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  1. Wendy Sichel
    September 23rd, 2022

    I am very satisfied. delighted

    I’ve used 411 Locals for over ten years. They aren’t expensive and keep me in the top positions on Google. They are honest and hard-working. How accented they can do a cheap and consistent job doesn’t matter. I am very satisfied. delighted

  2. Jeremy Reed
    July 22nd, 2022

    don't require their services

    I am a fully-fledged marketing team and don’t require their services. I’ve been getting calls constantly from them. I’m not knocking anyone’s efforts, but they’re relentless. I told the salesperson I was not interested, and she didn’t understand why.

    I explained that I never speak to anyone once they inform me they’re in a recorded conversation. I know it’s a sales call, and there’s no reason to be interested now.

    She then asked me whether there was any evidence that suggested I was a criminal, which is why I’m not willing to talk via a recorded line, after which she disconnected me. I’m at home with Covid, and I had enough time to contact them again and speak to a manager, but they’re impossible to reach.

    This business has numerous red flags, and I’d avoid them at all costs. If any of my employees had called the potential client a criminal, it was the last day they worked for me.

  3. Trey Hawkins
    July 5th, 2022

    They keep calling me

    They kept calling me, even after I told them I didn’t need their help. They also claim they can take me to the highest position on Google’s search results. If that’s true, that is the case. When I search for online marketing firms, their business isn’t listed at the top of Google for me. If they don’t manage to get their business to show up first, how do they get mine to appear? It’s just a thought.

  4. Kenneth Eddleman
    June 4th, 2022

    chill and understanding

    So Diego was a great listener and a good friend it was as if I was talking to my therapist concerning my business concerns.

    I am convinced that my work of work is incomparable.

    However, I’m not always happy at times, but I’m a successful business owner.

    I’m father of two children and one is in the pipeline.

    And the guy I spoke to knew that I was nervous about these services and he assured me that everything will be fine.

    I’m sure of it. The kindness and compassion this man displayed made me feel less stressed and worried about the situation as well as my business.

    Everyone will be criticized. As humans, everyone makes mistakes.

    We all have bad days, but I’m going give him five stars.

    super friendly and helpful for genuine

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