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  1. Brian Reaces
    September 27th, 2022

    Good and Bad Guys

    I been trying to call them since one answered the phone is that number there are correct number or what been reaching them forever that no one seemly to answer the phone ?

  2. Victoria Altorfer
    July 18th, 2022

    the best rate for my automobile

    The entire experience I had with ALGo could not be better. They also provided me with by far the best rate for my automobile. I cannot say enough about them! The next time, I’ll not go to a dealer but instead, go straight to ALGO.

  3. Charles Mabry
    June 27th, 2022

    rude and a completely unnecessary waste of time

    A shark business is taking advantage of people who wish to sell their vehicles quickly. They offered me $5,000 less than book value and only two dollars over a salvage value.

    This was for a car that is in excellent condition and running great. It was rude and a completely unnecessary waste of time.

  4. Nicolas Liberio
    May 12th, 2022

    ALGO was a great tool to use with

    It was a great experience. A dealership sold me a “new” car. I didn’t feel they offered enough to trade it, so I kept it. I thought I would try to sell it privately. I submitted the information about my Yukon to the site. I received an immediate offer which was much better than I had expected. After talking with a representative, the price was lowered to a more reasonable amount because my car wasn’t perfect.

    However, the offer was solid and legitimate. It was as easy as filling out the forms they sent me, and it was done. My check was delivered to the tow truck, and she wrote that! It was so simple! This process is highly recommended! ALCO is my go-to!

  5. Ryleigh
    April 20th, 2022

    I just sold my car to ALGO

    ALGO was the company that I sold my car to recently. Since I had never heard of ALGO, I was initially skeptical. I had received quotes from Carmax and Carvana and was not impressed with their numbers. Algo offered me more for my car than any other quote.

    It was a smooth experience with excellent customer service and no hiccups during the sales process. The car was picked up, and the account closed without any problems. Algo is a great place to sell your vehicle. They are a great option, and I’ll use them again.

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