7 Best Incontinence Bed Pads According To a Nurse

Monday, January 9, 2023

Countless senior citizens suffer from urine incontinence or lack of bladder control, frequently triggered by an underlying health issue such as diabetes, specific medications, menopause, or an enlarged prostate. Numerous items are meant to make a living with urinary incontinence less embarrassing.  

For example, overnight bed pads keep you and your sleeping environment dry and tidy. To choose the most suitable bed pads, we collected information on numerous disposable and washable items and ranked them based on price, usability, protection levels, and other factors. Read on to find out which underpads topped our list. 

  1. Unique Wellness® Absorbent BREATHABLE Underpads  

The manufacturer’s Unique Wellness Incontinence Program provides this additional level of protection. With the absorbent underpad 9500ml+ capacity and Liquistay® solution from the manufacturer, you can feel confident that the bed will remain DRY. 

 Its air-permeable nonwoven material gives the user the sensation of sleeping on their bed sheets! It requires only three DRY changes per 24 hours, whereas competing products need an average of 5-7 or more WET changes. Using these bed pads is as easy as one DRY change before night, one in the morning, and one at midday.  

When removed, these disposable incontinence bed pads feel practically as DRY as when first put. Someone with incontinence now enjoys the stability, relaxation, and self-assurance that come with knowing they never have to worry about awkward incidents at work, during lengthy commutes, on trips, or in social situations.  

  1. Most discreet Medline Deluxe Fluff/Polymer Underpad 

Most busy intensive care unit nurses know that these disposable pads are frequently the best option for bedridden patients with worries about thin skin or pressure ulcers. These pads are incredibly soft; thus, they are less likely to produce injuries from friction and shear. 

In addition to being soft, they are quite absorbent. I also appreciate that they are pre-folded, which makes it easy to pack a handful in your suitcase. Those toss and turns tend to acquire some of the soft “fluff” on their backside. If you experience uneasy sleep, consider the option below in odour-reducing products. 

  1. Ultra absorbent Medline Ultrasorbs premium underpads 

The nursing staff of most hospitals popularly refers to these disposable, ultra-absorbent pads as “the nice pads.” They are soft, incredibly thin, and have an impermeable back sheet. Because they are so absorbent, they also possess odour-controlling characteristics.  

The small disadvantage of these pads is that they are slightly smaller than conventional pads. The majority of sizes I examined were 36 by 36 inches. However, these are 23 by 36 inches. If you require a pad with a greater surface area, explore the options in the oversized category. 

  1. Sequoia Health Extra-large waterproof mattress pad 

Getting a protection pad that covers the whole of your bed can be challenging if you frequently toss and turn in bed. This mattress pad is extra-large, measuring 34 by 54 inches (a queen-size mattress is usually about 60 inches in width). As an added benefit, the deeper tint is less susceptible to showing stains than lighter-coloured options. This feature will enable you to wash and reuse the pad regularly. 

  1. PharMeDoc reusable incontinence bed pads 

This machine-washable, ultra-absorbent mattress pad can absorb up to 8 cups of liquid. I determined this pad was the greatest all-around option because it was absorbent, large (34 by 52 inches), and constructed to survive at least 300 washes. The pad consists of four layers, with the bottom layer containing an anti-slip barrier to keep it in place while you sleep. Additionally, the soft, uppermost surface is skin-friendly. 

  1. Cardinal Health essentials reusable underpad 

This machine-washable, waterproof cushion with a PVC backing provides mattress and sheet protection. The PVC backing of this cushion makes it slip-resistant, which is another fantastic feature. Additionally, the deeper design will cover stains until the pad is washed. Its quilted, silky fabric will be skin-friendly (a bonus). 

  1. Kelisiting Washable Incontinence bed pad 

This sleeping pad is a good choice if you frequently awaken drenched or use only natural materials. This choice is constructed from cotton and bamboo, whereas most bed pads are manufactured from synthetic fibres (such as polyester or PVC). The pad can be utilized on either side. Therefore, if it’s summer and you’re feeling the heat, switching to the bamboo side of the pad may assist you in being cooler. 

Utilizing natural fibres does not compromise absorbency. Based on the designer, the pad can absorb up to 1 litre of liquid (quite a lot). This size, measuring 39 by 55 inches, is also larger. The pad is more expensive than many other washable options, but if it makes you feel more at ease, the additional cost is justifiable. 

Final thoughts 

If you have bladder control issues or know someone who does, you know how frustrating this condition can be. When your bedding becomes soiled, it costs you a great deal of money and effort to make the bed and restore its original form. But you need not worry. Fortunately, many adult bed-wetting pads are in the marketplace. Check this list of the finest incontinence bed pads and select the one that best suits your preferences. 

Sofia Ayaz
Sofia Ayaz
Sofia Ayaz is a successful entrepreneur, founder of 99Consumer, and a contributor on Newsbreak. She specializes in consumer-focused innovations and has led her company from its inception to a successful acquisition.