, even if they are aware that it has an almost zero chance of being settled favorably. Of course, they'll say they have a "75-80% success rate." It's not ethical to have the fact that they are taking on cases they know they'll never be able to settle. Not very helpful and more predatory.

  21. Ron Benedetti
    Jul 19, 2022

    Fast, responsive turnaround for urgent needs

    After three days of trying to get our listing renewed (after suddenly being removed due to unspecified copyright infringement claims), We sought out Mr. Eade and his team for legal counsel to help us deal with Amazon. After about a week and two appeals later, the listing was reinstated.

    Rapid turnaround If they say that appeals will be in 48 hours and do it, they are serious. The team is responsive and always on hand to answer my calls and emails within 12-24 hours, often quicker. In the case of sellers, Amazon is a nightmare to deal with, and having legal assistance to write responses that conform to Amazon's rules of the road was an enormous help.

    Our only observation is that our appeals associate, who was working alongside Mr. Eade, needed her work examined more carefully than we anticipated, given the amount we were paying - numerous mistakes in grammatical usage. We had to repeat two incorrect statements that needed to be rectified in the appeals declaration.

  22. Jeanne Voller
    Jul 17, 2022

    Completely scam

    Completely a scam. They're refusing to answer my emails and calls. I do not have a problem since they haven't solved my situation. I understand the limitations of how many things they can do. I'm complaining since I wouldn't say I like being ignored. Very Unprofessional.

  23. Andrew Winter
    May 11, 2022

    Warnermedia(@) gets sucker punched

    Vera was excellent in getting Etsy's shop back up and running. They were patient with us and answered all our questions. After our shop was shut down on Etsy for false trademark infringement from warner media(@), they got us back up.

    It took six weeks to get it back up, but Etsy had a slow response rate. The case was solid from the beginning, but we needed someone to examine it. That is precisely what Amazon Sellers Attorney did. We are so grateful for all your hard work.

  24. Ece Ersan
    Apr 29, 2022

    They are a SCAM...

    WARNING WARNING BEWARE THEY'RE A SCAMMER WARNING Please do not sign up for Kenneth Eade or his customer service team. You may end up flushing your hard-earned money down the drain. Kenneth Eade is an all-male show. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any experience with Amazon account verification.

    Each time I call, I speak with a different customer service representative who pretends to represent a lawyer. He is a fraudster, and unfortunately, I fell for his trap. I signed up because I needed help with Amazon UK verification. My account was not verified six months later after he charged me a hefty fee.

    They respond immediately when you ask legal questions. They never return my calls! I keep calling, but every day get the same answer. I am so disappointed. It is unbelievable that he continues trading.

    1. Belinda
      Jan 24, 2023

      They respond immediately when you ask legal questions. They never return my calls! I keep calling, but every day get the same answer. I am so disappointed. It is unbelievable that he continues trading.

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