We receive many requests for guest posting on 99consumer.com. After giving thought to this, we have enabled guest posting services for extraordinary doers and writers.

99consumer.com is a high-quality business directory website featuring hundreds of thousands of small to enterprises businesses, having detailed information about particular company includes, including details, phone, email, and, most importantly, customer reviews.

We are amongst the top business directory review websites, approving and declining every detail about the businesses submitted manually. We do not use an automated algorithm to parse the companies and validate the reviews.


We charge per article posting, and each piece will be posted only after paying NONE NEGOTIABLE and NONE REFUNDABLE FEES of $100.00 per article or a contextual link placement in an existing blog article for consumer or general niche.

We have different pricing variations for sensitive categories like weed, crypto, and casinos. You can find the pricing for these niches in the below pricing table.

Below you can find our article requirements for your convenience.

  • The article must be at least 1250(or +) words.
  • To ensure SEO is optimized, the title cannot be shorter than 35 characters and no longer than 68 characters.
  • “You are allowed two (2) “dofollow” promotional links to the same Domain and three (3) authority links per article.”
  • The two (2) dofollow promotional links are only allowed for the internal resource page. The homepage URL and link mentioning a business name may be rejected.
  • The article should include at least two authority links (Wikipedia, Business Insider, Times, etc.)
  • You should provide the link for the appropriate image for posting.
  • ​The article shall be of consumer niche.
  • Weed, CBD, crypto, casino, and gambling articles are allowed, but the cost will increase.
  • Adult content is strongly prohibited.


Please use the below method to pay for the guest posting; please do not ask us to send you PayPal or Payoneer details as we do not support it yet. We accept payment only via stripe.com by using the below pricing table.

You should be able to set the needed quantity if you’d like to post multiple articles on 99consumer.com at the time of billing.


After successfully paying the invoice, please send us your article by uploading it on google drive to our email address given after completing the payment. Your article will be posted within 24 hours of receiving payment. The email for guest posting will be visible on the payment confirmation page.

Article publication is guaranteed once you pay the fee. Our editorial staff is very efficient in handling rewriting, grammar, and punctual errors. Just be on point and write a quality post.

We are looking forward to receiving a quality post!

Thank you