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Is legit? has 18 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

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You can contact customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8888209666

Where is located? is located at address 941 Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14580, United States.

18 Reviews on

  1. Kris Camp
    1 rating

    Waste Of Time

    Mar 13, 2024

    Don't count on to get the amount of the original online provide. I was to begin with given a terrific provide for my vehicle. A few hours after the inspector went over my car, Jim Inzinga referred to as me with a changed offer that turned into almost $3,000 much less than the initial determine (about 20% less than the unique provide).

    He stated the decrease determine become because the automobile wanted body paintings and paint (the car most effective had a single minor door ding and not using a cracked paint that might be without problems popped out or unnoticed) and tires (tires have been in want of replacing).

    I said the ones items in no way constituted $3,000. He then stated the automobile might want to be distinct (which might had been figured into the original offer since that might be everyday process for resale despite the fact that the auto become very clean inside and out). Then he said there were some paint flaws/chips within the front end/hood (it is a 6-yr old car with 75k miles...It's been pushed).

    The communique devolved to him telling me if I should get extra some place else, I have to take it and that the method didn't price me some thing. All-in-all, it became a waste of my time and an insulting, stereotypical used car salesman enjoy. I went to Car Max the next day and they commemorated their authentic offer and I had a take a look at in-hand inside an hour.

  2. Kathy
    1 rating


    Dec 27, 2023

    There wasn't any problems with my car before this so called inspector came over and hooked his equipment up to my car and afterwards he tells me that my service engine soon light appears on the dashboard. What in the world did he do? I started the car an hour before his phone call and there wasn't any light that came on saying service engine soon. In fact never saw that message on the dash ever!! Now they want me to take my car to a mechanic and see what's wrong with the car and pay for it. There was nothing wrong before he came over. The offer they gave me was a disgrace. Do not do business with them. Beware of their inspectors!!

  3. Tom Coury
    1 rating


    Dec 6, 2023

    On 11/25 they emailed me and wrote:
    “Upon appraising the info, our offer is $69,475.00 pending our inspection.”

    O 11/26 they again wrote in email:
    “We’ll just need to verify the condition of your vehicle - then we can write you a check right away.”

    12/5 the appraiser conducted an inspection.

    On 12/6 they called me and confirmed the vehicle was in great condition. HOWEVER the market had changed on my car and the offer was now $63,000.

    Where in any of the emails was anything stated about the offer being based on market conditions? The written offer was based on condition of the vehicle.

    On 11/25 a duly authorized representative of AllCars made me a conditional written offer of $69,475 and my vehicle successfully met the conditional provision.

    On 12/6 they lowered the offer by $6, 475 dollars based on the changing market. Now I could certainly understand a slight change in the market but a change of $6,475 in 11 days is not believable.

  4. Mike Solomon
    1 rating

    Unreliable Inspectors, Inconsistent Evaluation, and Subpar Communication

    Dec 5, 2023

    I recently received an offer from, and unfortunately, my experience left much to be desired. The initial setback occurred when the first inspector failed to show up or communicate about their absence. This lack of professionalism was quite frustrating.

    When the inspector finally did arrive, they assured my wife and me that the car was in excellent condition. However, to my surprise, when I received feedback from, they decided to reduce the offer by $2,000, citing issues mentioned in the inspection report. This inconsistency between the inspector's words and the final evaluation was disheartening.

    My interactions with Jim and Pete during this process were far from pleasant. Dealing with them was challenging, and their customer service skills left much to be desired. On the positive side, I must acknowledge that the customer service team, in general, was polite. However, their communication and timely responses were lacking, adding to the overall frustration of the situation.

  5. Teretha Williams
    1 rating

    Bad business by Gene parent driver for all car buyers

    Oct 14, 2023

    The company quote you one price the driver comes out in try to down sell you even though i knew what kind of work at had done to my 2008 ford focus s he said that something was wrong on the pipes or there was to different lines i know better but i was helping one of my kids all was ask was to pay me my quote or return the car I wish i would have read the reviews first again his name is Gene heading to police station

  6. Donn
    1 rating

    Don't trust any online offers from

    Sep 21, 2023

    They made an online offer and then ghosted me for three days after I left messages and emails. I finally got someone to answer the phone and they reneged on the offer and left me hanging with two other competing companies.

  7. Bob
    1 rating

    Vinny poor customer service

    Aug 14, 2023

    Vinny set up an appointment for August 14 in Florida in the a.m. No one showed up then he didn’t answer emails or any of my text. So obviously don’t want to buy my car so their loss not mine.

  8. Terry
    1 rating

    Poor customer service

    Aug 14, 2023

    Made an appointment with Vinny. The guy was supposed to show up today in the a.m. No one showed up. They didn’t answer texts nor did he answer emails. Got online to a live chat to one of the rudest people around and she basically told me well there’s still a half an hour of the a.m. if they don’t show up by then call me back. And I told her then that if they didn’t show up like they were supposed to do will be no deal and I will not be calling back. If you can’t help me now. She disconnected and that was it very rude.

  9. Linda Hough
    1 rating

    Not received a call

    May 26, 2023

    I tried to sell a car and was offered one. I was assigned an agent named James and asked about an issue. The concierge did not get back to me. I then contacted the chat on the website to be told via Karen (?) that they were closed. They were going to call me the next day. They did not take the time to do it. I wrote a letter to the company. Steve said he'd fix the issue and set to call me the following day at 9. The call has come three days later, and I have not received a call.

  10. Charles Sites
    5 rating

    Great experience

    Apr 26, 2023

    My stepdad passed away in January, and we were unsure how to dispose of the beloved car he had owned for so long. I looked around before deciding to give it away to Allcars. Jim was accommodating and informed. The money was delivered the next day after the paperwork was sent. The entire process took just a whole week. My mother could deposit the funds into the savings account. My stepdad will be happy with this. Great experience overall, and I strongly recommend these guys. Particular thanks, Jim! Jim!

  11. Kimberly Lopez
    4 rating

    An excellent person

    Apr 11, 2023

    Very easy to collaborate with. Jim is an excellent person. The process took around two weeks. The process was not without a hitch due to my bank putting holds on the check. My bank's decision to place the wait wasn't AllCar's responsibility. However, it delayed the process a little unnecessarily. The only suggestion I have is to provide clients with an option to wire transfer, a certified check, or even an online fund option that Jim did not mention they were looking into.

  12. Sammy Gideon
    5 rating

    Vinny was extremely accommodating and knowledgeable

    Jan 18, 2023

    Vinny was extremely accommodating and knowledgeable about the process involved in selling a vehicle remotely and via the internet. When I was somewhat unsure, he came up with all the necessary details to get the car taken away.

  13. Nicole Davies
    5 rating

    I will work with this company the next time!

    Oct 21, 2022

    I had the pleasure of working with a gentleman named Vinny, who was completely honest and straightforward and kept me updated throughout the process! I will work with this company the next time!

  14. Gerald Stanford
    5 rating

    The process was very simple

    Aug 1, 2022

    The process was straightforward. The car I purchased was perfect. Vinny was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend AllCars to my family and friends. I am delighted with the whole experience.

  15. Barry Spurlock
    1 rating

    The worst customer service

    Jul 18, 2022

    The worst customer service. I am not even sure if this company is legitimate. Customer service reps did not know who their primary inspection firm was. The inspectors did not cancel my appointment after the period specified, just after I had emailed them.

    Not a single individual contacted me to change my appointment. It appears that, as well as the True360 team, had no idea how I could reach the company that inspects cars, and then, at one point, they called me back.

    Then, they rescheduled the appointment for the next week, I spent the entire day waiting in silence with no calls, and no one showed up. did not respond to my emails, voice messages, or follow-up. It was a complete disaster; I'm not sure whether anyone has enjoyed working for the "company."

  16. Stacy Manning
    5 rating

    We are so grateful

    Jun 27, 2022

    First Class Service. Professional communication. Service was delivered quickly and efficiently, as stated. Excellent artistry.

    The front of the car is damaged, and the vehicle delivered looks new. Dan, Jennifer, and Gaby are an exceptional team. We are so grateful! Thank you.

  17. Grady Morris
    4 rating

    Jim had no issues

    May 12, 2022

    Jim was accommodating, and I had no problems with him. My Ford Escape purchase price was fair. Although there was some delay in picking up the car, it was a problem with scheduling and communication. Jim was able to resolve the carrier issue quickly.

  18. Adam Lesser
    5 rating

    Easy Car Sales

    Apr 30, 2022

    From Marina Auto Group in Webster, Vinny was a great person to work with. I was selling my car online. Vinny reached out to me and was professional. Vinny worked with me to determine the price and even made arrangements to visit my house to view the car. It would have been hard for me to drive to Webster between work and recent surgery.

    Vinny was efficient, and the entire transaction was completed quickly. Based on this experience, I would recommend Vinny to anyone interested in the Marina Auto Group dealership. I give him five stars.

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