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2 Reviews on A Network

  1. Roberta Stuchlik
    July 25th, 2022

    the support was extremely helpful

    The channels are fantastic and are working well on my android TV and mobile phone while working. The media appear to be working throughout the day.

    I had a good guide, and the support was extremely helpful. I would recommend this service to anyone. I have a lot of excellent services.

  2. Irina Zakharchenko
    May 26th, 2022

    Highly recommended

    A-Network has provided me with Emby VOD and IPTV services.

    IPTV Channels work great. There is no buffering and no issues with audio or video.

    The cost is much lower than other IPTV services.

    The support team was very helpful in setting up my android TV box.

    I have a wide selection of movies I haven’t seen in years on Emby VOD and IPTV services from A-Network.

    There are also great HD pictures from every channel. It works flawlessly.

    Highly recommended

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About A Network

A-Network allows users to access many TV shows and movies from our servers. It's like Netflix, but better! All our users can stream from our servers 24/7 via one of the supported applications or a web browser. Our IPTV service offers over 7,500 channels in SD and HD. We also offer VOD. Users will also have access to the Client IPTV Dashboard.

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