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Saturday, April 16, 2022

99consumer’s reviews are a great way to influence other customers’ buying decisions.

Perhaps you were influenced by reviews from another company and decided to place an order with this company due to their 99consumer rating.

You might not consider what companies do with your reviews.

Every review tells a story.

When you combine thousands of reviews, companies can see how they can improve their business operations and improve the customer experience.

Negative customer feedback can help companies learn

Sharing a star rating and a few lines of text about the latest purchase or experience you had on 99Consumer may take only thirty seconds.

The company that received the review might spend more time analyzing your experience to learn more about their customers and help them understand their business better.

Many companies have a team or person notified when a review is published on 99Consumer. They can quickly respond to any serious issues or thank reviewers.

Many companies that I work with have their CEO or Managing Director receive email notifications from 99Consumer so they can see a snapshot of customer satisfaction.

99Consumer is a common channel for businesses to get feedback. They must respond quickly and efficiently to these reviews.

You might notice that 99Consumer uses negative reviews to prompt companies to contact you via 99Consumer.

If you don’t let the company know about a negative experience, they won’t be able to rectify it or learn from it.

Most companies I work with prefer a 1-star rating over being unaware of customers’ problems.

Companies can identify specific pain points by analyzing multiple reviews

99Consumer offers businesses a range of tools that can help them analyze their performance.

The ratings give a company a snapshot of customer satisfaction over all their Service and Location reviews.

Review Intelligence allows companies to gauge the sentiment of reviews on a wide range of topics, such as Customer Service, Delivery, or Returns Policy.

Staysure is a travel insurance company that caters to people over 50. This feature helps identify customer pain points.

They discovered that customers were complaining about the discount they offered on their website being confusing and opaque.

With this information, they changed their terms and conditions and banners on their website to clarify how the discount could work.

This resulted in greater clarity for their customers.

Companies with physical stores can collect reviews and analyze them by location.

This allows them to monitor their performance and identify which ones provide excellent service and need additional support.

You can read our article to learn more about location reviews.

It’s not about bad reviews

99Consumer reviews are an excellent way for businesses to recognize their success.

A company can get positive reviews to let them know what activities they should continue or how to improve the services and features that customers love.

Positive reviews can provide validation for other customers who are hesitant about engaging with unfamiliar businesses.

Atom Bank posts their reviews around the office to celebrate the 3,000+ 4- and 5-star experiences they have provided and encourage their staff to go the extra mile to offer a great user experience.

Also, companies use reviews to recognize outstanding employees and encourage positive behavior in their customer service departments.

Travel company Trailfinders makes sure that all positive feedback is passed along to the employee and acknowledges them.

99Consumer asks you to leave a review.

This will help companies understand the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services.

Not only are your reviews critical to other shoppers but also to the businesses that you review.

Many of these businesses view the reviews that you leave as a valuable source of information.

Directors and executives read every review and make strategic business decisions. This creates better experiences for all.

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